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Grabbed some chinos and the tweed blazer. Blazers a colossal let down.
In Washington you can buy that chateau st. Michelle at gas stations. It's not too bad.
Sales. Webstore sales.
I've grabbed a couple of the summer oxfords, but they're non-staple items are really weak for some reason. Winter brand.
I don't think they accept "Jelly of the Month" memberships as payment.
I'm charged duty about 75% of the time.
Make these black and we'll have a deal.
Right now at TBS while everything's 20% off biatch
Damn- just got the grey vintage suede in my regular 41 and they fit really tight. I guess because they're padded. Wondering if I should just order the 42 and try to sell these ones on SF... I've worn them for a couple days hoping they'd stretch. I suppose once the soul compresses and suede stretches the toe box might feel roomier...
Yes- horrible irony. Wealth is accumulating at higher concentrations at the top while the majority of Americans and Canadians are making less and less. A lot of these children of rich parents have absolutely no perspective. A quick glance at StyleForum is strong evidence of this.
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