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And ACS looks great, even though he's a teacher... wait, what?
I'm not sure the Windsors invented the namesake knot. Manton's book tells the story- but basically it was to emulate the knots that a high quality seven-fold ties make but with lesser quality goods.
Grabbed a black tiger fleece RC pullover hoodie- not bad. Medium is tight in the shoulders and guns but sorta baggy in the stomach... thought this stuff was for people who work out...?
Ordered a different print in July; 54 more weeks and counting. Hoping I can change my order though, will contact charley.
Would kop Herrington
I like. Not huge on the ankle elastic though.
Furniture salesmen make $8000 pretax per month?
It'll sell- god knows how.
There's some pretentious bullshit.
Most of the girls in this thread could be in paper bags and would still look good.
New Posts  All Forums: