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What does "fit wasn't perfect" mean? Usually it takes a couple of suits to hone in on something that truly "fits"- also think about whatever the house style or the place is.
Hasn't she already been acquitted multiple times?
Does Gregor have first-hand personal experience with Trump? I'm not sure how anyone here can really "know" him other than through the media. A lot of this hyper-partisan rah-rah-ing (on both sides, but particularly the alt-right) is genuinely coming across as paranoid delusions and mental illness.
Russian Siberian vine is beest vine.
Absolutely- supporting the original claim that politicians more-often-than-not don't really have to answer for their actions.
Whokn ows? May be!
Sigh. Yep.
Right-wing premiere of BC got busted deleting tons of emails and nothing happened. It's only a piss off if it's done by the other team.
Forgot how weird CE is.
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