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Were Lincoln a candidate today, I doubt his views of the afterlife would be well-recieved by his party. But, then again, perhaps the anti-secularist or anti-athiest elements of the electorate are exaggerated.
I'm yet to encounter nearly a fraction of the left 'outrage' that Manton et. al. claim exists over these 'Dog Whistles'. If anything, it's a sensationalised issue, with the perpetrators being fringe left in the media and fringe right responding to nothing more than a caricature of the left. I've never heard anyone even use the term 'politically correct' other than to chastise it IRL.
He seems like the type to say "correct me if I'm wrong, but..." before every sentence.
It's hard to argue with a caricature of a brick wall.
I think it's pretty obvious that he would get exactly 12.6%.
This got pretty awesome.
This is the kind of thread CE needs more of. Sincerely.
Beautiful rug. Must've cost a fortune.
Ok- you got the first half! Keep going!!
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