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Yeah, the sample sale was there last year. Sort of an obscure location, but probably has a low overhead cost. Roden Gray's stock has been pretty shitty lately, so hopefully these guys hold up the load... and maybe pull stuff for the "heavily invested return customers".
I'm pretty sure the office is in the same building.
Wanted one so bad.
A warm climate foils Napoleon again...
WellI'm not sure of anything anymore.Yeah, camel jacket is pretty nice, pockets could be fixed by... moving the buttons?
Jesus- I couldn't get anything I wanted. Either INSTA-SOLDOUT or way higher priced than I assumed.
I'll probably check it out too. I imagine everything will always be retail at that location. #vancouverisfancy
That's great info- thanks for getting this out there.
Are they bringing back colors like black melange, or are they strictly seasonal. As in, goodbye oxblood and triple blue.
Picked a few bords up at the release today. People linin up at 6:30 for a 9:30 opening. I'll post a list later this afternoon to see which ones to cellar and which ones to feed to the inlaws.
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