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Every time I read an AR6 or Fuuma post I get even more confused than I already am. Are we supposed to wear clothes for attention or to blend in? Either my reading comprehension is low or they're just too fancy to say ''I just don't like how that looks''.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol ok but, like, that's just your opinion, man fuck what's that from
He's rightfully pissed that the folks who go on and on about how fitted jeans, oxfords and desert boots are the be-all-end-all of 'style' don't see any other possible way and has already tacitly acknowledged that others can still maintain these 'preppy' or 'workwear' based aesthetics but need to do so with edge and imagination for them to be worthy of his attention and praise (or tolerance?). It's just a shame that most people don't have the intelligence or the brooding...
So retarded to think that if you're not throwing rocks at the establishment you're not worth listening to.
Made it 9 days into NoKopFeb. $25 RRL woven red belt and $40 WeeJuns. Shrug.
bar needs to be lost or lowered, seems forced.
Yeah I've noticed that the SAs are super-hot chiks or flamboyant guys.
Hey folks, I feel like your lives would be better if you were to purchase any of the following items: 1. Wings + Horns hoodie- oatmeal. Got this from the sample sale last year and literally haven't worn it. It's been sitting the closet since. Size Small. - $100 shipped in Canada, add $5 to ship to the US. 2. Grey selvage Naked + Famous Weird Guys 31 x 32. They fit ok, but they ride too low for my taste. $60 shipped Canada, add $5 to the US. 3. Rogues Gallery...
http://www.blackbirdballard.com/Alde...ndy_17155.html Anyone have experience with these?
Or if it qualifies as exercise.
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