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I've always wanted to try Dom. Is it worth the hype?
I took home the pro knife sharpener from work and sharpened all of the edges in the kitchen. It's like I've been living in standard definition the whole time. What a time to be alive.
I don't think I truly appreaciated Manton in my youth. Anyway, current drink. Bought a few at release for $26 CDN.
Complete douche/s
Angry? Huh?Listen, I'm suggesting that people paying this kind of money for a bottle simply because "supply" are only doing it because they want their dick/wallet to look bigger. I'm sure there are people who believe that $1500 for a bottle of $200 whiskey is completely reasonable because it's just so good but they're probably the exception. The same goes for wine. I've seen plenty of people buying cases of absurdly priced wine because of the "brand"- they know of two...
Is there anyone actually paying those prices for Pappy who aren't douchebags?
Probably Christmas Day- I feel like they've been getting earlier and earlier. Maybe I'm just getting older I want some Reigning Champ basics (black sweatpants, black crew, grey ts) and their website never has sales. Is Haven my best choice, oh wise ones?
Devil's share.
I've been doing some reading on pants. Can someone give me a brief rundown on available pants? Can you compare them to what's available at Outlier?
"white knight" is almost as stupid as "butthurt"Stop looking for partisanship in my post where there isn't any. I'm critical of bullshit where I see it, as are you.
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