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I'm not saying it's racist- just... odd? Unnecessary? Has it moved into the Alaskan cultural lexicon? I've never heard the term.
So if this is an obscure and out of date black slang term, why is Palin using it?
Do Americans know who Alanis Morissette is?
Ok, good. I feel like there's only so much we can do to influence the zeitgeist though. Wouldn't want someone to wear themselves out needlessly. Again, folks may not agree on all issues in a politically ideological context, and YMMV, but I'd be weary of using terms like 'enemy'. While the speaker may be using the term colloquially or in the context of the political realm, I wonder if it has an alienating effect. It eliminates an opportunity for both sides to seek either a...
Off-topic, but do you work in a restaurant? You seem to have mastery level knowledge/ability. General curiosity.
So... put him on block and let the blood pressure ease a bit? Not telling you what to do... just, you're clearly frustrated. You're more valuable to the community when you don't feel alienated. That's all.
You probably could give two shits, but I like you. You are a wealth of information and your opinion is clearly valued by many here. However, of all the pretty silly comments made prior to penninlock's tongue-in-cheek ''white are racist'' comment, you yourself claimed in jest (or aggression?) that another poster had implied that, again, ''all white/right wing folks were racist''. Why choose this? Why not just brush it off? Posters of both ideological stripes on here say...
I think if any one of you truly hated any of this shit you wouldn't keep clicking into this forum.
It's the internet. We all win.
New Posts  All Forums: