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You hate so many things. I hope work is going ok.
Good article in the New Yorker this week about how these "amazing" tech companies that "revolutionize" business are just as scummy and douchey as any other large corp. I see no problem with the media and public holding business accountable for labour practises. I'm sure you would prefer a bit of occasional bad press and some manufactured outrage to increased unionization.
Yeah I grabbed the charcoal tweeds a while ago. People thought I was wearing sweatpants but they're pretty awesome. Def size down.
As a man of "shorter stature" the new stark fit is perfect.
I sized down one for my charcoal tweed west points. Think I like the grey better, but the didn't have the 30 in stock.
20 off at TBS. instacopped the navy in M under 275 Canadian.
Why do they keep (fucking?) with the fit and proportions? Did they realise they were moving from an old-man brand to an only-found-in-sort-of-gay men's clothing boutiques?
I want that triple grey in M dammit... do these fuckers stretch a lot? I'm not reading the whole damn thread. I'm like a 41 1/2 chest and 5' 9''- medium, right? Medium. Medium? Medium. Small?
Don't listen to jet. You're a pretty man, teger.
"My other ride is your mom"
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