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40 wtf
7 inches. Very warm nice pants for the price, just realized 2 pairs similar shade redundant If anyone want a hemmed pair in 29 waist in either color let me know
Anyone want to buy the Slim wool navy jacket in small? Ripped the tag off so I can't return. I also bought two of the slim wool pants in 29. Went overboard, only need one if anyone wants to buy a pair. Have both the medium grey colors.
all the nice flannels in xs sold out :[
thinking of that olive jacket, but would like to see what pics are like first! color seems very charcoal ish
Worn once. this exact one in navy small measurements are on site. http://www.uniqlo.com/us/store/lifewear/men-wool-blended-jacket-slim-fit/080138-69-003?ref=mens-clothing%2Fmens-outerwear%2Fmens-blazers
Anyone want to buy a navy slim fit jacket? Took the tags off,worn once, decided it fits a little big.
They only have the london in one color? It's the perfect cut for my slope shoulders
I will spend a stint in vietnam. I'm having trouble finding a decent everyday shoe that can withstand the everyday rain yet still look dressy enough for work. It can rain daily for weeks at a time. I prefer something dressier than boat shoes. As much as I love suede, I'm afraid the rain and puddles here would destroy my suede loafers. It's also 90 + degrees so boots might be a bit warm. Are calf loafers a decent choice?
Are there still uniqlo proxies, I want those out of stock wool pants
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