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Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero My day sucked. I deserve a raise. Stop reading the thread? Also, spend your time better. You're reading things that you have little interest in and clearly grinds your gears. People vent to put off burnout. It's legal. I'm not sure why I keep hitting "read post" for someone I have on ignore. Guess I should follow my own advice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Thinking is done, I'm more of a theoritical guy really, too lazy to get out a sheet of paper and actually do it and what's more, I hardly remember how. I can do the logic thing cause it's philo but the rest is so so. Just curious, but what was your major and/or job? You seem astoundingly well read/travelled for a young guy.
Wow. Pulled that one out of the fire, eh
Yeah, interested in bespoke in Vancouver that isn't TF.
Insta-kop PM sent on polo
Quote: Originally Posted by intent If the Sharks are willing to hand us the trip to the Finals on a platter---let's take it. This, but c'mon, board.
Vaboom [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Sedins combined for only 5 points tonight. When are they going to wake up? So how long until a gif of those penalty tits pops up?
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah Not sure why you guys had the experiences you did, but I was recently at the store and they were really nice folks and told me about a few upcoming items for fw11 that were appealing. They may be able to get the w+h hooded bathrobe made for Ace hotel, too The hoody is cash money. Regret not grabbing it on Sunday at Roden- tried for a polo instead.
Just finished Barney's Version by Mordecai Richler.
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