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Went to the big wine store in town here and came home with 12 bottles for $175. Spoke to a couple of the employees, one of whom is an instructor (terminology?) for their courses and he took me around and found me 12 bottles with a price averaging $15. Some were REALLY cheap and some were $25 and even a $30 (which is probably a $15 in the US), but we're happy. I'll post what I have as we drink it, nothing anyone here would drool over but for my pallet shrug.
If I change my mind in a month or two, I'll send a select few of you some messages. If you get one, you were randomly chosen by how much I liked your avatar.
I'm getting a lot of proxy questions. I won't be headed down there for a while, and even then you can only bring so much back without having to pay duty, so it would be risky of me to give a certain price to people and not expect to have to pay an additional 12% myself once I hit the border. Wouldn't be cost effective. And i'm super busy for the next while.
Neither. Bespoke is the only option. A person can not hope to be well dressed unless they have their pieces commissioned. One best move to a warm climate and go nude for the five years it will take to save for a blazer.
Yeah, I'm worried about the lack of diversification there. I'm sitting on Google and Apple for a while now and am up over 20% return. Don't want to get too greedy.
Searched high and low for a bottle of that French gin you folks are on about but came home with another bottle of Hendricks'. C'est la vie.
Hit the Filson outlet in WA yesterday. Didn't buy anything but saw some pretty awesome 'vintage' bags and duffels. New 257s were $158 and this weekend will be cheaper.
Just got back from the 'states. 2008 Columbia Crest Walter Clore Private Reserve sitting on the table for Friday's dinner. Looking forward to this, never tried a washington bordeaux before. Tried a bunch of wines over the weekend, made a list and people can tell me what they thought if they're heard of them. Mind you, only had 3oz of each for a tasting but I felt we got a pretty good idea of what we liked/didn't. White: Lehm Gewurztraminer: Like Chelan '10 Gilbert...
Are the Ludlow blazers worth the 388? Super 130s Loro Piana. Anyone know if they're at least half canvassed?
I've had an aged Negroni that was life-changing. A Manhattan looks really good, too. Good luck, piob.
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