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Jesus. When I do wear socks, they're cheap. I've been looking for and wanting better ones though. This thread better come with links, proxies and donations. Jet, I'm looking in your direction.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo pretty much the same shoe, less the scotch graining thank god. i wouldn't want to stand out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo shit is hot http://www.kennethcole.com/product/i...ductId=3091829 Be interested to compare those to my scotch grain thom brownes.
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you come to DC man; where there are no asians and everyone else's style sucks so hard no one will be trying to buy Lanvin x H&M. i live like 4 blocks from the main H&M here. You can come stay with me and we'll go cop all the merchandise then sell it to people in Canada for 3 times the price. I feel like we'll get it in Vancouver. I'll check it out. Does anyone know if there's been a store-list?
MC is the last place you should be. Get into SW&D and browse for a week or two.
I remember commercial fishing in highschool (2001-2003ish) and wearing heavy duty Helly Hansen raingear. I'm talking the overall style underneath the full-on raincoat. Stuff was badass. Wore bright yellow boots to go with it. Obviously didn't give a flying fuck what I wore, but the stuff was constructed very well. The next year I bought an HH puffer and a snowboard suit because I knew they would hold up. I don't think I ever really wore the puffer (even though it was...
trolls not even TRYING here, c'mon u guyz
I just dropped on those TB boot that were in the B&S. Not sure how i'm going to pay for all these kops...
I just picked these up. If I can't pull them off I'll throw them back up on here, but I'm pretty awesome. Edit: And I'm sorry if I kopblocked anyone. I didn't see this thread before I send the payment.
payment sssssssent. hopefully these will do well to replace my AE Delrays as a go-to work jawns shoe.
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