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Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong body type is as much a part, if not a bigger part, of an outfit than the clothes themselves. i think posting pictures of yourself on the internet invites criticism of both your clothes and your build. This. And on a forum dedicated to appearance, no less. LK's a pretty man, but I think this one he's just being overly pretentious.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Unsolicited workout/diet advice is the worst You know where you are, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I don't understand why people tell other people to "work out". I don't understand why people use quotations when there shouldn't be any.
kid doesn't need a diet, he'll waste away. hit the gym, do some crunches work up those shoulders. looks like he'd have a potentially good distance runners body.
It's conceptual.
I don't think dropping a Deus is a classy thing to do. That's just me.
Have an adult job now. Fuck. JD, tell me where u kop the TB so cheap (Vancoolver if possible).
Yeah, my worthless, styleless opinion is to look at what Craig wore in the last 2 bond movies. Simple stuff- t-shirts, well fitting pants and basic jacket like the one above. It's pretty boring but who's to say that you can't develop a different style over time (or build on that one).
Picked up a white Naked and Famous OCBD for 20 bux at the malllllllllll.
Quote: Originally Posted by connor idk id think the same thing irl. and i dont understand why everyone uses this example because who cares what people that dont really know anything think politicians
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