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New Drake's look book is cool.
Wow- I didn't know that site existed. I just looked- the turntable is a Sony PS-LX5 and it'll definitely need a new cartridge. I'm hoping to be able to plug something like an iPhone/Chrome Audio into the system as well- hence the 'want' of a tube amp or pre-amp.
I'm pretty poor by SF standards, and Canadian. So after all's said and done, I'd probably like to drop... I dunno, $1200 CDN? Not everything needs to be new or purchased immediately.
Hey- I have an old turntable and I want to begin building an audio system. Would I be best off buying a tube amp, or a tube pre-amp separately? I want that warm sound.
Why would they get rid of the side handle??
World Traveller
Shit- where'd you get the 2015 Cairdeas?? I've been wanting to grab that. The 2016 is good- fruity. I'm down to 1/2 a bottle. Your other choices are great, though I've never tried the Yoishi... the Talisker DE is a great value for the money.
Officially burned by that guy on Grailed for the CPs. Filed all my complaints and stuff, and I'll probably get covered by PayPal, it's just a pissoff. I mean, he uses the same handle for his instagram and posts pictures of his family- not that I'd confront anyone on there. Just disheartening is all.
There are forum members currently on the NSC of the Trump administration.
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