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Yeah, the price jumps seem pretty crazy. I guess people are still buying. That Achrom is sweet, though.
Hey- I'm looking for something really earthy (and affordable... mostly affordable). We're thinking of doing a wine tasting night with friends (we're all poor) and I'd like a red that's different from the usual stuff they try. Something... barnyard...earth...smoke(?)- price should be $30 and below (CDN pref). Suggestions? Thinking about maybe a Chateau Lanessan, but that's at the high end of what I'd like to drop.
Agreed- those colours look good on you, too. That Panta x Massdrop tie done right. If I had any money, I'd pretty much wear everything Justin and TweedyProf wear, with a sprinkle of SVB for casual wear. Edit: wow. internet much? post was in reference to Justin's fit a page or two back. je suis dumb.
Interesting. The Drakes knit I have also has a fairly prominent seam but I can't compare it to the Knottery. The Drakes is also far too long for me to wear, so it's hung in the back with all of the Black Fleece ties I don't like anymore.
Those all look pretty good; I'm half considering jumping on the Knottery for the wide-pointed knit tie. They're like $30 or $40. Might be an option?
Hit Nordstrom in Vancouver today to try on whatever Eidos stuff they had. It was all fantastic, but $650 for a chambray shirt is terrifying. Dollar to blame?
"Like many in the industry, he attributes the downturn to myriad factors ranging from the fall in the oil price to flat interest rates and China’s continuing anti-corruption drive, which began in earnest in 2012."Hah. Can we hope wine and real estate will also see the price decrease as a result of this?
Excellent taste as usual. Looking forward to seeing these in action. Could you hook up an order # for the collar. I like the NOBD but the extra length and height wouldn't hurt. Same with the button down down collar. The spread looks wide.
Talisker DE was the same price as the 10 when I got it at the BCL. I'm 99% sure they had their pricing wrong, though. $99 CAD all in.
I need more Talisker in my life. The DE is fantastic, but a friend says that he's tried both the 10 year and the DE side by side and wasn't able to tell the difference. The Lagavulin DE is good, too. Almost finished that bottle.
New Posts  All Forums: