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If one registered before the site went live, does that make one a "founding member?" If so, how does one enable such status if they don't see anything on the site come sale time?
That's just downright evil.
Depends what you're hoping to accomplish. You'll burn up most of your glycogen stores swimming before you have a chance to use it as anaerobic fuel in the gym. This is ok if improving your endurance in the pool is more important to you than getting big/strong in the gym. Alternatively, if you were to power-hard in the gym first and then swim after, you'd focus more on your gym gains. Most people I know who are in it for the general well-being alternate every few months.
Again- is a non-luxury vehicle an option?
This is actually pretty interesting. Once this $30k Tesla comes out, I'm sure costs will come down even more. I'd totally jump on the pre-owned Tesla bandwagon if finances allowed for it. It's the perfect liberal eco-guilt-but-not-a-Smart-car car.
Luxurysuper cars aren't your only option.
I'm this close to switching to Android now. The only reason I keep Apple is for the iMessage. I'm constantly switching devices.
Right, and I'm suggesting that with iOS8 or another app, there could be a way to set that up automatically.
Preloading reaks of effort- though I imagine some type of IFTTT type app could fix that.
Chill, brah.
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