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I'm at the tail end of my bottle of 17. The 21 is good, but not worth the price premium over the 17.
I have no idea if you're being sarcastic or not, but the 'farclas is a delicious and affordable sherried dram.
Glenfarclas 12 and 17 are undervalued, too. They'll be way more this time next year, at least on the Canadian market.
Is WL Weller 12 significantly different than a young Pappy?
When I drink rum, which I used to a lot, I went for the Mount Gay XO (or if I was poor, the regular Mount Gay). Expensive wine tastes better than cheap wine. Obvious, but article is interesting. #numbers
Maybe they make enough that they'll never need to.
Nothin wrong with judging. Pre-judging isn't cool, but I'm perfectly fine judging.
I see what you're getting at, but this is a thoughtless thing to say. Nobody said that "people who can afford to buy ridiculous priced items are douches"- that's a huge segment of the population. People who are conspicuous consumers who choose to buy things simply because they're expensive, who have no actual taste for the objects in question, but are making said purchases in attempt to look baller or whatever get at the very heart of being a douche. But, yeah, it would be...
I go through phases of a few months up to a few years that generally follow whatever Die, Workwear's blog.
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