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Galvanic at the outlet for 350 CDN if there's anyone local.
Yeah, good lists. HP 12 Ardbeg Oogy Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or Laga 12 Laga DE Talisker DE Glenfarclas 17
Ugh- got my tie the other day. I regret not buying the entire selection; they're fantastic. I've never handled a seven-fold tie before. The knot this thing makes is beautiful.
I grabbed a S at the factory outlet for 430 CDN which is in the 300s USD, so it was a good score. Now I just need a good mid-layer. Contemplating the Atom LT hoody for versatility (because the non-hood version doesn't look that great on its own). For reference, I grabbed a S because the M ate my body. Laying a patagonia better sweater underneath works OK, but it's tight in the armpits.
Yeah I noticed that too. The fabric was very soft and comfortable but I was worried about dust. A sticky roller every once in a while shouldn't be a big deal though.
Yeah I tried on a green lined galvanic and ended up with the field coat instead thinking it would be more versatile. Thinking I might swap this for something insulated. pm if interested in a black Field in small.
I thought I could pull it off, but it's filling a hole in the wardrobe that didn't need filling. Grabbed from NMWA, where the XS is currently sold out. I should add, this has been worn about 6 times, but is still in perfect condition. NMWA dustbag will be shipped with the purchase. Price is 320.00 shipped Canada or USA.
Yeah I'm having a hard time with these armholes, too. Why would they make them so small?
Is there a fit difference between the Veilance insulated field jacket and the non-insulated field jacket? I have a size small in the 'non' and think it's probably going to be too cold. I could get another jacket for layering, but I'd rather just have this one with some of it's own coreloft.
Right. I hadn't thought about foot bed compression. Thank you!
New Posts  All Forums: