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This wasn't the take-away from your post. I'm arguing that the right criticizes Islam just as often as the left criticizes Christianity. I'm not sure why they can't all be a bunch of hypocrites. You claim that while the duck guy did perform any negative "actions" I'd argue that this Islamic kid didn't either. He did end up meeting with the heathen females- words can often do damage if we take the slippery slope argument we're so prone to hearing from pundits.Anyway, I have...
Haven't heard that one Anyway, what's with the Muslim kid at York who requested to avoid meeting with women, denied by the prof on rational grounds, the ultimately approved by the Dean because apparently meeting with women denied him of his "religious freedom"? To me this is similar to Christians saying rude shit about gays, getting called out for it, then losing their shit because they, like this sexist Islamic kid, are being denied their "religious freedom".
It seems the young offender system in canada is already set up that way. You and I have absolutely zero point of disagreement on the above issues.
Yeah well I'm in a border line up so I can spend money in your glorious empire so my reading is limited.
Yes. They do. They act like good human beings who don't send pictures of young naked girls to other people. And those pictures weren't of her- they were of another person. I'm not sure I agree with the "child pornography" severity of their individual cases, but I know enough not to lower my behavioral expectations on things like this because they're shorter than we are. Kids can absolutely be dirtbags. The apple seldom falls far from the tree. Not every case mind you,...
I keep forgetting about the CE. Thanks guy it's been a tough week.
I've got the feeling piob and Harvey are "men's rights" guys. Please advise.
Because they send them to 30 of their friends like dirtbags.
Ell oh ell
Being a republican and acknowledging this was a massive mistake isn't heretical. FYI.
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