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Yes- %40 off outerwear (i think) and markdowns for a lot of the other stuff. Jeans and chinos weren't marked down but I grabbed two pair anyway.
Good to know. $90 is still pretty good when they're charging double that retail. I'll grab a couple things. See what's left today...
Had a nice meal at Hawksworth in Vancouver last night. Not happy about the wine markup, but enjoyed this quite a bit. I think it's only around $20 in the US ($42 in BC).
I saved that '95 Chateau de Vaud for my birthday meal tonight. I've never had an aged Bordeaux, let alone an aged wine, before. First taste- it's not like anything I've ever tasted. I'm well aware that it's a cheap bottle, but... wow. So different.
Ugh- leave some for the rest of us, guys. Better be westpoint chinos in a 31 for me on Saturday >:
Thread makes me want to stab my eyes out.
Yeah, I like the subtle differences between the show and the comic- but they're generally keeping up. I'd like to see Carl develop a bit further. He's a bit annoying (just like he is in the comic) but he gets pretty fucked up psychologically, so this isn't really surprising. [[SPOILER]]
Glad it worked out (and you didn't have to drink it alone).
Off-topic, but do you work in a restaurant? You seem to have mastery level knowledge/ability. General curiosity.
Beautiful rug. Must've cost a fortune.
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