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Just God huggin' us closer.
The Boomers are also statistically the least likely group to modify lifestyle and behaviours after major medical issues. Resource suckers the lot of 'em.
Guh. The Internet makes me feel bad about myself.
This is meaningless.
Piob and Manton were right, as much as it pains me to say. Any hope for discussion without snark and a punch in the face from the other side are completely impossible.You're a valuable member of the forum, Lighthouse.
Serious question; when were things "great"?
Can either of you recommend books based on the ideas of either social or cultural capital? Seems interesting.
Glad you had a good experience with it. We drank it at a restaurant and it wasn't decanted, so I'm not sure if I would let it sit any longer than an hour- maybe forum experts could weigh in on the appropriate time. I enjoyed it more than the '95 Viaud we drank for my birthday. Though, I remember when we finished the bottle there wasn't very much sediment. Basically had to pour the 95 through cheese cloth to get the last glass. I plan on bringing a bottle of this for...
So are you guys talking about the complete privatisation of education or simply removing standardised curricular barriers?
Lots of strong points here- and it's not just the US that needs to change. I only worry about introducing a free-market competitive system in an area that almost demands the opposite in order to be successful. Collaboration, not competition, is a key to re-inventing the school system. I'll make a far more substantive post later today when I have time. A good book to reference is the latest edition of Out Of Our Minds by Ken Robinson.
New Posts  All Forums: