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Absolutely- I mean it certainly helps if it's got some designers or producers name attached but I have no need to impress anyone with stuff like that. Baby is due in November so the sofas will probably be something that can be puked on, spilled on, etc. There's a Knoll lookalike at eq3 (Canadian) that I've sat on a few times but the cushions don't come off. I'm apprehensive about ikea sofas but there's one that has the look I'm going for and the leather version is only...
I'm sure if one looked hard enough, a couch of reasonable quality could be found for $2500-$3000. I'm not looking to build the pyramids, just want something comfortable, attractive, and durable. Not all on SF are lawyers, accountants, or trust fund kids- cost of living in my town is also rather high.
A lot of people need to die before I can justify spending more than $2500 of a sofa. #teacherwage
Moving into a new and much larger house in a week- been scouring for danish modern for a while. Grabbed a teak high-sideboard and a beautiful set of rosewood chairs that need reupholstering. Would love to find a sofa that matches the aesthetic- the best I can find are knoll-esque but I'd rather have something more comfortable for napping on. Mix matching with Ikea/West Elm stuff- a few shelves that I'll be paring with couple Sapien bookshelves.
Fantastic writing. Original but reminds be a bit of Taras Grescoe. I'm glad a human being was sent.
And ACS looks great, even though he's a teacher... wait, what?
I'm not sure the Windsors invented the namesake knot. Manton's book tells the story- but basically it was to emulate the knots that a high quality seven-fold ties make but with lesser quality goods.
Grabbed a black tiger fleece RC pullover hoodie- not bad. Medium is tight in the shoulders and guns but sorta baggy in the stomach... thought this stuff was for people who work out...?
Ordered a different print in July; 54 more weeks and counting. Hoping I can change my order though, will contact charley.
Would kop Herrington
New Posts  All Forums: