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Very nice! Could, you, or anyone else, post additional photos of the TOJ0 navy/sand colour way? Really stuck between that and the other choices.
Scrub soap + water. Apply leather conditioner. Let bake 2 hours. Apply protectant. For a little soul, scrub with a MagicEraser. Allow laces to soak in detergent for upwards of one hour before wringing out and allowing to dry.
My 41 in luxury achillies or whatever stretched the fuck out so now I'm using a thin sole pad- the same size in suede vintages have only stretched out a wee bit- not enough to warrant anything like a pad. Looks like they account for the padding when sizing, though.
Yeah, I'm still not a fan of the Safari mobile app. Chrome is still the standard- I like the hiding feature they rolled out.
Parallax is pretty sweet on the iPad- works on both of my devices just swimmingly.
Had to be said. Forum exists in a bubble.
New, just tried on. Wasn't a size I was comfortable wearing. Would like to trade for an equally new Petit New Standard in a 31 if someone happens to have the opposite issue that I do. I'm also willing to trade for new/near new BoO oxfords in a large. If people need pics, I'll take some.
Anyone who burns a $100 candle is an asshole.
How would one keep a candle like that clean? Is the wax soft enough to attract dust?
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