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I'm this close to switching to Android now. The only reason I keep Apple is for the iMessage. I'm constantly switching devices.
Right, and I'm suggesting that with iOS8 or another app, there could be a way to set that up automatically.
Preloading reaks of effort- though I imagine some type of IFTTT type app could fix that.
Chill, brah.
Considering the upgrade. I'm also in the 4s boat- I'm slowly being persuaded by coworkers to jump on the new Google Nexus when it comes out... $350 unlocked for comparable specs... I've been an Apple fanboy since the 3G... Difficult decision. #firstworldproblems
Seriously though- unless you can get a screaming deal on the MB, take the Ford and drink first growths for a few years.
And you looked like an asshole.
See- I passed on a black leather sofa and loveseat reverie for about 1500 for the pair a year ago (new) and I'm kicking myself.
I'm sure it's been asked, but why trade at all?
The watch fixes problems that don't exist. The Pay functionality seems awkward. It's unlikely enough places will be using the credit tap functionality for me to completely stop carrying cards or cash.
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