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Animal prints wanted... come on - I know somebody wants to get rid...
Not sure where the chap who replied went? Anyway... anyone else?
A few hits, but nothing special. Come on lads, must be stuff out there...
I'd definitely go for a Tissot at entry level - good classic styling and Swiss engineering, gets you on the ladder to a good Swiss later on. They have some very decently looking and priced watches. Armani are also making some watches that stand out in value and looks - particularly if you like that square-faced, brown leather strap Italian style. Good luck.
Early Xmas present: Terre d'Hermes. Mmmmmmm.
I know this has been asked to death, but once again... Hermes ties. I'm sure loads of you with big tie collections must have some old ones kicking around you wouldn't mind shifting for a good price - go on, make the effort and let me know. I'll consider patterns or whimsicals, even really old ones. please let me know. Thanks guys.
Email sent. Let me know please. Thanks.
Nobody ? There must be some out there...
Ralph Lauren Keaton full cutaway collar shirt. Will pay good price, and will consider collar between 14.5-16 (I know how to adjust well). Thanks.
It sounds beautiful - I'm really looking for wool, or maybe suede at a push. Thanks for letting me know though. Oh and by the way, I can't recall ever seeing a 3 button piece by Kilgour, at least not since they were Kilgour, French and Stanbury. Anyway, I wonder what Brandelli will do next...
New Posts  All Forums: