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"I don't care if you think I'm a racist, I just want you to think I'm thin." - Sarah Silverman
No. I'm laughing that someone would just causally say that they're ''settling'' for a $60,000 car s'all. Nothin' personal, I know you're a good dude.
settle for the new cayman. lol
Found a bottle of Philippe Rothschild Saint-Emilion 2008 for 30 bux- probably expensive but I'll save it for a special occasion! Does anyone have experience with this stuff?
Work-related perks or is there a points system? I suppose I'm not ENTIRELY opposed to the idea, but I'd rather live within my means (which is a whole lot different than others').
As long as possible. Our building doesn't allow children so we'll need to upgrade (or sidegrade?) in the next few years.Thinking about a 2009/2010 accord coupe. They're kinda nice and probably cheaper when I go to buy. Fuck car payments.
Yeah. I guess cars are still a status symbol, but when you can drive basically whatever you want at $38, 000 a year... shrug. When making that much (or just above that) and either getting a 'nice' car or putting money into a TFSA or RRSP and retiring earlier or travelling, I think I'll stick with my Hondas or VWs.
If they're still available in late September I'll order it. If it's no good I'll just return it (I suppose).
For the poors out there who just need a bunch of wedding ties for their groomsmen, hit up TieBar! Ties aren't amazing but they're 15 bux.
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