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Yeah, just to add to the news post. The New Yorker is a free app but you need a $90 subscription to get anything. This is seperate if you have a print subscription. ugh.
There are two apps that I know of that act as Flash viewers: SkyFire (is a web browser that loads Flash videos but takes a while and costs money [the app not the videos]) and iSwifter which is another Flash viewer. iSwifter is free but you can donate to use it (100% of procedes go to Red Cross apparently). I was unhappy about the flash thing too, but with the zillion or so apps out there there's pretty much a way around everything. Fuck I just went out and got a wireless...
I have this exact shirt in a M. Awesome piece, the red really pops.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Every place I have ever worked has thoroughly checked every claim on my resume. Once I almost got in trouble becuase I listed a degree that, because of a paperwork delay, had not processed yet even though I had done all the work and "graduated." This has happened to me as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Because sometimes one can only read so much horseshit without mentioning that it stinks. Are the the teachers posting in this thread the ones who need to be shit on? How productive is that? I'm all for constructive criticism but the last couple pages are just plain mean spirited. It sucks because KenRose and NYR are both experienced teachers in my subject areas that I hoped to hear from and about.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Technical aspects of PM are easy. Managing client relationships takes a lifetime to learn. Education is headed this way in progressive circles. Look up on YouTube Project Based Learning, it's great and real-world based.
Make your fucking point and leave. Edit: NM. Blocked.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero OMG my job is way harder than yours! Pack up your ego and walk away. You think teaching is easy? Fucking great! Woooo! This is a thread for teachers to help other teaches and you're sabotaging that effort. Whatever qualms you have with teaching has no relevancy in this thread and is counterproductive. You think teachers suck? We're in this thread discussing issues and ideas- we're making ourselves...
I picked up the 1.0 on Saturday to check out during the 14 day return window. The 2.0 comes out on the 25th in Canada (live two minutes from the border so I might just hop across). Waiting to see if it's worth the $160 upgrade.
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