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Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Lots of thom and bbbf, in light of recent mc discussions thought I'd take a pic. Eason: Do it. I'll make the thread. EDIT: Fuck that was twice as big as planned. uno momento. Ok, there, shitty quality because imageshack had to resize but you can click it for the bigger version. I ordered that sweater because it looked awesome but I was apprehensive on if I could pull it off. Looks good with your fit.
I like Seth Meyers but since he took over as head writer for the show from Tina, it's been all been ass backwards. I want to love it so bad, too
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six On any given day mon-thur I am wearing at least 2-3 pieces of BBBF or Thom to work. There are a couple of pairs of FlorsheimxDB shoes I want (cordos, green longwing, welder brogue in brown or oxblood if they ever make such a thing). I'm not even sure what you were confused about but hopefully that helps. Let me know if you run across that stuff. Post more of these fits. I'm looking for inspiration and I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Whatever, since you present no arguments I'll answer with none. This is the way I describe the pattern on these boards when it comes to dressing and that's about it. I certainly don't see American society like that if that is your point and you're referring to the CE. It wasn't meant as an attack, Fuuma. No need to get defensive. I'm just commenting on your posting style. meh
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma This is hilariously inaccurate; both boards function within the exact same framework; a bunch of boring dudes wearing lame and generic outfits arguing for timeless looks and shitting on interesting posters who have bold, interesting and idiosyncratic styles. Self-aware guys like Manton realize wearing the full-on mc getup is a somewhat absurd stand against current mores and certainly a step against the grain but do it out...
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Thriller was the best musical video ever made. I don't disagree.
I love your fits but I can't help but hear Thriller ever time I open this thread now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo There are some guys here who, for better or worse, dress up seven days a week. I think maybe that's where some of the "complaints" are coming from. This. And they're hardly complaints. Get over yourselves (not moo).
You're completely missing the point of what I'm saying. Ill-fitting Isaia jeans =/= awesome, well-fitting levis do.
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