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Maybe, but there's a lot of insincere humble-bragging in here.
The next time Manton marches in here on his horse whining about how much vile contemptible shit comes out of the left I'm just going to auto-post everything Lighthouse has ever said.
god norcal you're such a godless savage
I'm pretty sure you read that wrong, guy.
Power has made mordecai a far better poster. He's less aggressive and seemingly [more] centrist- not sure those go hand-in-hand or not, but I actually like the more guy now. (not that my stupid left opinion matters)
You're doing it wrong. That's supposed to stay implicit.
You're right. It was the social progressives and liberals that pushed for Japanese internment... fuck... not even worth it.
What the sweet buttery fuck does that even mean?
fuck just secede already jesus
hah. You Americans don't know how good you have it.
New Posts  All Forums: