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I'm gradually getting into more southern British Columbian reds. They've actually come a long way in the past few years, mostly just Merlots and Pinot Noirs but they're gettin smokier. Washington wines are still cost-prohibitive, but whenever we're down we load up. I really wish the liquor laws here would join us in the 21st century.
That's beautiful. Worth the $600 I'm sure Nordstroms Vancouver will charge for it.
Ugh, maybe I should get a bottle of the 10 for posterity.
Is there a reason why some of these Spanish reds can be sold with so much age on them for so cheap? I've been drinking a cheap Rioja/Tempranillo/Carinena with 10+ years on for like $15 CDN for a while. I feel like they're holding them for longer before release...?
Just went though my "cellar" and I'm up to 12 bottles that are too fancy* for me to drink. Collection is gradually growing. *Daily drinkers for some of you.
I've had a limited experience with Talisker, but what I've tasted I've really enjoyed. I'll probably pick up another bottle of the DE this year.
Yeah, the price jumps seem pretty crazy. I guess people are still buying. That Achrom is sweet, though.
Hey- I'm looking for something really earthy (and affordable... mostly affordable). We're thinking of doing a wine tasting night with friends (we're all poor) and I'd like a red that's different from the usual stuff they try. Something... barnyard...earth...smoke(?)- price should be $30 and below (CDN pref). Suggestions? Thinking about maybe a Chateau Lanessan, but that's at the high end of what I'd like to drop.
Agreed- those colours look good on you, too. That Panta x Massdrop tie done right. If I had any money, I'd pretty much wear everything Justin and TweedyProf wear, with a sprinkle of SVB for casual wear. Edit: wow. internet much? post was in reference to Justin's fit a page or two back. je suis dumb.
Interesting. The Drakes knit I have also has a fairly prominent seam but I can't compare it to the Knottery. The Drakes is also far too long for me to wear, so it's hung in the back with all of the Black Fleece ties I don't like anymore.
New Posts  All Forums: