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The 80s futuristic look appeals to me.
I want a turntable. I've got a shitload of vinyl and nothin' to play it on I'll only spent like $250 because I'm no audiophile, just want somethin' to put on in the background. Any ideas?
lots of Thom Browne on sale on the Barney's website fyi
as someone who's still a poor noob i just want to comment on how far moo's come. and jd's looking badass as usual.
or like a cool secret agent from the future
Wearin' my new Nike Free xtrainers to work. Pretty comfortable.
I lived at UBC for two years and they were phenomenal. White Rock is pretty nice if you're into the small-community vibe (but it's still only 45 min to the downtown core).
Never been there, but I hear it smells like a toilet.
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Of course you can. I just wouldn't recommend it. It'll either suck or be really expensive. I know people who pay close to 2k for a modest 1br in yaletown. This. The Canada Line makes getting downtown ridiculously easy provided you live somewhere near it. Time was in order to skytrain to work you had to live in Burnaby or something and... fuck that noise. Canada Line has made life so much easier.
Spoo made the contest his bitch this week. Sorry guys.
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