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Hopefully a few sport coats in 38 make their way to B&S. (hint hint)
I think it's a fair point to make here that geography plays a significant role in the way one can dress, beyond the obvious. Being able to even try on RTW involves living in the vicinity of at good RTW retailer. There's only so much one can do online. The same goes for decent tailors. The thing that makes the internet great is that you can't really tell who's a NYC BallerLawyerBanker or a suburban dad until they actually post pics. Both types get to communicate on here...
They're in the mid 400s cdn
I've got a pair of suede Prada pennies but they're on a thin rubber soul and I question their quality. $80 for the pair consignment so I'm not mourning their eventual demise but I'd like something... beefier. The Alden flex pennies are great and have a comfortable look to them. Is there anything comparable, maybe cheaper out there? ~250 - 300 range?
I have a couple people blocked but they only post in the CE. Everything else is entertainment if one doesn't take any of it too seriously. I'm still interested in the cordovan tassel vs snuff suede penny opinions people have.
I just assumed this was just one big art performance piece.
I've asked around about the dark origins but nobody I know has tried it. I already cracked the 12, so once that's done I'll check it out.
You'll make a beautiful corpse. We'll bury you in something nice.
Yeah, those shoes r hawt. Cordovan?
Can't get over @cleav's majestic hair.
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