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That's a lot of money and they probably appreciated it, regardless of what they said. Well done. Most I think we got for our wedding was $200 and the average I think was $100 per person. Fact of the matter is, I can't remember what we got and who gave it to us because it really doesn't matter. Wedding costs are ridiculous and emotionally manipulative, but that's a whole other discussion.
I find it hard to believe that having children or pets wouldn't affect the furniture decisions one makes, regardless of endless streams of money.
Yeah it's great. I've got both the Talisker DE and the Laga DE and they're awesome. I've never tried the Laga 16 but I have the 12 and while its good on occasion, I don't find myself reaching for it often. Nine times out of ten I reach for the Ardbeg.
Literary Bond is a far more interesting and well rounded character than his counterpart in the movies.If On A Winter's Night was entertaining. It's brilliant if you're into post-modern fiction. A lot of books since have tried to emulate and aren't as successful; that said, it's a fun read.I've read them a while ago, but the Foundation series is pretty great sci-fi for those into it.I'm currently balls deep in some John Dewey pedagogy stuff, I am Malala, and Apatow's...
I've been lusting over this too, but the dollar is terrible.
I'm going to start saving for that Solaro now. Really nice.
Your stop-gap chair is still $200-275. That's pretty fancy for a college student. Congrats. Although, I saw more Porches, Maseratis, and Ferraris on my university's campus than I've seen before or since, so being "poor" in college could mean anything for the typical SFer.
Interesting. These would be absolute max figures and only then after planning for the purchase. No suit purchase in the foreseeable future. Suit: $1000 Jacket: $500 Trou: $150 Shirt: $100 Tie: $85 Shoes: $350
In that "Crate and Barrel" is gimmicky? I've never been in one. This was within our budget and fit within the context of where we're going with our interior, which may be gimmicky- I don't know.Dusting-wise, this hasn't been an issue.
Happy with it. Dining area.
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