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Holy shit
They're all great.
Sweet- my yearly income represented in shoe form.
I don't check bs for ONE DAY and I miss out on this. Gdamn. Nice jacket.
The luxire oxfords, when done right, are better than the old Thom Browne's and Black Fleeces.
Wow. Beautiful shoes. Wish I jumped at the offer.
That's fantastic. The shoulder probably isn't a big deal to fix. I agree on the pockets; a bigger and curvier pocket on the next jacket would look great, although I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with the ones you have on there. Maybe it's the colour on my monitor, but the shoes match the jacket too closely. Chocolate brown suede might match better.
A tour of your closet would, I think, be very instructive and probably very interesting. I'm picturing near-vox epicnes.
Very "east coast" meets "surrey backyard."
While that's certainly likely, not all non-men's room photos done by a DSLR are done in exchange for cash. Of course, they may very well be professional, but the chances of this guy, regardless of how rich he is or isn't getting a dude to shoot him for a menswear forum is unlikely. I know lots of people who take fantastic pictures.
New Posts  All Forums: