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Club monaco pink and blue oxford $20 each XS Slim Uniqlo oxford xs white 10$ Uniqlo Wine wool cardigan $15. $50 + shipping for all.
The two flannels are uniqlo xs 15$ a piece. The pants are all uniqlo except the 2 color chinos. They are gap. Also all 15$ a piece. 28x32 for all pants. The one uniqlo wool pants I am selling for $20.
http://www.uniqlo.com/us/collection/ut-uniqlo-t-shirts/iolani-hawaiian-classics/men/men-ihc-printed-short-sleeve-shirt-132884.html looking for this orange xs anyone have any idea how fast they restock?
the dark brown linen pants are awesome the khaki im not sure sure, seems to show wrinkles a lot easier i think ima cop the navy linen pants now it drapes so much better than cotton, no hard creases at all also the texture of the pants seems twill unlike the textures on the shirt
agree with you chet about the linen i kept the white and navy, i figured they'd be versatile. dark blue = french blue dress shirt for sure the brighter colors do look too easter dress sunday. Although I think olive would go well I wish they had a nice red the linen pants spark my interest, besides the khaki, navy vs dark brown ????
I agree , I'm scared they ll shrink too much. I want a nice loose fit
actually like the white linen the navy linen is very dark, dont know how i'd wear w dark jeans, definitely only goes w khaki or olive color pants light blue xs is out ggs maybe another white or pink hmm the linen blazers shoulders are weird, form wack lumps
weather went from ice cold to 80 wtf need LINEN
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