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That's smart. I've seen people rub the rim with stuff because when you change the nose of the drink you basically change it's flavour. hah, I actually worked with an Irish woman who's mother used to own a pub back home. She said that when patrons would get too drunk, her mom would just pour them water and rub with rim of the glass with whiskey and they were never the wiser!
Putting the bitters in the atomizer? hmm.I make a pretty elementary cocktail, to be honest. Actually, I like Maker's Mark or Knob Creek and Angostura bitters (haven't even bothered looking for anything else, though after all this talk I might start).
I've been mixing them since I was in college. I thought drinking them made me look more sophisticated than my roommates but I just looked like a douchebag. Still love them, though. I stopped probably six or eight months ago so I wouldn't tire of them. When I was 19 I bought (from a discount department store) a set of the heaviest old-fashioned glasses I could find. They were cheap, but still one of my best purchases.
Marques de la Mancha 2008 Like drinking a BBQ. Starts off oaky, but i've been decanting it for a couple of hours and it's really opening up. Great buy for $17.
Awesome. I always grab a cup when we're in Hawaii (it's been a while, though). Got some pretty nice old fashioned glasses from Tiffany and Co. for our wedding. Something we'd never buy ourselves but they look nice on display on an old silver platter and the ingredients for a Negroni.
Yep. Sharpie pen is where it's at. Red is great for marking.
Explanation plz.
Got a Dyson upright with giftcards from our wedding. Amah-zing.
Went to the big wine store in town here and came home with 12 bottles for $175. Spoke to a couple of the employees, one of whom is an instructor (terminology?) for their courses and he took me around and found me 12 bottles with a price averaging $15. Some were REALLY cheap and some were $25 and even a $30 (which is probably a $15 in the US), but we're happy. I'll post what I have as we drink it, nothing anyone here would drool over but for my pallet shrug.
If I change my mind in a month or two, I'll send a select few of you some messages. If you get one, you were randomly chosen by how much I liked your avatar.
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