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Both are nice, but I'd prefer the darker. How much for a jacket in the campore? I was quoted in the 800s for Holland and Sherry, so the Campore must be much more reasonable.
I've got a drakes knit that seems way too long so I've been DFIHing it and I always end up spending Beau Brummel amounts of time trying to get it right. #menswearnerdreferences
It really is a shame that SuSu doesn't have more classic fabrics for sport coats. I really just want an unstructured brown herringbone or a basic gun club rather than funky colours or oversized patterns. Ho hum.
I've got a Washington in 38R in grey that I got married in that doesn't fit anymore in the chest and waist, does the Havana fit looser or do I need to size up for a 40? (probably a better question for the SuSu thread but I know ya'll better).
Guess I'll have to show my new watch off in the PMW instead!
Yeah, new thread title sucks. A point is very clearly being made.
Your Ardbeg is showing.
Anyone comment on how affordable the Fox flannels are for jackets or pants?
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