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People with certain sensibilities.
So weird. You'd think the Conservatives would have fixed everything by now.
Someone piss in your merlot yesterday? I'm repeating what I heard on the radio by some economist. But feel free to be sarcastic blah blah blah, you're exhausting.
Didn't realise teachers had "crazy good" pensions. Our financial planner has told us that it's an "ok" pension but not to rely too heavily on it. But yes, I agree that people love to villify teachers because of the perception of their union power. Unfortunately, the loudest voices are often the least educated regarding the reality of both union "power" and the management of the pension portfolios. (The comments section of news articles always seem to garner people with...
Up until last year or so his party had the word "Socialist" in its charter, so I'm not sure how/why this is post worthy. Anyway, public pensions in Canada are already really strong, reasonably well structured. The Walrus ran an article a few months ago about the Ontario Teachers Pension that's worth a read. I realize ideologically many here are opposed to such things, of course, oh well.
did you cave and cop the herringbone blazer?
Yeah I keep seeing those states about 'average family consumer debt' and I'm not sure it's all from credit cards. I think they factor in car loans and lines of credit. I say this because the amount of average debt in the Lower Mainland of BC is twice that of the rest of Canuckistan and the economist claimed it was because people take out loans to pay for house down payments. When you factor in the fact that the average house here is like $500, 000 (and this is the suburbs,...
Well- naïvety is a condition both sides will have to contend with. I disagree about the extra weight of the POTUS though- I think there's a partisan subsect who would shoot themselves in the face if he said they were pretty and likewise, a group who would distrust anything an insurance conglomerate did regardless of transparency. None of this occurs in a vacuum- healthcare has been privatized since George Washington first said "screw you, I got mine" and saved the...
Sudden realization that Richard Simmons was never in that great of shape.
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