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"My other ride is your mom"
Yeah, not seeing any sale.
Yeah, size oxfords down. They're really slim this season, however.
Holy shit, no way. Was there a while ago. Great food.
I wonder if anything that I actually want in my size will be available by then...
They're a slimmer fit through the leg.
A friend was telling me that he shared everything with his wife... except the secret "party card" that he rang up $8000 on just before his mortgage was set to renew...
Typing the preamble to the question must have felt pretty great, though. The answer was built in- we don't make much money... but we're buying lots of shit! Either that, or he was trying to humblebrag his way into saying that his family income is only like $200 000. People look at us like we're irresponsible, they just don't understand! On the road nobody gives a shit what you drive, so you really need to find other avenues for personal vindication. There are right ways...
IDef prefer the new cut to the old. Interior details are nicer as well.
Go into as much debt as you can. And buy a lot of depreciating goods early in your careers. It's win-win bro, fuck the haters.
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