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Point was that instead of earning any money for a week's work, we'd come home from a trip owing. I'm sure we could have just abstained from food, but that wouldn't have worked out well. There were no hourly or daily wages available. If you didn't catch fish, you didn't get paid. Regardless, it was just an anecdote.
When I used to go commercial fishing the skipper would always jokingly ask us in the mornings if we wanted ''the daily rate'' or our percentage. I remember back coming home from trips owing him money for fuel and groceries.
I read a book a few years ago that basically said that increasing wages incrementally can improve productivity in very basic jobs- mostly involving menial tasks. It's incentivising productivity. However, when you offer higher wages in more 'creative' type positions, it actually has a negative effect. The job stops being about the task and then becomes about the compensation. People take fewer creative risks in order to guarantee certain outcomes. This is partially why I'm...
Wow, SH really came in guns ablaze, eh. Hope everything with him is ok- internet seems to be a good punching bag for some folks.
Glad it worked out (and you didn't have to drink it alone).
Not going to lie- the left and right post some really stupid shit in here- but I really enjoy coming in to see what Lighthouse posts.
I have a hard time believing that the American left is this coherently organised.
So... if it's most commonly known as a 'black lower-class' colloquialism found generally in the South, why did Palin us it? Oh. Dog Whistle thread. I get it. Using the term implies that the US President is a lower-class black child who lies. This is offensive. I don't think children should hold office.
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