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It's a tough one, or it was, to find. The Tom Ford was like $1500 USD, and anyone who made a shawl collar cardigan that looked even slightly similar or classic looking wanted like $300+ so I settled on the Club Monaco wool version a few years ago and it's still holding up. Surprisingly good quality.
I've never tried Macallan. I'm probably tainted by the press it gets and how much conspicuous consumers love throwing it around.
Someone here must have the black shawl-collar cardigan from Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace....
Unionmade stuff is beautiful. Is there a typo on the indigo henley? $225? If that ever made it to sale, I'd put myself inside of it.
Meaning, Republicans have been searching for reasons to throw her in jail for years and so far haven't.
What does "fit wasn't perfect" mean? Usually it takes a couple of suits to hone in on something that truly "fits"- also think about whatever the house style or the place is.
Hasn't she already been acquitted multiple times?
Does Gregor have first-hand personal experience with Trump? I'm not sure how anyone here can really "know" him other than through the media. A lot of this hyper-partisan rah-rah-ing (on both sides, but particularly the alt-right) is genuinely coming across as paranoid delusions and mental illness.
Russian Siberian vine is beest vine.
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