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I don't know, people seemed pretty forgiving and the communications been fine. Not sure there's a battle to fight, here.
Broke and Bespoke collar is awesome. My luxire casuals are all the B&B- I think I use a modified spread from Liverano for the dressier shirts, though. Looking for a good English spread or cutaway that'll stand up and not flay without a tie. Might have a black watch and a chambray made up. Suggestions?
It's a tie. We'll all survive.
Huh. Good to know.
I haven't looked, but I seem to remember IKEA not "doing" standard bed sizes or something. Similar to their picture frames. I could be wrong. The Stockholm bed is nice. I'm trying to decorate our bedroom, but wall-to-wall carpeting makes everything look ridiculous.
Good lord, that jacket.
The shoutout to the SNL Weekend Update guy's tie was pretty funny. Was that a NMWA purchase?
Just a heads up, but the XS is a 38 and a S is a 40. I have the grey in the XS and it's definitely not a 36.
Wow. When my son was born there were some complications so as a result, we spend some time in Ronald McDonald house. That Christmas she made a donation in our name and put it in a card to me. Cried like a baby when I read it. Niagra Fawls.
I'll look again when I get home, but it was on the pre-sale price, too which was an added blow. Oh well.
New Posts  All Forums: