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It really is a shame that SuSu doesn't have more classic fabrics for sport coats. I really just want an unstructured brown herringbone or a basic gun club rather than funky colours or oversized patterns. Ho hum.
I've got a Washington in 38R in grey that I got married in that doesn't fit anymore in the chest and waist, does the Havana fit looser or do I need to size up for a 40? (probably a better question for the SuSu thread but I know ya'll better).
Guess I'll have to show my new watch off in the PMW instead!
Yeah, new thread title sucks. A point is very clearly being made.
Your Ardbeg is showing.
Anyone comment on how affordable the Fox flannels are for jackets or pants?
I almost jumped on some ties but the shipping to Canada was frightful.
Thanks. I was eyeing the wool rich khaki for a while but I think I'm looking for something more casual. Brisbane Moss is on my radar too, but I'm concerned with wrinkling. Anyone have experience with the Brisbane Moss twirls- how do they hold up throughout the day? For reference I'm used to Wings and Horns Westpoint twills and was happy with the weight of those. I'm tempted to even go duck canvas or moleskin.
I'm looking for a good cloth to have a pair of khaki chinos made up- they'll probably be more for work so they'll be on the dressier side, but I'd still like something with some substantiality to it. Can anyone make recommendations?
I know. I finally took a look at the new Vancouver Nordstroms and found the Eidos stuff. Beautiful stuff, but bummed about the lack of tailoring.
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