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I have both and they're excellent. I've heard that the Oogy "isn't as good as it was" too but that's meaningless if you haven't actually tried the previous batch. It's still really, really good. It mellows with age, though (as I think most peated whiskies do). I'm waiting to try the Ardbeg Corryvreckan. Apparently it's just as good as the Oogy and a bit stronger. That all said, I'm getting happier and happier with Talisker.
Who creates these tests? Who marks them? Which courses have them? Mandatory?
I'm dying to give a "careers" talk about proper dress. Grad is painful. So many black suits with black shirts and like...bright baby blue ties...
I probably feel and act as differently as anyone else on this forum who wears MC.Observance in behaviour in students: Some students have gone so far as to emulate my dress. I dress up for sure every Friday (and at random intervals if I'm in the mood during the week) and for a while a dozen or so students will also wear nice clothes. Dresses or golf shirts and khakis (they're between 13-18, so that's dressing up). Parents of some students have mentioned that they appreciate...
Keep the radiators. Having children in the home should never influence design.
@TweedyProf is a pretty great example of a well-dressed professional educator. I teach at the Secondary level and only dress MC a couple days a week, but as my wardrobe grows so will the amount of time I spend wearing it... I've received plenty of feedback from students about how I dress. Some appreciate the respect I'm paying the institution and themselves by dressing well (not their words) and some are intimidated and find it very difficult to relate. I'm not even...
I'm a 38s but a fat and slightly tall 38s in the Tipo... Might upgrade to the 38r next season. Literally banking money for that NMWA solero.
Standardised tests down there (US) as big a deal as they seem in the media?
I'd purchase something you couldn't easily get at a restaurant. Laga is usually available, so something a bit more rare might be interesting.
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