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I just dropped on those TB boot that were in the B&S. Not sure how i'm going to pay for all these kops...
I just picked these up. If I can't pull them off I'll throw them back up on here, but I'm pretty awesome. Edit: And I'm sorry if I kopblocked anyone. I didn't see this thread before I send the payment.
payment sssssssent. hopefully these will do well to replace my AE Delrays as a go-to work jawns shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I'd say being a Professor/Lecturer is highly rewarding. Grading stacks of hundreds of mid-terms, I'd have to say, is completely not. You're a professor? For some reason I thought you were teaching ESL... maybe that's Aeglus. Anyway, I'm a Social Studies/Phys Ed teacher in BC. Very rewarding, good pay (for a 24 year old) and lets me coach. I love it.
On a serious note, I don't fear death. When I die, it will be 'lights out' (I will not survive my own death, I don't believe that I have a soul, etc.). I won't be there, so I have no rational reason to fear an event that I technically won't be present at.
Here lies CBrown85, 1985-2010 Died Tragically Rescuing His Family From The Wreckage Of A Destroyed Sinking Battleship
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI I bought this. I couldn't resist nor did I want to wait for it to go on sale. This was the one piece that stuck out to me. I thought the tweed that AR was talking about was nice but I wasn't overly impressed with the quality of the material. But I want that camel cableknit cashmere v-neck so fucking bad though.
Wasn't super-impressed with their shirting. The designs were awesome (colors, pockets, patterns, etc.) but they didn't fit very well and haven't held up to washing.
This is interesting. I was in Club Monaco the other day (picked up a silk/cashmere cardi and a pair of clinch-back shorts ($9). The suits felt great, had surgeon cuffs, good rolls, great fit, nice quality (not sure I'd spend the 550 on one, though). Wandering around I honestly thought I saw a bunch of Thom Browne influence- to be honest, I thought CM was ripping him off. I had no idea he was doing work for them. This is pretty cool.
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