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unqualified. lol.
I was going to rail on piob for being needlessly pedantic until I saw the name of the thread. Carry on.
dolla dolla bill
The American left has put Canadians on a pedestal and it's gone to our heads.
*sensible chuckle*
The union has been been virtually castrated for the past 12-15 years. I suppose the recent Supreme Court win might eventually make a difference, but colour me pessimistic. I completely agree with his point- the test, like all standardized tests, have flaws. That, and it might give people a false sense of security with the state of the education system in BC. We're doing well, but we're routinely being required to do more with less, while facing increasingly more...
http://www.theprovince.com/News/12484208/story.html *pats self on back*
It's so fucked up that it could literally go anywhere. Interesting.
I usually pay $130 for it. Same place today has it regular price for $170. Insane. Lagavulin 16 went up as well- it's now $125.
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