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Both of your comments corroborate what I just said. Someone came in here and talked about some body issues he was having, then some dink told him he was a fat lazy bastard and that he's sooo amazing because he's the same 120 lbs or whatever that he was when he was 17 because he "works out" and it's not "that" hard. It was completely unnecessary to put the other guy down.There are a lot of good people on SF, but there are a lot of spoiled brats on here, too.
Rolleye. Ok. If you've been working out 3-4 days a week for 16 years and weigh the same as you did when you started, you're doing it wrong.
It's August. I don't think anyone's paying attention, which pans well for Harper and Duffy.
You're right, it can look good in some situations besides grey. Had I a tan or brown suit I'd pair it with that.
Shawl cardigans can only be photographed with exposed penises. Apparently.
I have a hard time with black ties. The only use I get out of the black grenadine fina is with a grey suit. Maybe I'm just a pussy.
Maybe, but I don't know any of those people or work with anyone like them. Anything over $350 on a watch where I am is seen as a ridiculous purchase and most don't know or care what a luxury watch even looks like. I'm not in the same universe, so I will never be in a life position to justify a watch with the "identity" of a submariner nor am I willing to satisfy the elitism and classism of the haters- SF has no shortage of these types. The steinhart is on my "that would be...
Think I'm pulling the trigger on a watch this winter. Can't decide between a bambino, cocktail time, or an skx007...would love a steinhart ocean but $$$
Will you still remember us after a CFDA menswear win?
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