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Of course, but it's becoming apparent that some voices are more equal than others.I hate using the term, but Black is in a pretty privileged position. Mind you, he's had his own run-ins with the law, so I'm sure that would lower his Buzzfeed score.
Conrad Black is an asshole. He's exactly the kind of person we should avoid hearing from right now. "I'm not saying people are calling Trump a Nazi, it's just what I'm hearing that people are saying." And the NP sucks.
It's probably time for a Canadian politics/news/controversy thread but it would probably get trolled. Anyway, yes. We're not as fortunate as your cousin, but we're more fortunate than a person buying today. Situation in Vancouver is shitty. It's gone from a pretentious yoga/ski/Starbucks town to an even more heavily segregated cesspool of inequality, resentment, and cultural tension. I know many people, close family included, who have picked up and left because they...
Unintended consequences of literally selling Canadian citizenship, having few ownership regulations, and almost zero actually accountability to FINTRAC. It's the wild west of real estate speculation, but I can't tell if you're acknowledging that there's an affordability problem in Vancouver or if you're being snarky, so I won't continue.
Also, we've been told by developers and the RE industry for the past few years that it's racist to suggest that foreign money is affecting real estate prices.
I think real estate prices are included in "cost of living, or CoL"
Ugh. Wages/CoL like that makes me hate Vancouver more than I already do.
I'll have you know I got a C+ in Econ 101
Going to a scotch tasting festival tonight with a cold. Can't smell or taste. Hoping to create an "unfavourable environment" for the virus.
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