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I see what you're getting at, but this is a thoughtless thing to say. Nobody said that "people who can afford to buy ridiculous priced items are douches"- that's a huge segment of the population. People who are conspicuous consumers who choose to buy things simply because they're expensive, who have no actual taste for the objects in question, but are making said purchases in attempt to look baller or whatever get at the very heart of being a douche. But, yeah, it would be...
I go through phases of a few months up to a few years that generally follow whatever Die, Workwear's blog.
Or at least a misunderstanding of what "function" means. The function of most of my stuff is to increase my overall happiness. It's when our possessions or desire for those possessions stop fulfilling that function do they begin to "own" us.
Damn. We usually leave parties at 6:30 (bath time).
How does it compare with the 10 year?
I had some the other day. It's OK. The rye equivalent of Adidas Ultra Boosts. "Everyone" needs them but they're a mediocre shoe that looks like all of the other ones. I guess for the price it's good. And it's Crown, which is normally meh.
Yeah. Pretty great that he could sell or give away what looks like hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of clothing and then have to buy completely new stuff. Sounds like he just enjoys pulling the trigger. He probably could have changed his diet and gone to therapy before getting rid of all that shit.I think this article does a pretty good job of illustrating what someone above did. There's really two kinds of minimalism here; the first is rich people on some bullshit...
Exactly this. Most of my friends "live minimally" because they could never afford to buy the crap you're supposed to throw out.
I've read Kondo's book and it feels like it was written with a teenager's perception of the world. In fact, most of the things I've read about minimalism come with this unintentionally ironic "oversimplified" view of the world. The guys making a boatload off their books and podcast have a more digestible message, but it feels like this thin, bullshit false-sincerity wrapped around what's clearly a business pitch.
Heavyweight sucks. Mid is great and the light is super soft. Tiger's heavy and soft but ugly.
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