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And you looked like an asshole.
See- I passed on a black leather sofa and loveseat reverie for about 1500 for the pair a year ago (new) and I'm kicking myself.
I'm sure it's been asked, but why trade at all?
The watch fixes problems that don't exist. The Pay functionality seems awkward. It's unlikely enough places will be using the credit tap functionality for me to completely stop carrying cards or cash.
Or nothing. Put a tall plant in the left corner in a bullet vase or something and call it a day.
Taste is for little people.
I hate negotiating. I went in with a super-low number. Probably unrealistically low and they still met me in the middle. Once you get the bullshit about "oh i like the colour of your shirt" bullshit out of the way you can actually talk to them. Could never work in sales.
Got a black 2010 Mazda3 GT 2.5L with 38,000km for under $15, 000 CDN. Today was a good day. Drives better than a '91 accord.
Have you ever even been south of the Fraser?
My brother drives a GTI- it's a zippy little car. Hard to justify if I'm planning on keeping it for 10 years and have 2 kids. Found a 2010 Mazda3 with the "bigger" engine with low km for a decent price. Might make an offer. It's a toss between that and the Audi A3 with the exact same km and price (but older). I've been warned away from Audi for the maintenance cost, so there's that. Pretty sure I'm taking the Mazda. Been pretty fun driving all these cars, though.
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