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You're welcome, world.
Up there with "Armstrong and Aldrin died on the moon"
I still think it's a dumb word.
Yeah, I've read that too. Good article.
Guess you didn't read the article.
I've stopped selling shit on ebay because of low-ballers and bullshit scam kids.
Obama also explained that he didn't want the Democrats to be as obstructionist as the Republicans were during his administration. What a jerk! http://www.rawstory.com/2016/11/i-certainly-dont-want-them-to-do-what-mitch-mcconnell-did-obama-warns-dems-against-obstruction/
Sigh. Sure.
Broseph? The Quebec veil law is disgusting. Totally agree. Not sure where I said Trump was the cause of all hate in America. I just don't believe that the only racism/hate crimes worth mentioning are against whites, which seems to be a general focus of CE. Anyway, the KKK is actively recruiting in Abbotsford BC. It's messed up everywhere.
New Posts  All Forums: