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wtf, how old is manton. always pictured a guy in his early 60s.
my gf has knockoff uggs. i have dries and browne. it's not really an issue in the relationship. i'm compensating and she's still hot.
A friend of mine got me the new Goldeneye for Wii on friday night. I didn't own a Wii. Now I own a Wii.
Also, it's a tv show.
This was great. Looking forward to Sunday.
I don't ever recall a mention of a nuke in TNG but it was mentioned in Balance of Terror (haven't read most of the thread). That said, most of the issues with using or not using nukes have been writing. They're trying to maintain continuity but at the same time, yeah, shields go down to 15% sometimes after three hits, while you'll see battle scenes that last for fucking ever because each ship pretty much rams each other and maintains thrusters and life support- pretty...
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Nice. Also, this is incredibly badass. NewYorkRanger has consistently awesome fits. He's probably one of my favorite posters in MC.
This. And even then, it's not the nicest I've ever seen (but fucking Lanvin). http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_-M8uFVYD4P...ench+coat.jpeg
PM on the Bastian.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I still have trouble with the flipturns. This spring I took "lessons" from a member of the Sarah Lawrence swim team. She made me change virtually everything I was doing. Then another coach said what she taught me was all wrong. Then a friend of mine who swims competetively and takes master classes with Olympians all over the country said that all consensus has been shattered and everyone is doing different things...
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