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Cracked the Mouton Cadet 2009 and bleh. It's gross.
10mi with an 8:50 pace last night- pushed it but ran a really hilly trail.
I've been taking a lot of books out from the library about wine pairing, tasting and stuff. Come from a family where Yellow Tail is the pinnacle of fancy. It's obvious that drinking the stuff is the best way to learn, but can anyone direct me to some great books on the subject for a beginner? I'd really just like to learn the vocabulary at this stage, don't want to look like a wiener when I walk into a class.
Yeah my navy knit Drake's is pretty long- I just do a Phat Guido double knot when I wear it, though. Most complimented-on tie.
Just had my go-to for the summer; Negroni. 1 oz Hendricks Gin 1 oz Campari 1 oz Cinzano Rosso Splash of soda water.
Just put out there that the Nike+ running app is pretty awesome. Definitely recommend to anyone who runs with an iPhone.
Lorgeril L'Orangeraie Rose last night. Terrible, maybe I got a bad bottle.
A good cheap French wine is the Gouleyant Malbec, a nice sipper. Fruity if you're into that kind of thing. Cahors, I think.
6.5mi again today. Glad I signed up for the half, good motivation.
British Columbian, absurd sin taxes. They don't change whether or not we have far right or far left in parliament.
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