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Is income-to-housing cost as fucked up there as it is here? Floods of people leaving the city for the burbs, driving up prices out here to equally unaffordable levels. Not sure how this is sustainable.
You all complain about property prices as if you've never heard of Vancouver.
Anyone get to Bloomingdales? Can you report whats available in a 48s?
How was this? I finished Doris Goodwin's Bully Pulpit and his Autobiography (which was great, if childlike).
I must have this.
I've give them a couple days more, been waiting since Saturday for a reply.
I'm getting frustrated with their "sold out" staple cloths here.
Any suggestions for a business blue? Want an easy-to-wash and iron shirt with a NOBD II collar and cocktail cuffs. Ideally a light blue. Suggestions for cloth?
Is there an eBay users blacklist? Would like to add a name. User uses buy it now on a few items then tries to weasel a lower price and go outside of eBay boundaries to save himself money.
New Posts  All Forums: