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Unworn- not sure the camel varsity looks good on me. Would prefer the WH camel mac coat in M, TOJ leather, WH leather double-rider in M, or the WH black/black varsity in M. Still looking for a lateral trade, although I'll consider cash offers.
very nice grab. people early in the door seemed to grab good stuff.
Still undecided on the varsity though. Its a medium if anyone was dying for one I'm sure we could strike a deal. Or if anybody has a pair of German cords in a 31,they want to sell/trade for a 30.
I did well. Grabbed an oxblood check scarf I had my eye on, a simple grey polo, a pair of German cords in 30 (prefer 31 but those didn't seem to exist) and the camel varsity.
Say the childless trust funders
I don't make espresso because I prefer the taste of the french press or chemex, but I've found now that I have the basic understanding of coffee ratios, how fine I should grind, and how long to let it sit, the eye-balled cup is seldom different tasting than the exactly measured.
Canada isn't Eastern Europe.
What the heck is this "Global Shipping Program" garbage? Buy a cheap item, pay shipping and an additional "fee" and then have to pay again once fedex delivers to you? Seems like a complete scam.
Basic bitch shit; GATs (both black and white) On sale at TBS so might jump soon. Thom or BoO oxfords Black denim Schneider knit MMM brown side zips or a pair of Alden loafers; whichever I see a decent deal on first Navy or glen check suit #work couple soporific ties #work
If one registered before the site went live, does that make one a "founding member?" If so, how does one enable such status if they don't see anything on the site come sale time?
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