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He's moved on to self-caricature.
To be fair, much of the forum regards those on the left with an equally inflammatory view. Obviously this is not a justification- just pointing out that neither side really has a pleasant view of the other. I imagine this is American Politics.
Note: Not connect any of that with any sort of 'racism'- just found what you posted really misleading.
Oh wow. I was inspired by that post and it didn't give me that picture- I looked through a couple dozen pages to be sure. Though, when I searched ''kenyans obama win'' that pic came up at the beginning of the second page. Not very scientific, though.
Ohhhh. I get it. It's because Obama's black and they're Kenyan.
Not to derail, but how long do you think Obama quietly reverses his ''stance'' on the Keystone XL?
I predict the GOP will worry less and less about trying to keep your vote in the future- they don't really need to, anyway. You'll never vote blue, regardless of what the GOP says, so it's unlikely they'll be catering to the far-right end of the spectrum. It's clear they need to attract those in the centre if they are to survive.
Just from reading this forum it seems like people want a 'middle'. A party that represents fiscal conservatism but isn't fanatical over social issues.
Keep in mind I'm posting that as I wait for Obama's victory speech so I can go to bed and work on my Lincoln biography.
New Posts  All Forums: