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Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 The problem here in the USA is that many high school kids just don't care or are too occupied with other activities. I can't compete with cell phones, drugs, video games, porn,... Whenever I sub for a math class I have to wake up at least 3 or 4 students. Many students simply can't stay awake during a math lesson. The system isn't adapting to society, it's still expecting society to accommodate for it-...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I'll tell you one positive thing though; I could trust SVB to take my daughter out on a date and not try to creep into my family tree. Choked on a carrot after reading this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Canadians don't do that because they are nationalistic. They do that to advertize that they are not American. I'd say a bit of column a and a bit of column b.
Bandwagon Habs fan this afternoon too. That was a good game.
I can't recall the past 45 minutes. Alternating between blacking out, outright crying and hysterics. Pretty sure I cried during Alex's fucking perfect goal there.
But your rent
I'll put up pics of the shorts and blazer tomorrow. I have a super old sale thread with the shirt and hoodie though, so just search my username and "threads started" and it will be there.
I should probably sell some of the stuff collecting dust in my closet. A t-shirt, oatmeal hoodie, cream fleece blazer and black chambray shorts. Interest check- I really don't care if they go or not, but they should probably go to a home that'll actually wear them. All new but the blazer, edit: and the shorts (which were washed to try and shrink but didn't) Shorts 32 T shirt M Oatmeal hoodie S Cream Fleece Blazer M
I don't really get his stuff. People I know at Holt are always trying to push it for gods know why.
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide This is great. I've got the same jacket in cream from a season back in medium if anyone wants it. Can't pull it off.
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