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Sometimes taking a snapshot and posting it is less effort than typing out the obscure other-languaged name of the wine. REEKS OF EFFORT.
I just checked my time and my start to finish was 1:52, so I did way better than I predicted! Thanks for the support!
Ran my first half-marathon this morning. I just wanted to finish- I did. Shot for 2:00 and I think I got around 1:55. Not sure- results aren't posted yet. So hard though, new respect for runners.
Leave it, otherwise nobody will know how much you paid for the jacket.
Hmm. "Featuring" leads me to believe that not all of the wines will be there. Still got a ticket.
!!! They're doing a recreation of the '76 Paris tasting at the shop near our house in late October. Tickets are $100 and they include all of the same wins, albeit contemporary vintages. 4 seats left. Worth the price? Wondering the next opportunity I'll have to sample a Mouton Rothschild.
$45, 000 CAN net but it didn't come out to that much because I wasn't salaried.
There was a write-up about Yoox in the New Yorker the other week that directly addresses the internet sales phenomenon.
trying to get out of here so i can hit the trail
I tried it and the cubes came out exactly like b10s'. Looks like we've even got the same cube tray.
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