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To be fair, much of the forum regards those on the left with an equally inflammatory view. Obviously this is not a justification- just pointing out that neither side really has a pleasant view of the other. I imagine this is American Politics.
Note: Not connect any of that with any sort of 'racism'- just found what you posted really misleading.
Oh wow. I was inspired by that post and it didn't give me that picture- I looked through a couple dozen pages to be sure. Though, when I searched ''kenyans obama win'' that pic came up at the beginning of the second page. Not very scientific, though.
Ohhhh. I get it. It's because Obama's black and they're Kenyan.
Not to derail, but how long do you think Obama quietly reverses his ''stance'' on the Keystone XL?
I predict the GOP will worry less and less about trying to keep your vote in the future- they don't really need to, anyway. You'll never vote blue, regardless of what the GOP says, so it's unlikely they'll be catering to the far-right end of the spectrum. It's clear they need to attract those in the centre if they are to survive.
Just from reading this forum it seems like people want a 'middle'. A party that represents fiscal conservatism but isn't fanatical over social issues.
Keep in mind I'm posting that as I wait for Obama's victory speech so I can go to bed and work on my Lincoln biography.
God maybe my Facebook and Twitter feeds can relax the fuck down and focus on our own damn country for a while.
Ah. Here you're supposed to register, which you typically do when you file your income tax return and then once you go to the poll, you're supposed to report to your designated station, show your government ID and then vote. I don't think I've heard much against the system. I don't know- it wouldn't work with our system, but you guys really should have a national holiday on election day. I feel like it's something to celebrate, take the day off and ritualise.
New Posts  All Forums: