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Ah. Here you're supposed to register, which you typically do when you file your income tax return and then once you go to the poll, you're supposed to report to your designated station, show your government ID and then vote. I don't think I've heard much against the system. I don't know- it wouldn't work with our system, but you guys really should have a national holiday on election day. I feel like it's something to celebrate, take the day off and ritualise.
Ligit question- do you need to show government ID when you vote? Is this whole ''voter ID'' thing a special ID or registration that only applies to voting?
Fits the same as the 30 I already have that I was buying to size up from and smaller than the navy 31 that I bought with it.
One of my warehouse sale sz 31 West Point chinos is just a mislabeled 30
I haven't read anything this vulgar in a while.
Good episode: [[SPOILER]]
Two friends of mine have taken their condos off of the market. We're also in the midst of trying to sell a townhome of a deceased relative- that will undoubtedly will be taken off market as well. It's tough out there, but it's definitely a first-time buyer's market.
I thought it was fairly obvious that the posts in question were satire.
Yes- %40 off outerwear (i think) and markdowns for a lot of the other stuff. Jeans and chinos weren't marked down but I grabbed two pair anyway.
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