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The Class. I felt it portrayed a classroom quite well- albeit the teacher seemed like an asshole.
Journey of self-discovery in an Indian train sleeper car.
Quote: Originally Posted by JasonCali I bought a Rolex white gold Daytona (black face) today: OJFC
Broke up one fight yesterday and two today. Got a stray slug in the face from one of them (and a death threat for breakin' it up) so I'm washing it back with a gingerale and bacardi. Literally didn't feel like reaching for anything else.
2007 Perrin & Fils Cotes Du Rhone Villages is pretty nice. Mind you, I don't know wine.
Only did 5 but holy shit was it cold.
Never had a problem with CP. In fact, they've been very pleasant every time I've dealt with them. Glad they're bringing money into the system.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol do you regularly avoid financial advice from lawyers who are trying to save you money? just seems weird to ne you won't hear him out, especially since it raises your prices Whatev do as you will It obviously makes no difference, but I'd feel more comfortable actually talking to a guy rather than some dood on an internet forum. I'm sure they've got something going on now on e-mail or pm that would build a...
holy shit. thread got entertaining for a few pages there. thanks guys.
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