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A warm climate foils Napoleon again...
WellI'm not sure of anything anymore.Yeah, camel jacket is pretty nice, pockets could be fixed by... moving the buttons?
Jesus- I couldn't get anything I wanted. Either INSTA-SOLDOUT or way higher priced than I assumed.
I'll probably check it out too. I imagine everything will always be retail at that location. #vancouverisfancy
That's great info- thanks for getting this out there.
Are they bringing back colors like black melange, or are they strictly seasonal. As in, goodbye oxblood and triple blue.
Picked a few bords up at the release today. People linin up at 6:30 for a 9:30 opening. I'll post a list later this afternoon to see which ones to cellar and which ones to feed to the inlaws.
Yeah, sample sale is pretty great. I think i picked up the westpoints for $90. I usually blow a paycheque.
I like this. My white luxury CPs seem way too chunky. I've fallen out of love with them. The slimmer line of the originals is far nicer
Yeah- PNS def has more taper. I think I like them more than the regular PS. If anyone wants to trade a 31 PNS for a 30 PNS I'm down. Im wearing a 31 ps and it fits great, I just want something slimmer from the knee down and these 30 PNS are just sitting unworn in the closet. #shamelessplug Is the thigh looser in the PNS than the PS?
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