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I had the awesomest dorm room. 15th floor, million dollar ocean and downtown views and decked it out with some pretty cozy stuff. Nothing baller, but I actually enjoyed spending time in there. Now the gf does all the in-home design because we can't afford to deck the place out in anything but pleb stuff.
Final drops before this stuff hits the 'bay.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Something like $350 for 2 in Reyjavik. Shark?
Price drop. Everything is brand new unworn (except the shoes). Last bump before it all hits eBay. One grey available- both blues available.
You know, typing that out I had a feeling that it would be used by you. You're just as predictable as I am.
I'm uneducated. Why is this particular piece of ham so special? (and gross why should it last forever)
price drop blankets $110 shipped, only have blues left.
1. Vintage shell cordovan Florsheim Imperials. 9.5D - $110 shipped Can/US---------$100 shipped Can/US Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us 2. NWOT (have them) Gitman Vintage pinpoint blue shirt. Material is light, it would make a great summer shirt. Grabbed this on sale and it didn't fit. Small - $100 Shipped Can/US---- DROP $95 Shipped (taking a hit)......DROP $90 Shipped. - Uploaded with ImageShack.us 3. Wings + Horns queen sized...
pleb noob collection: Thom Brown scotchgrain chukkas AE delray sperrys vintage florsheim cordovan longwings prokeds Dries van noten captoe two-tone boots
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