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Good lord, that jacket.
The shoutout to the SNL Weekend Update guy's tie was pretty funny. Was that a NMWA purchase?
Just a heads up, but the XS is a 38 and a S is a 40. I have the grey in the XS and it's definitely not a 36.
Wow. When my son was born there were some complications so as a result, we spend some time in Ronald McDonald house. That Christmas she made a donation in our name and put it in a card to me. Cried like a baby when I read it. Niagra Fawls.
I'll look again when I get home, but it was on the pre-sale price, too which was an added blow. Oh well.
Yeah, me too. I think they've kicked it into high-gear this season.
The texture and feel of this wool is amazing and even the grey has a great depth of colour. The tobacco should be unreal. If these came four inches shorter I'd grab every colour.
Finally got my S&C cardigan, too. Exactly the fit that I wanted, and it's quite long. Sweating just looking at it folded on the table, so warm. Softer than some of the cashmere I've felt.
Hopefully a few sport coats in 38 make their way to B&S. (hint hint)
I think it's a fair point to make here that geography plays a significant role in the way one can dress, beyond the obvious. Being able to even try on RTW involves living in the vicinity of at good RTW retailer. There's only so much one can do online. The same goes for decent tailors. The thing that makes the internet great is that you can't really tell who's a NYC BallerLawyerBanker or a suburban dad until they actually post pics. Both types get to communicate on here...
New Posts  All Forums: