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Reigning Champ long sleeve black henley in size Medium. Tried on once, cold washed once hang-dried. Never worn beyond that. I still have the tags, can include them if you'd like. INFO Flatlocked seams Set-in / raglan sleeves Underarm gussets Gun metal snaps Rib-bound collar Woven labels with signature stitching Handcrafted in Canada Fabric: 100% Cotton Style: RC-2089
That's literally what I was thinking when I saw the flood of Instagram posts."Hey, we both love money, let's make money together!"
Does the WOMAN by COMMON PROJECTS sizing or design differ from the men's line? For example, would a 41 in a WOMEN be any different in fit or finish than a "men's" shoe?
That moustache is fantastic.
That's probably true, but he's a guide nonetheless and we're not exactly getting into minute details here.
I've had both and I prefer the enamel-lined because they're easier to use, but purists would probably tell you that a well-seasoned cast iron is the gold standard. I think it comes down to your proficiency level in the kitchen.
You heard it here first: Prime Minister O'Leary. Edit: Not kidding.
Are you in Vancouver? I'm looking for denim sales.
I'm little rusty with my Nietzsche, but I thought the Greeks and Romans were all 'bout that vanity and the Christian "live in the mind/soul" was a direct reaction to that.
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