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There's simply no pleasing the right. Had Obama acted more hawkishly, he'd have been lambasted for that by the same people.
I've noticed this on batshit-crazy threads on Twitter. Although, it's beginning to get harder to tell which accounts are actual nutjobs and which ones are set up to sell mugs.
I think that's the "functional" aspect of the fit.
British North America was populated mostly by French and English loyal to the Crown during the Revolutionary War. It later became home to many Loyalists as a resut fled to BNA as the Americans had succeeded in their Revolution. The War of 1812 was generally a continuance of the Revolutionary War. The American military was generally too disorganized and ill equipped to actually take BNA territory. It ended with very little, if any, exchange of territory. They...
Louie CK vowed not to honour second-hand tickets. Sold them at like $50 or $75 a piece?
*gets all semantic*
I genuinely think it's genuinely interesting how many conservatives are downplaying or outright dismissing Russian involvement in any sort of nefarious activity with US affairs. Shouldn't they, as conservatives, be the most staunch defenders of the Republic?
I lived just outside of the city during university, got it out of my system. Now, I live and work in the 'burbs. Unintended consequence, the 'burbs I'm in is probably going to outpace the "big city" here in the next 20 years. We bought a condo when we were 23 for $250k and sold 5 years later for $70k more. Bought a rowhome for $490k and now it's worth more. Greater Vancouver is absolutely insane. Many of our friends have long since left even the suburbs to either more...
Nothing has meaning! No media is ever trustworthy! Up isn't up, it isn't down, it's nothing!
I agree with a lot of what you say, but this just isn't true.
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