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Just got the first version yesterday for 370 Canadian. Have 14 days to play with it and decide if I want to keep it or upgrade to the version 2. Typing will take some serious getting used to though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Think I'm going to have work buy one for me Do you buy it and just write it off or do they actually give one to you? Seeing a lot of businesses and school districts really try to roll these out.
So was the old one.
Depends on that individual student's needs. Obviously it would be tailor-made to each student depending on their circumstances, but I see something like that being successful if the honors class is taking a PBL approach to their curriculum.
Quote: Originally Posted by FtRoyalty Consider different means of assessment. Have the students design a movie poster if the book were made into a movie or write a theme song for the book. Give the students the choice to write, draw, etc. I work with a lot of low readers, and I have to get creative. If I ask them to write too much, they will shut down. Also, graphic novels and magazines are good to have around. I have had more male students ask me...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Any content area people do Independent Reading with their kids? I do it at times in my SS room so I can conference with my students a few times a semester, but I have trouble getting all of them to buckle down and do what they need to do while I conference. They are given guided thinking questions that they should be answering in their journals, but i feel they just blow it off. I hold their journals to a high...
http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/0...acher-Any-More Just a write-up by a teacher on an evil liberal blog but interesting nonetheless.
ten star thread. pin.
Quote: Originally Posted by Earnest Hemingway My experiences as a recent graduate of a pretty good urban public school system support the points of this snippet (I haven't read the whole article); my negative academic experiences were often due to the techniques and situations described. However, I feel that this article is biased in favor of more precocious and advanced students. Making a kid who already reads for 10 hours a week read 30 minutes every...
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