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Apparently at the end of the month or beginning of next.
Roden Gray is getting a shipment at the end of this month or beginning of next.
The money young people have in Vancouver is staggering. Most of them don't work, which gives them plenty of time to spend it.
I'm a bastard child stuck between both SW&D and CW. I live in Whiterock so I might be a bit late- I'll try to make it out! Sounds like fun.
Must be one whopper of a profit margin when you look at how low the sale prices get.
Yeah, the sample sale was there last year. Sort of an obscure location, but probably has a low overhead cost. Roden Gray's stock has been pretty shitty lately, so hopefully these guys hold up the load... and maybe pull stuff for the "heavily invested return customers".
I'm pretty sure the office is in the same building.
Wanted one so bad.
A warm climate foils Napoleon again...
WellI'm not sure of anything anymore.Yeah, camel jacket is pretty nice, pockets could be fixed by... moving the buttons?
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