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cool thanks guiz
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Give it away to charity. - B this.
Are cordovan longwings versatile? Like, the super-chunky Florsheim Imperials? I'm a pretty boring dresser and I think these would be more interesting than desert boots. Basically want somethin' different to wear with jawns. (for 140 CAN)
pic link is broke
Both are stupid cheap because they're sample sale. Should I pull the trigger?
Quote: Originally Posted by Contingency Plan Pretty sure I'm gonna have to fuck on a train after watching Risky Business ftfy
PMd on this.
Einstein's essays about his belief (or lack thereof) of God are really quite interesting. Apparently, and this is somewhat off topic, he was struggling with the press for quite some time. Those who believed kept trying to paint him as a thiest, which he didn't exactly like.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou twelve dollars and two bits, cuz I got my shit in 1883. and even then I'm sure it was worth a small property
Quote: Originally Posted by GlenCoe I liked the suitcases from The Darjeeling Limited (by Marc Jacobs) The final scene when they were throwing them away in a slow motion was so cool. I was under the impression that they were custom LVs.
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