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What's it made out of? Silk? Hang it- usually gets the wrinkles out of mine after a week or so.
Yeah, I'm not sure why Drake's has decided to see all this stuff. Especially at a cost that isn't exactly competitive. Their sweaters seemed to be made by the same manufacturers as the Armoury-branded ones. I guess if all the money's going to one place, it doesn't really matter.
I say lusting because I seldom actually make a purchase. Yeah I know those are pennies, but I figure the tassels are in the same ballpark. Just curious if people think they could be dressed up and down as well as the snuff suede Alden's.
I'm lusting pretty hard for the loafers in the picture I posted, too. $600 plus CDN seems a bit excessive for those, though. How versatile are Brooks Brothers shell tassels? There's a pair in my size on eBay for under $200 cdn all in, and I'm thinking about jumping on them. Easy to restore?
I agree. It works well because of the other rich tones. And the badassness of the model.
I'm lusting after all of their jackets, but they're pretty expensive. I wonder who does them. Ring?
Styling of the purple socks in the Drake's lookbook are fantastic.
I know nothing about Alden other than the fact that they're nice looking shoes. I'd like a pair of snuff suede pennies but don't want to pay the $650 cdn required to get my hands on them. There's a pair available to me at a very good price I'm eyeing but it's in an awkward size. I'm usually a 9D and these are a 9.5C. Would these fit if I wore an insert or something?
Thank you, Canada Post, for "processing" my NMWA order for four days before giving me an even longer delivery date. They're usually pretty quick.
Picked up a Glenfarclas 17 and a Highland Park 12. The HP is great after its had some time to breathe a little and haven't opened the Glenfarclas, but I'm expecting some rich goodness this xmas.
New Posts  All Forums: