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I've read that if you make ice with water that has been twice-boiled, it will be clear. Haven't tried it, though.
Hmm Citrus Sprayer
Discovered Campari a little while ago. Good stuff.
hah, nice. I'm not sure where I'd even put that. I'd drink a mean boston sour out off it though.
Yes, but it's all I'm stocking right now.
Maybe I'll pick up a few pink sparkles today. Just to fuck with em.
Keith, how does Noilly Prat compare to the Cinzano? Any major differences? I've been using Hendrick's, Cinzano, and Campari.
If you grab anything good, post it. There's an antique show this weekend I'm going to try and hit- they're usually pretty good for stuff like this. It's hard to find a complete set that isn't chipped or otherwise damaged.
I think I'm going to be scouring antique shops for my future barware. I like stuff with a history and don't want to get too matchy-matchy
Transparent aluminium?
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