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Drove a 2010 Mini Clubman, 2011 Mazda3, and a 2011 VW Jetta. Jetta is out, it was bulky, handled poorly and had worse acceleration than my wife's Honda Fit. Clubman was the best drive by far out of the three and is the best deal $ to miles/options, but the Mazda3 has lower maintenance and far more trunk space. I felt like a bit of a knob driving the Mazda, but I'm not sure it's really "about me" anymore. I guess it's a question of driving the sedan or the...
It'll get paid. Vancouver is an offshore bank account with bridges.
Hopefully the condos don't sit empty like the majority of Coal Harbour.
This is good advice- I drove a 1974 MGB in high school and the beginning of university. I rebuilt that car at least twice because it was so easy to work with. I switched to a 93 Civic which I thought would be more reliable and better in the winter. I was gifted the Accord because my Civic was a pretty basic CX model (read: no side-view mirror) which didn't really bother me. The Accord was maintenance-free, save the occasional oil and brake job, which I did myself. So...
Yeah- heading to the dealerships to kick some tires tomorrow. I've literally never driven a luxury car so I might have a bit of fun.
I'm edging closer to that- but I've been driving old unreliable cars for the past 12 years and I think it's time for something I don't need to worry about dying in a tunnel. Obviously any car could die at any time, but some are more likely than others.
15k CDN is already the high-end of what I'd like to pay in cash, otherwise I'd be spending in the 25-30 range for a newer car with a couple years of payments.
Explorers look a helluva lot better now than they did a few years ago. Range Rover?
Absolutely- I was hoping to put that off until after the wife returned from mat leave so we could get something a bit better. I'm monthly payment averse- we have no debt now and want to keep it that way while she's off. I'll probably continue to check autotrader and local dealerships for something with low milage. I'm assuming you get a better deal if you walk in with cash? Budget is between 10 and 15k so as to avoid payments. I don't want new, would rather not pay and...
Anyway, my 1991 Honda Accord died mid tunnel during rush hour last friday. Mechanic said cam shaft split and destroyed the inside of the engine. Not sure what would cause that.
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