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get thinsulate and + tailoring cost = cost of slim
your family has terrible tastes the persols look the best
suede desert boots go with anything
its actually letting me add the indies you might want to retry
whats your height and weight
Warrior vs JtG vs fred perry vs ben sherman Tried researching but could not find any measurements for any of the brands. I know the baracuta models are blousy .I'm a 34 chest - 28 waist. Which of these would fit the slimmest?
did they remove their slim fit oxfords wtf
do the pants fit similar to the 484 cut from jcrew? or more towards urban slim the newberry jacket has no xs :[
whats your dimensions im 125lb and 5'7" you think a small would fit me w/ some tailoring
thinking of getting the herringbone coat anyone have it in small? i have 17.5 shoulders but a 35 chest any clue on how it'd fit?
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