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Would be interesting to have tried. I imagine it being more of a grappa-style spirit than what we drink today. I wonder if there was a significant quality difference between the Greek and Carthaginian, and Etruscan variations.
I think it's a very interesting question. The wine-making process in the ancient world was different than it is today. I can't remember specifics, but wine was traditionally diluted so that it could be consumed in larger amounts. In classical Greece, the host would choose the dilution of the wine which would set the pace of conversation for the night.
Meh, there are a few loose threads, it's a pretty weak blend of seemingly random materials and feels overall like H&M or that 21 mall shop construction. Button hole on the lapel isn't even real. Overall, what they wanted retail for that piece is insulting.
Grabbed some chinos and the tweed blazer. Blazers a colossal let down.
In Washington you can buy that chateau st. Michelle at gas stations. It's not too bad.
Sales. Webstore sales.
I've grabbed a couple of the summer oxfords, but they're non-staple items are really weak for some reason. Winter brand.
I don't think they accept "Jelly of the Month" memberships as payment.
I'm charged duty about 75% of the time.
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