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"I need to spend money, and I sort of need a lamp."
Or delivery damage issues. Apparently rich people have to deal with that a lot.
Content-wise, most don't remember historical information from the previous semester, let alone into adulthood. Most curricula focus mainly on critical analysis, organizational, historical thinking, ethics, etc. rather than directly on drill n' kill content (although content is the vehicle to teach those skills).
Getting a 13-16 year old interested in any history is a near-impossible feat.
Congrats, Foo. Kids are great. Soul-sucking vampires, but great.
Did a "lower-middle-class" family burn down your house as a child? Sure are an awkwardly high number of disdainful references to them in this thread.
Guy at the Apple Store wants $140. Phone was dropped in an apple branded silicone case, too.
Stupid Apple. Broke the stupid glass on my stupid iPhone6.
I'm having a hard time coming up with a serious response to this.
Beautiful table. Would need to move it completely to vacuum underneath, though. NBD if you've got the room and giant muscles.
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