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valet mag this is not new free/man
AR, Eason and Aeglus are wins. I'm biased for TB fits though- I should have sent mine in. Just grabbed a bunch of steez in Seattle.
seattle sold out in under 30 minutes apparently. walked by on the way to breakfast. kept walking.
middle one doesn't look stupid but i'd rather just wear lanvinz or cp if that was the look i was going for
Quote: Originally Posted by jerrybrowne Good guess! 9.5D Barrie. My size and basically my grail shoe. If it doesn't work out post em up.
Not a huge vest person but I kinda like this concept: http://cgi.ebay.ca/BNWT-RARE-Moncler...#ht_616wt_1141
I'm not offended by it. Shoes are boring as shit but spend your money on beer and women. You're in college.
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Lots of thom and bbbf, in light of recent mc discussions thought I'd take a pic. Eason: Do it. I'll make the thread. EDIT: Fuck that was twice as big as planned. uno momento. Ok, there, shitty quality because imageshack had to resize but you can click it for the bigger version. I ordered that sweater because it looked awesome but I was apprehensive on if I could pull it off. Looks good with your fit.
I like Seth Meyers but since he took over as head writer for the show from Tina, it's been all been ass backwards. I want to love it so bad, too
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