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I know nothing about Alden other than the fact that they're nice looking shoes. I'd like a pair of snuff suede pennies but don't want to pay the $650 cdn required to get my hands on them. There's a pair available to me at a very good price I'm eyeing but it's in an awkward size. I'm usually a 9D and these are a 9.5C. Would these fit if I wore an insert or something?
Thank you, Canada Post, for "processing" my NMWA order for four days before giving me an even longer delivery date. They're usually pretty quick.
Picked up a Glenfarclas 17 and a Highland Park 12. The HP is great after its had some time to breathe a little and haven't opened the Glenfarclas, but I'm expecting some rich goodness this xmas.
I wouldn't worry about it. Looks a bit on the long side, but like others have said, it could be the camera angle. Would be ideal to unbutton a few more buttons as G-Money said, though.
Luckly (?) my office/classroom is sub-zero during the day so it would be great to have some inside-outerwear. It's been trapped in postage purgatory for the past few days, though. My plan for the grey cardigan is basically some suede penny loafers, slim jeans, a t-shirt or oxford and this thing unbuttoned. If it's big, it's big. For good measure, I've cut out a life-sized fireplace and some xmas trees for the classroom walls.
I have the same. Wife accidentally put it in the drier.... it's a bit of a shrinker. It's not 'unwearable' now, but next order I'll def be making armholes bigger in case this happens again.
I have no pocket squares! I'd like one! Make a suggestion for a versatile square that won't destroy my bank account! Also, while I'm at it, are there any significant holes in my tie wardrobe? I have my OneJacket- the Eidos donegal navy tweed. My ties include: - a Drake's navy knit, -a Knottery burgundy grenadine grossa, -a brown ET grenadine fina, -an orange ET cashmere, -a Drake's blue/orange silk/linen stripe. -a green Massdrop x Panta (eventually).
Feeling a lot better about my XS purchase after seeing that. Thanks.
No idea. Box is still on the other side of the continent. It's now in the capable hands of Canada Post.
This actually sounds like a good idea. Might partake.
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