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I've got a 2009 Artemia Chateau Pesquie that I paid about $60 CAN for, just found it on some US website for $22. I'm really frustrated. >(
But people still buy.
Jesus. I go to this every year and always grab things I never wear. Strict diet of tiger fleece and westpoint chinos this year. Couldn't find my size in either for the past two or three.
I was commenting to someone the other day how I can no longer find any common ground with people who brunch. Civil war.
Does that include the stat holidays or just 'day's off''?Happy Thanksgiving, BTW.
Lingerie photography. Easy one. Next.
Hmm- I think the message in this thread can be easily explained by the smash hit Family Man starring Nick Cage. Your only two options in life are work 100-hour weeks now and 'invest' in your career or be 'poor' when you're old. There's gotta be somewhere in the middle. *shrug* My dad worked very long hours and months in as a self-employed tradesman and has one foot in the grave. Two heart attacks at 53 and regrets not spending more time at home. It could involve your...
Forum experts: Just picked this up for $45 CAN. Is it ready?
Thanks. Good to know- father in law and wife aren't into oaky wines. I've had the Oyster Bay's Sauv. Blanc. at a pub (I'm a loser) and I remember it being surprisingly good. It was more than half the price of the Stag so I'm sort-of hoping we enjoy it more.
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