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what are these? ?
anyone got a code they're not using?
16.5" shoulders navy worsted, 34 chest, 28 waist It's been tailored a bit for me but you can open it to a 36 chest. $350 If you guys are interested I'll take pictures. It was great for my interview but I don't need a suit anymore! it's the conservative cut
nm it was the ironing - looks like they r having a mem sale
anyone know if jcrew releases more summer pants? the essex in urban slim fit all gone :[
you might need side pleats for the arm pulling
I'm afraid to buy any fabric because of lack of weight anyone buy that sky oxford/blue pinpoint/white linen?
Same, half the blue fabrics look gray
take the padding off the shoulders
Would 2 ply be too thick for summer use? I'm in houston where it's going to be 90+. I'm trying out MTM @ modern tailor and would like some recommendations of what to try. I'm looking for casual shirts worn tuck with chinos,light trousers. Their linen choices are very limited. 1 ply cotton, seersuckers,oxford? I don't see any mdras on there so thats a bummer.
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