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I have many students who wear watches. Nice ones; not mechanical by any means, but they've picked their fashion washes with a degree of taste. Saw a kid with a Bauhaus-looking one today.
Stupid cdn dollar. Grabbed the green, lust after the navy.
I grabbed the silicone case for the purpose of grippiness, but now the damn thing won't slide into my breast pocket without grabbing and pulling. #reallifeproblems
Variety is the spice of life. Move. Also, where the f are you living where a house can be bought for 125k?
Edmonton, but not Vancouver? Interesting.Vancouver is a market that a brand like Ring has a serious chance at cracking.
F'give me ign'rance, but what are the two on the right. They be pretty.
Close the thread, Fok. Not worth the grief. Used to be info here, but all I'm seeing are a bunch of spoiled children with poor social skills. It might be drawing a bit of traffic, but look at the type.
What's your plan for around the fireplace?
I have a Dyson DC35 that was around $200 CDN on the Dyson EBay store refurbished. Same warranty and parts, but comes in a different box. I don't regret it at all, it's been a great vacuum. I use it for stairs and the hardwood in the kitchen and livingroom, occasionally the car.
New Posts  All Forums: