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Because I'm poor. 3 of these.
yeah. if you live that long.
Lots of talisker DE lately. Finishing the last half of ardbeg oogy too
There's spending a lot on clothes, and then there's spending a lot on clothes. SF, and to a larger extent the menswear internet hobby (instagram being the latest and greatest) as a whole, fetishise a lifestyle that the majority following it cannot afford. It's interesting because I come here and follow many to learn about classic menswear but end up inundated with the conspicuous consumption that I was trying to avoid.I suppose it's all perspective.
Apparently "fitting well" isn't enough. Please make my lapel buttonhole red. I'm different.
I prefer the mobile version; even run it on muh laptop.
Wow, the NMWA lapel isn't fuckin' around, eh.
a'Bunadh is generally an affordable option, too.
Looks nice but I'm a fan of 4 legged barstools because flat-bottom tend to be a pain to pull out and push back in again. I wonder what the contact area that stool has with the floor is like.
Yeah. They seem good at that.
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