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IDef prefer the new cut to the old. Interior details are nicer as well.
Go into as much debt as you can. And buy a lot of depreciating goods early in your careers. It's win-win bro, fuck the haters.
I'd kill a homeless guy to have this in a 38-40.
We make roughly the same amount, so not much of this has really ever been an issue. We've been together since before university so it's all happened pretty naturally. We keep separate accounts and a joint savings/investment portfolio that we both contribute to. Luckily we're poor and don't do/have fancy things so the issue of spending is never really something that comes up. If we had different goals/tastes the relationship would have ended long ago.
I'm impressed with the Folonari's Valpolicella. I picked up a case last year and it's a nice go-to. The local BCL has been loading up on 2006 Monasterio de las Vinas Reserve. It's a Garnacha, Tempranillo, and Carinena blend that knocks your socks off. Really nice on it's own or with food.
I tried it on and it's true to size. I'm a m in W+H outerwear and it fit me spot on.
Sample sale might continue in the future, but it will be "dramatically smaller". There's a lot more stuff available in their 'sale' section... or 'archives'... or 'past seasons'... it keeps changing. Prices are where they should be, though. Oxfords are a steal at $88
I just full priced the olive west points because they've been a grail for me and they never make it to sale in my size. Tried on basically everything on Sunday and will probably grab the military prima loft shirt jacket. It's pretty awesome. The Mac and pea were nice but not mortgage payment nice. Hopefully a lot will make it to sale this season, everything was pretty great.
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