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Never seen a lillet rouge in the wild- would be nice to get my hands on a bottle.
It's heavy on the chinotto. Acquired taste.
Haven't thought that far ahead- but that seems to be what a lot of people are doing.
Yeah- it's really nice even with just a splash of Perrier and lime. Keith mentioned that anything less floral (so it doesn't compete with the Campari) is preferable and after a taste he's right. In college I mainly purchased Gordon's so maybe I'll try a bottle of that next summer.I was leaning towards something burbon-based. Might be time to go back to ol' faithful- I'll get a nice sugar bowl and set it up with bitters and a good-looking bottle of something. Never tried...
Very nice. Have you had the opportunity to mix drinks for others with it? Stuff like this can always be good conversation. Two things: 1. Cinzano needs to be refrigerated. I learned this the other day- won't happen again. 2. Hendrick's is not a good gin for the negroni. Plate was inherited and the glasses were a wedding gift from Tiffany. I thought it looked good. shrug. Summer is over, what would be a good ''fall cocktail'' to display? I think it would be neat to have...
Piob- how is your Manhattan progressing?
The New Yorker archives on a sunny saturday morning with a coffee.
I've read that if you make ice with water that has been twice-boiled, it will be clear. Haven't tried it, though.
Hmm Citrus Sprayer
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