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Sigh. Sure.
Broseph? The Quebec veil law is disgusting. Totally agree. Not sure where I said Trump was the cause of all hate in America. I just don't believe that the only racism/hate crimes worth mentioning are against whites, which seems to be a general focus of CE. Anyway, the KKK is actively recruiting in Abbotsford BC. It's messed up everywhere.
Maybe I'm more of a pessimist than you are, but I see this stuff actually happening.
The bullshit Trump keeps posting on Twitter continues to get 100k+ likes... who are these people? Sorry, but I don't remember the Most Hated President Ever being such a whiny pussy.
You're all a bunch of losers! You lost! Everything Trump does is perfectly fine! Bill Ayers! Reverend Wright! Other Black People!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!
It's even expensive on regular release here- I only drink bourbon with coke or in a Manhattan/Old Fashioned. More of a scotch guy. The way I figure, WL 12 isn't available at all here, I've never even seen Antique, so Special Reserve is a good compromise for $40. $4 more than Bullitt.
I alternate between the rage of wanting voting to be mandatory and wanting pure ancient greek oligarchy.
I've been on Old World since I tasted my first aged Bordeaux (Lannessan 01) when I was in my early 20s, only been experimenting with the New World for the past few years. Manton has given a lot of really great suggestions. A few local varietals have given me the flavours I look for, but they don't come cheap.
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