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The 1L of Laphroaig 10 I got a few days ago isn't going to last long. Although, it's not as smokey as I expected. I'll try the QC next.
Delicate is probably the last word I'd use to describe RC stuff. It looks fine. If it really bothers you, run a thread through it.
Looks like it was tugged. Do you have a huge head?
Wash em a few times.
I think that's the "functional" aspect of the fit.
Insane. I'm going down into the 'states for a few days so I have the opportunity to stop at the Duty Free- a litre of Laphroaig 10yr for $39 USD? Sign me up!
I blame the Ron Sawnson effect.
That seems high for the Lagavulin if you're paying USD. I don't know what Caol Ila 15 goes for, I've only ever seen the 12 and the DE (which is skippable).
I usually pay $130 for it. Same place today has it regular price for $170. Insane. Lagavulin 16 went up as well- it's now $125.
Sweet Christ. Lagavulin 12 just increased by $40 today at the BC Liquor Store.
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