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Veilance must be tied to Vancouver real estate.
Yeah- having handled a lot of veilance stuff lately the regular price on a lot of the stuff is tough to justify.
Every weekend in Seattle would result in bringing back as much as I legally could. Prices have skyrocketed in the past year due to both the dollar and the new liquor laws. One of the reasons I'm "discovering" local wines, even though they've got up too. Depending on the origin, a $10 bottle to you probably hovers around $25 here. it is what it is, I guess.
I've scaled back on per-bottle spending as well. The dent it was making in my bank account wasn't equivalent to the "happiness" pricier bottles were bringing to my life. I still like the occasional $35+ bottle, but nowheres near the number I was getting this time a year or two ago. I've also learned that I don't know THAT much about wine, so I'm sure some of the more expensive bottles nuance was lost on me.
I just took a look at it- it's unnamed. I'll open it with a rack of lamb or a steak or something this spring. Appreciate the info, boys! Thanks!
Oh. Ok. Damn. I've never even heard of the brand before seeing it and haven't seen it since. I only grabbed it because they were tasting, it wasn't bad, and my good friend shares the name so we thought it would be funny. That said, I think I paid around $45 CDN for it.
New place must be a lot larger than the last if you have that many lounge chairs. Sounds nice.
Yeah there are a couple of bottles of Chinon at the BCL that I can try- been sticking with the local wines (as in, vinyards literally down the road because the little guy likes napping in the car and I like cruising vineyards). Also, has anyone heard of the producer "Justin" in CA? I've been holding on to a bottle of cab for a few years and wondering when I should open. I think it's a 2010.
I think the only "I have so much I need to check a database to see what's in stock" are mp3s from the early 2000s, so kudos. Been getting into cab franc lately. Any budget recommendations?
With the dollar the way it is, you could probably make a lot of money doing pretty much any exporting.
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