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I'll be the unpopular one and say that if you don't have the money, don't spend it... As my wife says, if a $700 dress is on sale for $400 and you buy it, you didn't save $300... you just spent $400. I might be crazy, but grad school is probably a shitty time to have exercise interest in designer fashion. I don't think the actual dollar amount matters so much as your ability to actually afford whatever that number is.
Maybe, but it isn't the 1850s and the world, generally, is a different place. I think it's fair to have at least a minimal expectation of socially responsible business practice.
That would be great if China could hurry up and stabilize politically, these massive capital outflows are really killing my "living in a detached home" selfish vibe.
Not sure how prices compare, but Veilance makes great outerwear if you get it on sale.
Purchased from No Man Walks Alone. Doesn't fit with my style (I have none)- give this a good home. Worn maybe five times. It's been nicely folded in my closet and well taken care of. This is basically new. Note: Remember, the S&C cardigan jackets fit large, long, and slouchy. Very comfortable and VERY soft. Information from NMWA's website: This cardigan looks and feels its best when worn as outerwear. Its thick gauge, stylish shawl collar and updated horn buttons...
They routinely sell for $200 cash if you can get to Raincouver for their sample sales.
This is probably true. I don't really know how LuxeSwap works from the seller's end but I have a few pieces that I'd probably rather just get rid of and take what I can than continue to shuffle it around and not wear it (ie. S&C cardigan)
I like what's available on Grailed but I'm so fucking tired of the low-ball offers I get on a near daily basis from guys who barely take the time to send me messages that make sense. It's happened a few times where some kid (presumably) has send me an offer, I accept, and then he just ignores it completely because he's found something else. I like that eBay commits you do buy something after an offer is received.
Good eye. It's their Bordeaux blend- it's the first time I've had it anywhere but the actual vineyard. I have a problem with most northern Okanagan reds, but these guys winemaking style seems to jive with what I like. Smoke, pencil, soil.Really good. I actually do prefer their Pinot Noirs the most, but this is definitely a contender. Luckily, the local grocery store just started carrying them for $10 a bottle cheaper than the other grocery store down the road.If you try...
The most consistent winery in BC, in my opinion.
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