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TBH, the prices of most W+H basics like sweatpants, sweatshirts, oxfords, t=shirts, ect., are perfect at the factory sales- I'm not sure I'd pay the absurd prices they seem to garner at retail. Their higher-end stuff, like outerwear and cashmere looks totally worth the price, however. But 200 for a hoody? Money to burn or not- how can people rationalise this?
I think other Western militaries, and I mean particularly those militaries that don't have the infrastructural "opportunities" that the Americans have, could learn a lot from the Israelis here. The Canadians have been talking about trying to 'reform' for a decade now and we're not seeing this.
Can't comment on Express, but I've had Club Monaco and JCrew and thought the CM was better, but only slightly.
Who did you end up voting for, Meister?
you're such a murderer scarphe why do you hate apple pie /colbertrant
Biden makes me smile for all the wrong reasons.
Maybe, but there's a lot of insincere humble-bragging in here.
The next time Manton marches in here on his horse whining about how much vile contemptible shit comes out of the left I'm just going to auto-post everything Lighthouse has ever said.
god norcal you're such a godless savage
I'm pretty sure you read that wrong, guy.
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