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Again- is a non-luxury vehicle an option?
This is actually pretty interesting. Once this $30k Tesla comes out, I'm sure costs will come down even more. I'd totally jump on the pre-owned Tesla bandwagon if finances allowed for it. It's the perfect liberal eco-guilt-but-not-a-Smart-car car.
Luxurysuper cars aren't your only option.
I'm this close to switching to Android now. The only reason I keep Apple is for the iMessage. I'm constantly switching devices.
Right, and I'm suggesting that with iOS8 or another app, there could be a way to set that up automatically.
Preloading reaks of effort- though I imagine some type of IFTTT type app could fix that.
Chill, brah.
Considering the upgrade. I'm also in the 4s boat- I'm slowly being persuaded by coworkers to jump on the new Google Nexus when it comes out... $350 unlocked for comparable specs... I've been an Apple fanboy since the 3G... Difficult decision. #firstworldproblems
Seriously though- unless you can get a screaming deal on the MB, take the Ford and drink first growths for a few years.
And you looked like an asshole.
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