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I've got about 10 W+H pieces but I'm kicking myself for not grabbing the $60 grey tigerfleece hoodie i tried on at the sample sale.
Holt Renfrew was having some ladies shoe sale so I picked up the GF a pair of satin flats with bows on them for $260. Seems redic to me but I'm assured that this is a good price... :/ Also, while in the city I hit up the H/M to see if they had any returned lanvin stuff. They did, but it was all linen and seemed to be worse made than their regular stuff. Looked and felt terrible, but maybe I'm just a philistine.
I had the awesomest dorm room. 15th floor, million dollar ocean and downtown views and decked it out with some pretty cozy stuff. Nothing baller, but I actually enjoyed spending time in there. Now the gf does all the in-home design because we can't afford to deck the place out in anything but pleb stuff.
Final drops before this stuff hits the 'bay.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Something like $350 for 2 in Reyjavik. Shark?
Price drop. Everything is brand new unworn (except the shoes). Last bump before it all hits eBay. One grey available- both blues available.
You know, typing that out I had a feeling that it would be used by you. You're just as predictable as I am.
I'm uneducated. Why is this particular piece of ham so special? (and gross why should it last forever)
price drop blankets $110 shipped, only have blues left.
1. Vintage shell cordovan Florsheim Imperials. 9.5D - $110 shipped Can/US---------$100 shipped Can/US Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us 2. NWOT (have them) Gitman Vintage pinpoint blue shirt. Material is light, it would make a great summer shirt. Grabbed this on sale and it didn't fit. Small - $100 Shipped Can/US---- DROP $95 Shipped (taking a hit)......DROP $90 Shipped. - Uploaded with ImageShack.us 3. Wings + Horns queen sized...
New Posts  All Forums: