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I tried that on, felt pretty good. Expensive though.
Yeah I wandered in today. Should've gotten so much more than I did. Stocked up on cashmere for under $80 each though.
Yeah I think my style has generally stayed the same, only my stuffs way more expensive and fits a fuck of a lot better.
Monaco has 40% last ticketed sale price. Picked up three cashmere knits for a song and a wool scarf for $11.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chace Which Holts did you go to? I went to Bloor and even with the markdowns it was still more expensive than Sydneys. I saw $165 for Indigo weird guys at Holts - that isn't a good deal at all... I'm in vancouver. Picked up a pair of skinny guy raws for $89 and wings/horns chinos for $99
Grabbed a BoO oxford for 165 at Roden Grey today. Denim was pretty cheap at Holt, too. Tons of N+F.
N+F Skinny Guy raw selvage BoO red oxford W+H chinos (holy fuck these are slim)
I wasn't going to go out today, but after seeing the sale thingy at RG I think I'll head downtown.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 the ann d. are wool. i have 75 pairs of pants but unlike our brethren, i refuse to post exciting pics of chinos and jil sander dress pants how long have you been building this collection, knuk (do they all still fit, that is)
Got it for 60 bucks on ebay, new. We'll see if it fits. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...=§ionsize=
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