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Needs a smack of colour. Like a Rothko.
I'm looking for a table very similar to that. Maybe one that isn't as long and narrow.
The new table idea looks a lot better than the last.
Super weird. The carpet was disgusting- and not just ugly, however.
Wall to wall is the worst. I wasn't aware there was a house-wide alternative until my late teens, early 20s- everyone in the suburbs has it. In fact, I remember paying out of my own pocket when I was around 15 to have laminate put into my bedroom because I hated the carpet so much and that was all I could afford at the time.
I'm right on the US border (almost literally) and it's touch and go up here. Sometimes a few nice things will pop up, but there are a few MCM stores that do what you're doing and swoop in. Them and the fancy Vancouverites. Need to be quick.
Oh, I was worried about the other people on the road, I'm sure he'd be fine.
Showed the wife a chesterfield resembling the Knoll (black leather) and she made a comment about how square-armed chairs aren't comfortable. I'd threaten her with divorce but she makes more than I do.
I suppose it's just as well all these nice things cost so much. If one were able to purchase everything at such a young age, tastes would inevitably change and you would be stuck with all of this expensive stuff. Taking time between the purchases to research, discover, and modify a the plan probably builds a more 'tasteful' home. Took the wife to a flea market today, then checked out a few midcentury modern vintages stores on the way home. One could decorate an apartment...
Really? I've never been in a Pottery Barn, but is an $1100 rug from them really more disposable than some handwoven $2500 run from XXXXX? Genuine question, because I'm not sure if you're talking 'quality' or simply paying heed do the 'original designers'. Disclaimer: ours are from Wal-Mart or Costco.
New Posts  All Forums: