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The model is a monster, but I think the Eidos NMWA Lorenzo is longer, has a lower lapel gorge, a wider lapel, and slighty more open quarters. I could be wrong.
Fantastic idea. I'll look through this week. If my wife hasnt already donated them, I might have some barely worn staple white Brooks Brothers shirts I'm too #dadfat for now.
That's the image file name, so, it's likely.
Does anybody have experience with Martin Fisher Tailors? He seems to be doing MTM and (I think) bespoke for what looks like reasonable prices. For a city that lacks these services the presence of a decent maker would really help.
It's ethically dubious; you're skirting taxes of the country providing you with security, healthcare, and education. Other than that, nothing.I've paid taxes on my orders but it hasn't seemed like much considering the price of the shoes compared with other sellers.
There's a reason I haven't purchased much of anything lately. The dollar is in a terrible place right now. Adds around $500 to the Formosa.
The things with which dreams are made.
Got a Chipp black grenadine to try then out and I'm not really that impressed with the quality. The Knottery and Excuisite Trimmings or whatever seem good. I have a couple from the knottery and two on the way from ET. NMWA is also good as Clag mentioned
Is there a significant difference in fit between these two/three fits and the Tipo from Bloomingdales?
Is income-to-housing cost as fucked up there as it is here? Floods of people leaving the city for the burbs, driving up prices out here to equally unaffordable levels. Not sure how this is sustainable.
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