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Shit. iphone anchor tattoo that i stole from late grandfather (norman collins design though) nudie slim jims (fuck y'all) lululemon workout shirt. (i don't know what the fuck it's made out of- silver or something, but it doesn't irritate my nipples when i run long distances.) parents' yacht (which we'll just call the ss inheritance)
Quote: Originally Posted by samblackbones Oh man grizzly bear was the best IMO but all in all it was a great show. GrIzzly bear brought Feist out for Two Weeks. All three bands killed it. she's mom rock but i'd put it in for sure
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria - B Well this was taken when she was in High School... I think.
How was the Phenox/GB show. I've seen GB a few times in Vancouver and they were great. Pretty lol too. They played in a typically 'urban'...? nightclub and as soon as the show was over all the spindly indie-kids filed out and all the Jersey Shore dbags filed in. This was like 4 years or so ago though.
Early Bond and late Bond. Middle Bond can fuck himself.
Quote: Originally Posted by rjakapeanut i was having a discussion with a buddy about college football. i HATE college football. he was curious why. when it came down to it, i hate college sports because universities end up losing money just to keep athletics going, and i feel like college athletics are just a huge clusterfuck that's taking away resources that could be spent on something that actually matters: like college. you know, like books and...
I haven't decided. It's a choice between "slutty Abe Lincoln" or "slutty astronaut".
Trench looks pretty nice. What's the price range of this stuff?
Gant Rugger looks pretty ok this season.
Yeah I just grabbed a pair of creme weird guys and a couple OCBDs (which are actually really fucking nice for what I paid).
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