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My brother is looking at getting the diesel VW Jetta- lots of places in Canada to fill up. Surprised when we were in the US there weren't as many yellow pumps
Not that it fucking matters either way, but wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy a vintage watch/chair/senseofpersonalworth than a knock-off?
No way- I think it's great.
I'm a monument to non-existent taste, but wtf is a mirrored tv?
Hope that's worth a mortgage payment.
We have a version of this http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/40216908/. Wasn't "designed" and doesn't "say something" but it sure holds shoes.
09 is great for cheaper bords- give an hour or so to open up. The 09 cambon la pelouse is a go-to for company and there's a lot around.
Blows my mind how that chair could be ~$700. "Designed" or not.
You might be thinking of the Quebecers. Don't know what's up with those guys. We had similar experiences growing up with the shoes-in-the-house thing. Whenever we'd go to a friends house or to a party, the default was to remove shoes unless the host said "don't worry about it"- and even then you're like 12 or 13 years old coming in the back door for a pepsi and immediately leaving again. All I know is that in the Cosby house and the Tanner house shoes were worn indoors...
Just figured out the quote feature on the ipad. SF is faster but harder to post with on one.
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