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In the 90s there were like 50 or 60 deaths during those LA riots. Canada riots for fucking hockey games. The restraint of our state in these situations is far more measure but let's not pretend we're that different.
Snarky response about Christianity being diverse.
You see, Jesus and Santa are different.
I'm fine with dynastic families so long as our overlords reduce taxes.
Christian theology says the same thing. Suicide is self murder and thus against the word of the invisible spaghetti monster.
There's some pretentious bullshit.
Most of the girls in this thread could be in paper bags and would still look good.
Only good thing to come out of summer are the West Point shorts and the odd(ly shaped) oxford.
I can't afford Quiznos. Every time I eat it, it comes flowing back out of my mouth about two hours later.
I'm more worried about Brave New World than 1984. (says a sf-addicted person to other sf-addicted people)
New Posts  All Forums: