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Thinking about picking up an insulated Field off Grailed. Already have the uninsulated version in a small and it's perfect. Same size, I assume.
Purchased from No Man Walks Alone. Doesn't fit with my style (I have none)- give this a good home. Worn maybe five or six times- only once out of the house. It's been nicely folded in my closet and well taken care of. This is basically new. 9/10 Note: Remember, the S&C cardigan jackets fit large, long, and slouchy. Very comfortable and VERY soft. Information from NMWA's website: This cardigan looks and feels its best when worn as outerwear. Its thick gauge, stylish...
r/financiallyindependant or whatever is full of people who routinely talk about making low/mid-six figures. Gotta earn big to save big.
You're in good shape when the "basic" is a 'frog 18.
This blows me away. I really can't understand it.
Left hand twills were ok. Looks like the natural indigo would fade, as would the cowboy.
SpooPoker over at LuxeSwap. Ferrari insurance is expensive.
Keep it until you're not. It's delicious.
N&F super skinny indigo stretch are good, but are pretty low risers
And Canada, yes. Mortgages and rent, here at least, tend to take up a significant portion of incomes.My reading of SWD, which is very likely way off of what the reality is, is that there must be a lot of people who get their cash from mom and dad. CE seems like it's made up exclusively of lawyers, doctors, and policy analysts- but that's who I'd expect to be wearing men's tailored clothing.
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