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If anyone orders Merlot I'm fucking leaving.
I agree with all of these- Never tried the Dark Origins but it sounds interesting. Lagavulin 12 is better than the 16 if you already have a lot of "darker" scotches and prefer stronger smoke- Lagavulin DE isn't that great. Never been a fan of Macallan. QPR seems way off.Honestly Foo your list looks pretty incredible. I'd probably ditch one of the Laphroaigs and put on a Talisker, Ardbeg, or a Lagavulin (or two). Something a bit cheaper like the Aberlour you don't mind...
As a Canadian, option 2 looks the best. Pretty much everything ShawnBC said applies with me.
What does a truffle actually taste like?
If money wasn't an object, I'd drive a Tesla for sure. There are a lot in our area- very sleek looking cars. Drove in one of the "fast" versions of the S. Spectacular.
Yeah, just saw this. 79 doesn't seem old, but I suppose it is.
Recommended as having a good QPR by the local BCL head cheese.
I've got the hatch as well. It didn't really add that mix extra space and I swore I wouldn't get another hatch, but no matter how hard I try to get out, they just keep dragging me back intMy wife can't drive stick either, but she can drive her own damn car.
I'm very much enjoying my stick shift Mazda 3 GT. Lots of pep and a fantastic turning radius. Wish it had more space in the back for the rear-facing car seat. It's also 100% paid-for, so that's pretty great.
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