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15k CDN is already the high-end of what I'd like to pay in cash, otherwise I'd be spending in the 25-30 range for a newer car with a couple years of payments.
Explorers look a helluva lot better now than they did a few years ago. Range Rover?
Absolutely- I was hoping to put that off until after the wife returned from mat leave so we could get something a bit better. I'm monthly payment averse- we have no debt now and want to keep it that way while she's off. I'll probably continue to check autotrader and local dealerships for something with low milage. I'm assuming you get a better deal if you walk in with cash? Budget is between 10 and 15k so as to avoid payments. I don't want new, would rather not pay and...
Anyway, my 1991 Honda Accord died mid tunnel during rush hour last friday. Mechanic said cam shaft split and destroyed the inside of the engine. Not sure what would cause that.
The douchebags aren't (generally) the ones posting about which cars they're actually driving- it's the 30k millionaires.
The thread isn't about "cars we drive" and never has been. Forum stats show that most of the people posting here can't actually afford to post in a threat that only caters to high-end luxury vehicles. There's another thread in here about negotiating for a Honda at a dealership and it was almost instantly ruined because of a "haha Honda fucking poor people" comment. I'm not surprised this thread is a cesspool of douchebags.
I'm glad a fellow educator can set standards here. Well done, AAC. Really like EFV's fits as well.
The Bonavita rusts quickly. It's great for the spout but it's not exactly a high-quality instrument. It's great if you don't use it as a ''primary'' kettle- I've been looking at the copper version wondering it's worth shelling.
Absolutely- I mean it certainly helps if it's got some designers or producers name attached but I have no need to impress anyone with stuff like that. Baby is due in November so the sofas will probably be something that can be puked on, spilled on, etc. There's a Knoll lookalike at eq3 (Canadian) that I've sat on a few times but the cushions don't come off. I'm apprehensive about ikea sofas but there's one that has the look I'm going for and the leather version is only...
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