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This is fantastic. What are the details on the jacket?
That's fantastic.Shirt/Jacket combo looks great.
Yak table would definitely make an interesting story for guests.
Furniture must be a great place to hide or park cash. Why did these go for so much more than their estimates?
That's a lot of wine for four people. Well done
The owner of a $30k sofa probably has one on staff.
I want to see the look on the owner's face when their wife's gestulating friend spills a glass of Pinot all over their $30k sofa.
Looks pretty great. Don't forget, you can order small drams from masterofmalt if you're wanting to try something not on your list. I know people who have used the service before and it's an awesome idea.
Killer deal. If I didn't have one very similar, I'd be on this. Also, congratulations, "Eidos bicolored knit tie. Worn twice. Original owner. Great Knit." has won this year's Hemingway "10-word story" award.
Can report that this is excellent. I think it was like $30ish CANDark fruity, a bit of oak and pepper. Pretty nice on its own.
New Posts  All Forums: