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Quote: Originally Posted by TC (Houston) I'm all for a swd theme this Friday, but I think it's silly how people complain that many of us don't dress down enough. I know it's shocking but it seems that a very large percentage of people interested in tailored mens clothing (participants in this forum) are businessmen, professionals and elderly retired persons. Again, this isn't about dressing down per se. It means that people will have to think...
Yeah, I don't remember this being about what you could go to a stuffy business meeting in.
I think we'll be surprised by a few and unsurprised by a few more.
I round up. Shipping + taxes.
LOL'd hard at this episode. Great points. "no, those jeans are actually made in oossa, not U.S.A."
was going to make the point but nn put it better than i ever could.
Silent disco. awesome.
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...=§ionsize= Belongs in should I/shoudln't I thread but I felt it was appropriate here, too. I just got a pair of Thom chukkas and they're fucking awesome. Want these. Thoughts?
A Fellow Linguist Another good seller. Thanks for the boots!! +1000
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