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I saved that '95 Chateau de Vaud for my birthday meal tonight. I've never had an aged Bordeaux, let alone an aged wine, before. First taste- it's not like anything I've ever tasted. I'm well aware that it's a cheap bottle, but... wow. So different.
It was only a matter of time before some hegemonic organisation tried to regulate the net. Interesting how this plays out.
Ugh- leave some for the rest of us, guys. Better be westpoint chinos in a 31 for me on Saturday >:
Why, isn't this when it would do the most damage to X's campaign? /half-empty
Isn't this the plot of The Good Wife right now?
CE has been particularly vitriolic as of late. Hope this isn't a trend.
Thread makes me want to stab my eyes out.
Yeah, I like the subtle differences between the show and the comic- but they're generally keeping up. I'd like to see Carl develop a bit further. He's a bit annoying (just like he is in the comic) but he gets pretty fucked up psychologically, so this isn't really surprising. [[SPOILER]]
Depends where you live. Would be pretty hard to pay living expenses here with that.
Do the outcomes involve corporal punishment?Certain outcomes, meaning turning a crank or digging a turnip.
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