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This is interesting- do you have a picture or a link of something similar?
Yeah loved this shit. PT'd at a gym during university and thugs would come in, explode in two months, and end up raging at the 40 yo dad who just wanted to get away from his family for an hour a day. Also loved the fucker who dropped his weights after being told not to lose his toe... from dropping his weights on it.
Grabbed a pair of Parrot Zik Bluetooth sound cancelling cans for 120 the other day. I'm sure not as food as others mentioned, but a great all-round pair.
Slim raw denim (APC, Naked and Famous)- don't spend more than $200. You'll spill beer, blood, and pen ink on them in school. Wait until you're a denim head to spend more. Good, basic sneakers. Common Projects can get as cheap as $200- try a pair on somewhere and grab them on sale. Nobody pays retail. For almost anything. Wings and Horns hoody. Tigerfleece or large loop are pretty comfortable.
I had old black chinos that I had hemmed into shorts that are basically perfect. First world problems.
I have a shitload of WP chinos but no shorts. Wonder why the discrepancy in sizing.
Damn, I just ordered a pair in my regular size. Might be returning these...
As shitty as it is to drive, my mechanic has offered to buy my aged Accord when we decide to move on- its a solid car.
Pretty inoffensive. Looks like it could work in both settings.
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