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Read a funny quote about the irony of how it's always the most privileged class in the richest society in the most materially advanced age in the history of the world to claim that everything is or has gone down the toilet.
SH hasn't yet articulated his issue with teachers yet, but I'm assuming it's completely justified.
When I worked in school, it wasn't for beer money. It was for tuition. There seems to be a lot of moaning about excessive student loans- perhaps if young people were paid slightly more there would be less of a need? Honestly don't know. I'm not sure it's a great idea to keep pay for the "mentally deficient" low, either. If they are unable to earn a wage high enough to provide basic necessities of life, they'll load up on food stamps/food bank and consider welfare. I'd...
Edit: That is one of the douchiest posts this forum has seen for a long time.
This is my point. Nobody knew or cared.
Some old people I know have the chair, but got it from some replica place like Nood or whatever- I said 'hey nice chair' and they said it was just a chair. No idea that it was something to be knocked off, or was in itself, a knockoff. I spat on their floor, called them disgusting criminals and left the party all the same.
My brother is looking at getting the diesel VW Jetta- lots of places in Canada to fill up. Surprised when we were in the US there weren't as many yellow pumps
Not that it fucking matters either way, but wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy a vintage watch/chair/senseofpersonalworth than a knock-off?
Carbon Tax in BC has apparently worked well. Reduction in emission and economy grew at the same pace as the rest of the country. Right wing government brought it in and have been cheer leaders for it-not sure where I stand but I read the report this morning.
No way- I think it's great.
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