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"slightly right of centre"
Great Atwood reference.
Not as good as the $550 candle on their site.
[ParanoidConservative]Not if you write for the New York Times. [/ParanoidConservative]
Musicmax were you a "Bush Lied People Died" / "There Are No WMDs" kinda guy before '08?
The Party of Family Values
Is the outrage over a) The fact that drone strikes are killing innocent people (previously called 'collateral damage' during the Bush years and was typically viewed as a problem only by the opposition party), b) Obama has increased drone strikes and as an exercise in straw-grasping and concern-reversal so that opposition to the President has something to criticise, or c) that these drones are taking the jobs of hard-working fighter pilots.The optimist in me hopes for 'a'...
lolDoesn't he talk about reducing dependance on foreign oil...constantly? Seems like, from what I've been reading and listening to, the GOP and moderate Democrats both agree that halting the pipeline was nothing more than an election move.
He's moved on to self-caricature.
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