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I alternate between the rage of wanting voting to be mandatory and wanting pure ancient greek oligarchy.
I've been on Old World since I tasted my first aged Bordeaux (Lannessan 01) when I was in my early 20s, only been experimenting with the New World for the past few years. Manton has given a lot of really great suggestions. A few local varietals have given me the flavours I look for, but they don't come cheap.
As an aside, @davidbeckwith's instagram is fucking unbelievable.
2000 Chateau Langlais again. Love that lead pencil.
The 234 Rule of Ferengi Acquision: War is Bad for BusinessThe 235 Rule of Ferengi Acquision: War is Good for Business
LOL- yeah, ok guy. The last times I listened to "this should happen" the BC Liberals wan a majority in and Trump won the Presidency.
You must not have any CDN softwood lumber investments. *tugs at collar*
If people were citizens rather than just robot consumers we wouldn't have been in this situation.
I've read more than a few articles by liberals and conservatives alike who feel that Trump won't be able to resist keeping his fingers out of the cookie jar- impeached before the term's up. I think he'll serve two.
I'm glad that most of us are united in that this is a potential fucking disaster.
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