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I want that triple grey in M dammit... do these fuckers stretch a lot? I'm not reading the whole damn thread. I'm like a 41 1/2 chest and 5' 9''- medium, right? Medium. Medium? Medium. Small?
Don't listen to jet. You're a pretty man, teger.
"My other ride is your mom"
Yeah, not seeing any sale.
Yeah, size oxfords down. They're really slim this season, however.
Holy shit, no way. Was there a while ago. Great food.
I wonder if anything that I actually want in my size will be available by then...
They're a slimmer fit through the leg.
A friend was telling me that he shared everything with his wife... except the secret "party card" that he rang up $8000 on just before his mortgage was set to renew...
Typing the preamble to the question must have felt pretty great, though. The answer was built in- we don't make much money... but we're buying lots of shit! Either that, or he was trying to humblebrag his way into saying that his family income is only like $200 000. People look at us like we're irresponsible, they just don't understand! On the road nobody gives a shit what you drive, so you really need to find other avenues for personal vindication. There are right ways...
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