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I love your fits but I can't help but hear Thriller ever time I open this thread now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo There are some guys here who, for better or worse, dress up seven days a week. I think maybe that's where some of the "complaints" are coming from. This. And they're hardly complaints. Get over yourselves (not moo).
You're completely missing the point of what I'm saying. Ill-fitting Isaia jeans =/= awesome, well-fitting levis do.
Quote: Originally Posted by TC (Houston) Not sure it's one I want. Even my young clients with eff u money are wearing cucinelli and TF. Definitely a step up from the dot commer days. Lol Expensive =/= style (but that's obvious in this forum).
Quote: Originally Posted by Miles Gloriosus I don't care anymore, but before and when I was in the process of coming out constantly hearing it as a derogatory made the process a lot more difficult. This is all I need to hear in order for me to never to use the word in a derogatory way.
Quote: Originally Posted by TC (Houston) I'm all for a swd theme this Friday, but I think it's silly how people complain that many of us don't dress down enough. I know it's shocking but it seems that a very large percentage of people interested in tailored mens clothing (participants in this forum) are businessmen, professionals and elderly retired persons. Again, this isn't about dressing down per se. It means that people will have to think...
Yeah, I don't remember this being about what you could go to a stuffy business meeting in.
I think we'll be surprised by a few and unsurprised by a few more.
I round up. Shipping + taxes.
LOL'd hard at this episode. Great points. "no, those jeans are actually made in oossa, not U.S.A."
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