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I like. Not huge on the ankle elastic though.
Furniture salesmen make $8000 pretax per month?
And provide a definition of the Real World that a Reasonable Person could identify with.
Should the only schools be trade schools or do you see a value in academics?
It's cool to sell the Red Sox though.
Looks like a few of you may have to go m2m rather than bespoke for your next few purchases.
It'll sell- god knows how.
JLiboural talks like he's relevant. "The US needs to be more like an anti-egalitarian corrupt ex-communist 3rd world police state with a quasi-dictator at it's head."
In the 90s there were like 50 or 60 deaths during those LA riots. Canada riots for fucking hockey games. The restraint of our state in these situations is far more measure but let's not pretend we're that different.
Snarky response about Christianity being diverse.
New Posts  All Forums: