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sometimes when we're doing it i say porney things.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I use two coaches now - boxing and swimming. both are great at what they do, but are really unreliable. maybe one in 10 meetings they fuck up. I tell myself that is probably why they make their living doing this and not a real job. anybody else have this problem, or is it my bad luck? That's an unfortunate attitude to take. Look into their credentials, globe. When I was personal training I knew...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet found it for like 60 bux if i dont like it i can clean my wheels with it link plz.
dee and mac just had a boy, from what i've read. yeah the real relationships vs. the show relationships add to the lol.
dick towel
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred That's corny as hell. They're actually like $65, so get 12.3 of them. Super corny. My grandfather got the same one when he served during the second world war. When he passed away, I found it fitting to get the same design in the same place. We were pretty close. I also spend a lot of time on the water so it suits my personality.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet nope in that case i'll buy ten of them
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I am all of those things so I think I may give it a shot. Plus I'm so hard nobody mistakes me for being gay so I'm good. They're only like $80, guy.
Nah it's on my 'best buy' list of the year for sure. Super comfortable and it's pretty good as a second layer. Wear a navy or white t underneath if you don't have enough swag to pull off the full boatneck. Mind you, I wear mine on the boat, so that's probably the kick. Also I've got an anchor tattoo.
Best: Thom Browne chukkas - Picked up from spoo a while ago. Nicest pair of boots I've owned and got them for a steal. My grandkids'll get these. Wings + Horns fleece blazer - comfortable but better lookin' than a hoody. Again, got for quite cheap and it's awesome. Saint James boatneck longsleeve. Started out pretty rough, then it softened up after I fell in after a hard tack. Got picked up and after it washed/dried it was awesome. Nudie - slim jim broken twill. first...
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