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Rise on the trou might be a bit low... or it's the angle you're shooting from. Either way, slightly higher rise on the trousers with a slightly longer jacket- won't make you look shorter if the jacket is nipped slightly in the waist.
Stupid life... having kids made me fat and poor. Otherwise I'd be all over dis. BUMMMMP
I had the same concerns before we started. The tree on the right was already at yard level, the one on the left was removed and then replanted. A city arborist who was here for a different reason actually looked at the big tree said said it should be ok.
I don't have pictures of the "before" on my new phone, but I'm sure there are some on our computer. There was a 1-2ft deep pit that contained a couple ferns and two poorly chosen trees surrounded by a concrete retaining wall (caps weren't even properly glued down). It was full of broken glass, dirt, rocks, and random construction leftovers and has been treated as a "nature space" by the landscapers even though it looked open and empty. We simply moved the wall against the...
+1 on the black and copper. Is it imperative you get "big name" furniture? There are plenty of places to get exactly this made for considerably less than the cost of the "uhuru" or whatever, no?
Guy across the street built a kitchen table and bench out of massive single solid pieces like that. Beautiful stuff. I've always liked the living edge stuff in with modern interiors- makes it feel a bit more organic and livable.
Thanks- we're pretty happy with it now. Got a sofa and two seats from The Costco, a large sunbrella, and a planter box. Lots of room for the little guy to play and run around once he's walking. Not bad for under $1mil.
Development company "designed" a large garden (dirt pit) in our back yard. Told us it wouldn't be changed during the construction phase. Fixed it ourselves. Had to move dirt around the side of the complex and sod in through the house because the back yard doesn't access to the front. We're in a town house so we're lucky to have a yard at all. All in, the dirt, fence materials, sod were under $1k cdn and only took us a few Saturdays. During our "modification" After
In another lifetime that internship would have been an incredible opportunity.
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