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I had old black chinos that I had hemmed into shorts that are basically perfect. First world problems.
I have a shitload of WP chinos but no shorts. Wonder why the discrepancy in sizing.
Damn, I just ordered a pair in my regular size. Might be returning these...
As shitty as it is to drive, my mechanic has offered to buy my aged Accord when we decide to move on- its a solid car.
Pretty inoffensive. Looks like it could work in both settings.
Alright. Who just sniped me on the last pair of Petit Standards in 31. I swear to god...
Yeah, I was just there. Hit up Tanner but Self Edge wasn't open until 12 and I had to grab the train. Lots of great food.
Shit. Well there goes all my money.
Good god. $150k for a kitchen. I don't think I'd be able to sleep.
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