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Just trade my OnePlus one for the iPhone 6. I'm glad that horrible Android experimenting is over. We all do stupid things when we're young. Now I need a case that protects but isn't ugly. Help a brutha out. Leather? Wood? I'm tempted to jump on the Luxire leather case because it seems a bit better than the Apple leather, but I don't actually get to handle it, and $60 CDN is a lot for a case. What do you use? Edit: Apple Store reconnaissance resulted in grabbing the red...
What are folks thoughts on just buying a marble slab from somewhere and attaching it to basic legs? We have a space for a pretty large table in our dining area (6-9 people?) and I'm not that interested in "harvest tables" which seem to be both popular and the only thing I can find in the size I'm looking for. I like the look and richness of white marble but have no idea what sort of maintenance it needs... We have a ~6 mon old boy, which means he'll be walking and...
I love port. My wife's late grandmother really got me into Tawny. It's not a "true" Tawny Port, but Penfolds Grandfather is nice- it's Australian. That's my go-to, but it hovers around $80 CDN so it hasn't I haven't stocked it since the baby arrived. I've found there seems to be a big difference between 10 year and 20 year, but not a big difference between 20 year and 30+ age statements, but my experience with the older Tawny is limited to the odd sip at a restaurant, not...
Anyone have the luxire iPhone case? Comment on awesomeness or quality?
Dont wear sunglasses. Unless you're blind. Then wear the sunglasses.
It's prom. Do whatever's cheap and spend the rest on your date, beer, and enjoying yourself. Both the navy suit and the tux sound great and will be lightyears beyond what everyone else.
Because I'm poor. 3 of these.
yeah. if you live that long.
Lots of talisker DE lately. Finishing the last half of ardbeg oogy too
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