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Ugh- felt a bunch of leathers at Nordstrom in Vancouver and now all I can think about is getting a piece o' that ass.
This- City of Vancouver is nothing, but the GVRD is gigantic. It's a terrible place, though. There's something like the highest number of luxury vehicles per capita but pitiful income levels. Baffling (not really).
In addition to my Veilance Field Jacket, I've got an Atom LT that basically functions as my winter coat. It's not enough, so I'm looking for a down-filled jacket. The Veilance Monitor is nice, but way too expensive after looking at my budget... are there any warmpth differences between the Cerium LT and the Thorium AR? I know the Cerium uses 850 fill and the Thorium uses 800, but beyond that, is the Thorium actually a heavier more robust jacket?
I drank a bunch and put some away for a few years- drank on a special occasion recently and now I can't find any more (in Canada).
I want to try a Springbank so bad.
Ugh- I've had that Fronsac a bunch times and now I can't find it anymore. Excellent stuff.
What the hell is going on in here, ya cucks!
We gotta get that Nipplemonger guy from Reddit MFA in here.
Don't worry- plenty of money in Vancouver.
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