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I've got the 42 PO with the black bezel and orange numbers on the stainless band. Great investment imo.
.....also post some Thom pics.
the date on the bottom right of the halloween pic was the only thing that prevented me from thinking it wasn't some 'thing'.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I should crush all your dreams and post real lanvin blazers in here make it an even 5000 posts and do it with your dick haning out
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Wet jeans make baby Jesus cry.
Stupid. Just got a pair of Florsheim imperial cordovan longwings and they were a fucking 9.5A (I take 9.5D). Feet feel asleep as soon as I put them on.... They weren't labelled properly on the auction >: Blazer cop at 140 is awesome though. I've been wanting to pull the trigger on the oatmeal one on the website forever but can't bring myself to do it for some reason.
Sweats would be the ballerest pe teacher steez out there shit
*whips out dick*
Spitting is regular in Canada (by Punjabis when they don't respect you).
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