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I have a hard time with black ties. The only use I get out of the black grenadine fina is with a grey suit. Maybe I'm just a pussy.
Maybe, but I don't know any of those people or work with anyone like them. Anything over $350 on a watch where I am is seen as a ridiculous purchase and most don't know or care what a luxury watch even looks like. I'm not in the same universe, so I will never be in a life position to justify a watch with the "identity" of a submariner nor am I willing to satisfy the elitism and classism of the haters- SF has no shortage of these types. The steinhart is on my "that would be...
Think I'm pulling the trigger on a watch this winter. Can't decide between a bambino, cocktail time, or an skx007...would love a steinhart ocean but $$$
Will you still remember us after a CFDA menswear win?
SirReveller's capitalist utopia is undoubtly just as unrealistic and undesirable as the socialist paradise he seems to insult. There are far more of us poors who are being squeezed than rich at the top. I sincerely doubt there are many running for any party who aren't themselves 1%ers But... this is not the CEsspool, so convos here should stick to what we can all agree with; Trudeau's good looks and Harper's creepiness.
Fantastic. Thank you for that, Academic2.
I've never actually visited a vineyard so we spent last weekend driving/walking from place to place in the Oakanagan in British Columbia. Drank a lot of so-so wine and some excellent wine. Prices here are reasonable for the local stuff so I managed to get a mix-match case and a half from 15 of the 17 vineyards. A few pretty nice pinot noirs and cabs, but not much else as far as reds go.
Cigars? How's it like having a carpeted shop? Hard to keep clean?
I think part of the point of this thread was to find out if academic dress existed at all. It's a question that clearly warranted a thread, if only by the number of people commenting. Didn't hurt nobody. Oh, then you had to go and edit your post.
I have. And I am.
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