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Unintended consequences of literally selling Canadian citizenship, having few ownership regulations, and almost zero actually accountability to FINTRAC. It's the wild west of real estate speculation, but I can't tell if you're acknowledging that there's an affordability problem in Vancouver or if you're being snarky, so I won't continue.
Also, we've been told by developers and the RE industry for the past few years that it's racist to suggest that foreign money is affecting real estate prices.
I think real estate prices are included in "cost of living, or CoL"
Ugh. Wages/CoL like that makes me hate Vancouver more than I already do.
I'll have you know I got a C+ in Econ 101
Going to a scotch tasting festival tonight with a cold. Can't smell or taste. Hoping to create an "unfavourable environment" for the virus.
Fine, I'll amend what I said before. The bipartisan No Child Left Behind that was passed during the last Republican administration was a disaster for kids.
Really fucking tired of this "Clinton server" red herring.
Hmm- well the first can be proven yes/no (specificalle a housing bubble) , while the second is an ideological question. Hard to compare. I'm mostly worried about the even stronger push for "school choice" in the US as a result of Trump. The last republican administrations educational policy was a nightmare for kids.
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