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Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan All you guys talking about building special relationships with SAs or having to cross a certain dollar threshold in purchases are either blowing hot air or simply off the mark. I just received an e-mail from the SA notifying me that she thinks they can do the order, but they need final confirmation from Paris. Well hopefully I'm just off the mark. That said, the books is primarily about Birkin bags,...
I'm almost through that Bringing Home the Birkin book by Michael Tonillio or whatever. It's hard to put down, the guy basically explains this thread. There's a formula to purchasing stuff from Hermes, apparently. You'd have to get in there and grab a few more items before you were able to get something custom like you've asked for. The guy walks in off the street and could get a Birkin in any location he wanted just by ordering like $1000 bucks worth of things BEFORE he...
those are nice but i feel like they'd look really good after a couple a years and a shitkicking
the veracity of saying that without providing a link...
I haven't been teaching for long, but I think the requirements in Canada are different than they are in the states. To teach anything but shop you need two undergraduate degrees, so I've been working pretty hard to get in. Also, once you've got your degrees it's basically a fight to actually get hired (as an on-call. good luck actually gettting a contract) because of the number being cranked out vs. the shrinking district sizes, so I'm pretty lucky. That said, if you've...
The 80s futuristic look appeals to me.
I want a turntable. I've got a shitload of vinyl and nothin' to play it on I'll only spent like $250 because I'm no audiophile, just want somethin' to put on in the background. Any ideas?
lots of Thom Browne on sale on the Barney's website fyi
as someone who's still a poor noob i just want to comment on how far moo's come. and jd's looking badass as usual.
or like a cool secret agent from the future
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