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I suppose it's just as well all these nice things cost so much. If one were able to purchase everything at such a young age, tastes would inevitably change and you would be stuck with all of this expensive stuff. Taking time between the purchases to research, discover, and modify a the plan probably builds a more 'tasteful' home. Took the wife to a flea market today, then checked out a few midcentury modern vintages stores on the way home. One could decorate an apartment...
Really? I've never been in a Pottery Barn, but is an $1100 rug from them really more disposable than some handwoven $2500 run from XXXXX? Genuine question, because I'm not sure if you're talking 'quality' or simply paying heed do the 'original designers'. Disclaimer: ours are from Wal-Mart or Costco.
Rug money went into the wardrobe.
That's pretty generous. Not sure I'd sleep at night knowing a young person had that much power under the hood.
And probably offered the guy an assload of cash.
HBC just bought Saks 5th Ave and stocks high end at their flagships.
Depends on what you're teaching and how you spend your free time. I've worked at many places were the discourse is notably lower than in a school full of children.
SH hasn't yet articulated his issue with teachers yet, but I'm assuming it's completely justified.
Edit: That is one of the douchiest posts this forum has seen for a long time.
This is my point. Nobody knew or cared.
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