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I don't own any arcteryx and really need a winter coat so I'll be stopping by the factory shop on Boxing Day. My budget is around $300- is there anything in my price range or should I be looking at other stuff?
Yeah I'm havin all sorts of regrets. Grabbed the green but that navy is staring me straight in the eye.
I like to follow the TOJ thread to remind me how lucky I am for not being able to afford it.
They're all around, but I don't think that handful of posters really made up the whole forum. If they did, it's no wonder they're gone. They said what they needed to say to each other and left.
I seriously question wether or not the SF of days past were really as fantastic as people say they were. There might have been the good thread here or there, but I doubt it was exclusively .5%ers educating each other on the merits of such-and-such. They've moved on to other mediums of communication.
Crooks and Castles shawl collar cardigan
I tried this S&C cardigan so hard. I'm just too damn short. Looks like I'm wearing adult clothing as a kid. Thoughts?
I don't know, people seemed pretty forgiving and the communications been fine. Not sure there's a battle to fight, here.
Broke and Bespoke collar is awesome. My luxire casuals are all the B&B- I think I use a modified spread from Liverano for the dressier shirts, though. Looking for a good English spread or cutaway that'll stand up and not flay without a tie. Might have a black watch and a chambray made up. Suggestions?
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