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uniqlo oxfords sold Jcrew black shawl sweater $50 shipped Fits very slim XS Last - Uniqlo slim fit dress shirt, slightly tailored in back. Fits very slim $25 Shipped sorry for the lack of pics, but they're all in great shape rarely worn. blue Oxford + dress shirt washed once. Other hasn't been worn.
i think the regulation peacoat looks badass, i'd pick trapper over cadet
pants are too baggy sleeves looks .5 off maybe, show some cuff to see shoulders are too big
i would have a collar stay rest is up to you I'd measure body then add 3 inches to fabric so 30 waist = 33 inch of fabric So waist measurement = 16.5 Because 16.5x2 = 33 I did this for my first shirt and it came out perfect
after trying modern tailor, i can definitely say MTM is the way to go. $20 trial, now i'm hooked
Anyone have good fabric recommendations for a good white/blue dress shirt also good casual shirt fabrics?
Captoes,wingtips,etc AEs to JL, whatever, please pm me!
I'll be wearing it with a navy suit for entry teaching positions. I guess I need a black pair . Everyone here wears square toes + I just know that I'll wear the dark brown much more afterwards. I like those Loakes posted in mahogany. How is the quality of loakes? Would these in black be formal enough for interviews? Would raising the limit to $500 make a difference in shoe quality? Thanks guys.
I've always thought AEs were a little clunky, is there any sleeker UK brands for under $300. I'm a 6.5 D so buying used is literally impossible. It'd be my first dress shoe, so I guess or burgundy/dark brown would be nice. I know black is standard but I doubt most interviewers will notice + I prefer brown shoes for going out. Thanks.
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