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Yes- horrible irony. Wealth is accumulating at higher concentrations at the top while the majority of Americans and Canadians are making less and less. A lot of these children of rich parents have absolutely no perspective. A quick glance at StyleForum is strong evidence of this.
The men's luxury market must be absolutely booming.
Yeah I grabbed the charcoal tweeds a while ago. People thought I was wearing sweatpants but they're pretty awesome. Def size down.
As a man of "shorter stature" the new stark fit is perfect.
I sized down one for my charcoal tweed west points. Think I like the grey better, but the didn't have the 30 in stock.
20 off at TBS. instacopped the navy in M under 275 Canadian.
Why do they keep (fucking?) with the fit and proportions? Did they realise they were moving from an old-man brand to an only-found-in-sort-of-gay men's clothing boutiques?
I want that triple grey in M dammit... do these fuckers stretch a lot? I'm not reading the whole damn thread. I'm like a 41 1/2 chest and 5' 9''- medium, right? Medium. Medium? Medium. Small?
Don't listen to jet. You're a pretty man, teger.
"My other ride is your mom"
New Posts  All Forums: