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One of the most religious nations in the industrialised world's real problem is that it's not religious enough?
I thought about that too. I feel like actively telling people not to have that conversation is equally political, though.
When your tyrannical, totalitarian, and otherwise evil (democratically and freely elected) government has nuclear weapons and fighter jets, your fucking gun rights aren't doing shit.
Just saw this. This is insane-You basically just cost me a paycheque. Thanks.
Was so close to buying those boots at 50% off. Ended up back on the shelf... already have a pair of pebblegrain Thom boots, but these seem more casual. IDIOT. guh.
Guh. I tried flipping through some threads, but none of it seems to matter right now. Devastated.
Are you a social or cultural relativist?
I've really been digging into (2001-2000) Bords- I limit myself to $50 knowing full well that the same bottle is $20 15 minutes away. Does anyone have experience paying Canadian duty on wines if you don't spend the required two days in the US? Might be worth it to bring a bottle or two of really nice stuff up.
I think people like the idea of Star Wars a lot more than the actual films. That said, the first one kicked fucking ass, the second one was good and the third gets fast-forwarded straight to the Han Solo-being-sassy parts.
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