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This got pretty awesome.
This is the kind of thread CE needs more of. Sincerely.
Beautiful rug. Must've cost a fortune.
Ok- you got the first half! Keep going!!
I have no reason to disbelieve you, but is there anything to back this up? That a 12% group of the population commits 51% of all carjackings? If this is true, I'm interested in hearing Ataturk's rational for it.
You're not even a voter!
Lighthouse, for someone who claims to be religious you're not acting very Christ-like. There's snark and then there's completely off-base childishness. Manton speaks of having no common ground with the left and I thought it was a ridiculous statement. Though, after reading your posts, I'm beginning to see that this perceived lack of political common ground is "grounds enough" to be an asshole to your fellow man. Shame.
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