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Colbert's 116610 looks pretty great with his suit.
Apparently it's been ok since the 60s.
Glad I jumped on the summer-weight VBC deal from Luxire a few months ago. The school is a giant oven. I've noticed a few staff members dressing better this year; a few more ties than usual, but that could be the honeymoon-first-week-of-school.
As I slowly replace my ties with more tasteful patterns, textures, and materials I'm also buying them wider. At this point, 8cm is much wider than the Black Fleece and mall brand ties, which I think are around 6.5 cm. 9 sounds bib-like.
What's the difference between an "ancient madder" and simply "madder" patterned tie?
I have many students who wear watches. Nice ones; not mechanical by any means, but they've picked their fashion washes with a degree of taste. Saw a kid with a Bauhaus-looking one today.
Stupid cdn dollar. Grabbed the green, lust after the navy.
I grabbed the silicone case for the purpose of grippiness, but now the damn thing won't slide into my breast pocket without grabbing and pulling. #reallifeproblems
Variety is the spice of life. Move. Also, where the f are you living where a house can be bought for 125k?
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