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You wouldn't know art if it bit you in the ass. That one link has two paperclips. Brilliant.
Parker's right- I wouldn't get a guy who's clearly got his own house style making someone else's bag... either take his or leave it and wait for the Margiela bag to pop up again. You're always going to know. Or just do both, because that's probably what you'll eventually end up doing anyway.
Would anything even be able to support 1 TB or RAM?
Lurks for 7 years then posts about CP Achilles sizing. Well played.Yes. Size down one on the regular Achilles low from your normal shoe size.
Behold, Acronym.
Apparently Adidas Yeezies are easy to come by- spotted three pairs during the five minutes at the suburban public library with my son being worn by teenagers.
Ugh- guy on Grailed accepted my offer on some CPs on Saturday, I paid him, and now he's not answering any messages. Am I looking at a PayPal dispute? Chance of me getting my money back? Ugh.
I prefer SF by all standards- even though there's fewer "protections"- I've had fewer problems, ironically. I'm beginning to think the protections that Grailed/eBay offer sellers is made up. Grailed is good because the 10% comes off right away and isn't shadowed at the end of the month, making you think you've made more but the clientele is infuriating. I've ranted before, but it's full of kids offering $50 for $600 boots.
Ah- that's probably a good thing. The book's pretty boring.
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