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Almost finished selling off all of the expensive clothes that I don't wear and replacing them with high-quality basics. I'm probably sitting at a net balance of earning/spending but it feels a lot better having items in the closet, even if they're few in number, that I actually wear, than a bunch of stuff that's nice to look at but never gets put on.
*pisses pants*
Anything like the novel?
The Crown was fThe Crown was fantastic.I'm 3/4 of the way through Trapped. Some Icelandic murder mystery... absolutely riveting. Very immersive.
I didn't know it was possible for a show to jerk itself off, but after seeing this season's Sherlock, I've been shown. Sad, too, because I was a huge fan of this run.
You, or someone mentioned it on Twitter maybe? Couldn't remember if it was you visiting Vancouver or someone else.I only have a teacher-professional account so I'm limited to "likes" for non-profession related things until I wrangle the effort to create an actual personal account.
I wear an Atom LT beneath my Field and it's great. Not bulky but very warm.
I like how the Partition looks better, if that counts for anything.
I learned about that the hard way. Used a norwex non-stick pot scrubber on one and took off some of the enamel. I guess there was metal in it.
TIL: what debossing is.
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