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Pretty inoffensive. Looks like it could work in both settings.
Alright. Who just sniped me on the last pair of Petit Standards in 31. I swear to god...
Yeah, I was just there. Hit up Tanner but Self Edge wasn't open until 12 and I had to grab the train. Lots of great food.
Shit. Well there goes all my money.
Good god. $150k for a kitchen. I don't think I'd be able to sleep.
Again, room looks great. Continue living in it. Why are you getting rid of the Eames? Love those things.
Well I hope the unimpressed letter the UN eventually drafts puts an end to all of this.
It looks like a room. Live in it a while.
Hah. Yeah, the thread is peppered with "this member is blocked" and people quoting him. If he was less of a dick I'm sure he'd be taken seriously.
Two inauthentics makes a right.
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