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That's a great collection. I've got the Glenfarclas 17 and it's very sherried- goes down super smooth. Maybe too smooth.
Hard to turn down another cheapie with some age. $30CAD
I'm assuming Somm will come with a significant pay cut.
At this stage of my understanding, the simpler the grid, the better. Am I right to assume that the Somm documentary follows "Master" level applicants? What level are you after, Piob?
I've filtered out old Bordeaux sediment with cheese cloth before, so we'll probably continue with that.Open-->filter into small decanter--> let sit for 15-30min--> shotgun all at once.Sounds like a plan.
Where would a schmuck like me find these grids?
Why is this? Tannins already mellow enough?
That's not much of a decanting period. I'll try it this weekend. There seems to still be a lot of it around here so if it's good I'll get a couple more. It's always nice to have something with some age on it when everything else seems super young.
Local restaurant wants $60 for a glass of the 2012. Enjoy it.
"please bring us your second-cheapest bottle of wine" *tugs at collar*
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