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How'd it turn out? If I could bring wine across the border in large quantities I'd probably go down and grab a lot more. $42 is just fine for a once-a-month bottle, though.
Sounds needlessly expensive.
Wear those bitches with pride, mo'fuckah. Walk the walk.
You might be well off to hit up an H&M or a military surplus (lol i know rite) and grab a decent peacoat. You can always have the sleeves shortened and the coat slimmed- key is to get one that doesn't fall apart after one wear- such as the wal mart variety. Wear a few crew-neck sweaters with this and you'll be alright for winder.Alternatively, throw on a thick hoody under your leather- if you'll look a lot of guys will still wear their leather in the winter. If you don't...
No. I work in a highschool and you don't want to wear this stuff unless you're comfortable in it. High school is the time you get to express yourself however you wish and while I'm sure a cashmere cardigan, roomy trousers and a pair of $400 shoes are expectant of a principal or the higher-paid teachers, I'm not sure this is the uniform you should be aiming for at this stage in your life.The fun thing about wearing clothes is basically that you get to ''choose'' your...
TBH, the prices of most W+H basics like sweatpants, sweatshirts, oxfords, t=shirts, ect., are perfect at the factory sales- I'm not sure I'd pay the absurd prices they seem to garner at retail. Their higher-end stuff, like outerwear and cashmere looks totally worth the price, however. But 200 for a hoody? Money to burn or not- how can people rationalise this?
I think other Western militaries, and I mean particularly those militaries that don't have the infrastructural "opportunities" that the Americans have, could learn a lot from the Israelis here. The Canadians have been talking about trying to 'reform' for a decade now and we're not seeing this.
Can't comment on Express, but I've had Club Monaco and JCrew and thought the CM was better, but only slightly.
Who did you end up voting for, Meister?
you're such a murderer scarphe why do you hate apple pie /colbertrant
New Posts  All Forums: