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Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero I do know that comparing education to kidnapping is probably not worth a sticker on my essay. I don't know- two professions where there's high stress, intense focus on problem solving and widespread public distrust of your peers? Who knows, maybe you're just not used to getting stickers.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW I imagine we will see a move from the former to the latter. I was at a district meeting today and we all started talking about the pending lay-offs. At first I was encouraged that everyone agreed there was merit in keeping both the new and the experienced teachers. In fact, everyone agreed that the selection should be on merit. Yay. Then we started discussing the best metrics for measuring teacher merit. Not yay. I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Dear teachers, why are you all such lazy welfare whores who hate America? Don't worry. Most regret it after 5 years and quit.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW Apparently there is a new alternative certification option starting in Texas. You pay full fees up-front (about $2.8k), do some classwork and then 14 weeks unpaid work as a teacher's assistant. Sit the final exams and then get your license - no probation or internship year. I think the teacher schools will love it because they get their money up-front, even if you don't secure a teaching position once...
I think Bob Lawblaw has a post on his Law Blog about this.
I do most of my own professional development at home online. I've mentioned that twitter is a killer resource to set up a PLN (prof learning network). I connect with other teachers, newbies, administrators and even a couple superintendents. So good for tossing a question out there and getting replies that you can actually work with (and in a non-competitive environment). We've added five days to the school year so we can have five pro-d days. One is province wide and you...
Just got the first version yesterday for 370 Canadian. Have 14 days to play with it and decide if I want to keep it or upgrade to the version 2. Typing will take some serious getting used to though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Think I'm going to have work buy one for me Do you buy it and just write it off or do they actually give one to you? Seeing a lot of businesses and school districts really try to roll these out.
So was the old one.
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