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Thanks guy, that's good advice.
I've run into a bit of a problem- my Squale with a 2824 is running like 2 1/2 - 3 min fast a day... It was fine before, but the past few weeks it's been really frustrating to manage. Is this a warranty issue or should i just sent it to my local watch guy and get adjusted?
From experience, smoke and peat tend to deteriorate (or smoothen) with age, so if you're looking for a strongish flavour, I'd steer clear of the Islays... that said, if you're trying to mellow out a smoke/peated dram then it might be an interesting idea. Off scotch, I've always enjoyed an aged negroni or americano.
North Vancouver
I'm the same height and wear a field in small. It's a bit tight but length is perfect.
Galvanic at the outlet for 350 CDN if there's anyone local.
Yeah, good lists. HP 12 Ardbeg Oogy Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or Laga 12 Laga DE Talisker DE Glenfarclas 17
Ugh- got my tie the other day. I regret not buying the entire selection; they're fantastic. I've never handled a seven-fold tie before. The knot this thing makes is beautiful.
I grabbed a S at the factory outlet for 430 CDN which is in the 300s USD, so it was a good score. Now I just need a good mid-layer. Contemplating the Atom LT hoody for versatility (because the non-hood version doesn't look that great on its own). For reference, I grabbed a S because the M ate my body. Laying a patagonia better sweater underneath works OK, but it's tight in the armpits.
Yeah I noticed that too. The fabric was very soft and comfortable but I was worried about dust. A sticky roller every once in a while shouldn't be a big deal though.
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