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This is actually a favourite of my father-in-law. Have you had the Classico Ripasso or the straight Valpolicella?Tonight we're doing a 2000 Chateau de Chantegrive. Really felt like an earthy Bordeaux and the fellah at the wine place I frequent recommended this- I'm realising that one has to spend at least $40 to get anything that doesn't taste like piss out of Bordeaux (in BC, anyway).
Isn't that literally every citizen in the United States?
Is the thread where we post all of the stupid War on Christmas shit? Because there's a deluge coming down the Fox pipeline.
Future job creators who were born into the dream. Don't blame them.
I just used a coupon code YESTERDAY on a few things that were just decreased. Major bummer. I'll probably buy more shit today though.
Bunch of markdowns on Wings site.
Who was the person who took a picture instead of helping pull the guy up?
So dramatic.
Part of me likes the idea of women fighting and killing Taliban who openly target young girls for such crimes as being literate.
Been waitin' for Tyrone for a while- this is awesome. Finally starting to come together. And the Governor of the show is so much rounder than the comic character. The question now comes down to Andrea. Will she be loyal to Rick and the crew or the community? We won't see the Governor eat it until the end of the season but it'll be interesting to see who else makes it.
New Posts  All Forums: