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There has been and always been a hive mind (or heard mentality?)- it's just a question whether or not society has an outlet to relieve some of it's built-up pressures, which thanks to liberal democracy, the internet, and capitalism (within our current context) it seems to possess. I've said this before, but the US is an intensely political society, so the dangers of a politics-free utopia as imagined by a More or a Plato isn't a danger. I wonder, however, if the problem is...
Grabbed a black tiger fleece RC pullover hoodie- not bad. Medium is tight in the shoulders and guns but sorta baggy in the stomach... thought this stuff was for people who work out...?
Yeah not sure if I believe it. America is the most "political" nation in the world. Everything is debated, discussed, and argued over- I'm not so sure you could make a case that the "tyranny of the majority" is being realized, either.
Ordered a different print in July; 54 more weeks and counting. Hoping I can change my order though, will contact charley.
I've never agreed with ataturk. Until now.
Really though, there might be more of these kids around, I have no idea. I work with mostly older people and the young people I am along side work hard. The students... that's not an entirely other story. There are a lot of good kids out there- arguably far more than those lazy and entitled ones you're speaking of. I tend not to spend much time with the ones who have no desire to learn or have destructive attitudes and focus on helping the ones who either do want to learn...
Agreed. The current generation is full of pussies. For example, just the other day a young man I know decided to pick up and move to somewhere in "Northern Alberta" to "be an electrician in the oil patch" which I assume to be some type of tech speak for "stay in my parents' basement while I hold out for management". I properly berated him as a lazy and entitled child and sent him on his way. I hope he comes to see the error of his ways.
If I won the lottery I'd go back and get a philosophy degree. Harv did you have the intention of getting into law during or before your undergrad?
One would think prelaw would get better scores, no?
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