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Doesn't even have his own private washroom. Weak.
I need more Talisker in my life. The DE is fantastic, but a friend says that he's tried both the 10 year and the DE side by side and wasn't able to tell the difference. The Lagavulin DE is good, too. Almost finished that bottle.
This is fantastic. What are the details on the jacket?
That's fantastic.Shirt/Jacket combo looks great.
Yak table would definitely make an interesting story for guests.
Furniture must be a great place to hide or park cash. Why did these go for so much more than their estimates?
That's a lot of wine for four people. Well done
The owner of a $30k sofa probably has one on staff.
I want to see the look on the owner's face when their wife's gestulating friend spills a glass of Pinot all over their $30k sofa.
Looks pretty great. Don't forget, you can order small drams from masterofmalt if you're wanting to try something not on your list. I know people who have used the service before and it's an awesome idea.
New Posts  All Forums: