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There's spending a lot on clothes, and then there's spending a lot on clothes. SF, and to a larger extent the menswear internet hobby (instagram being the latest and greatest) as a whole, fetishise a lifestyle that the majority following it cannot afford. It's interesting because I come here and follow many to learn about classic menswear but end up inundated with the conspicuous consumption that I was trying to avoid.I suppose it's all perspective.
Apparently "fitting well" isn't enough. Please make my lapel buttonhole red. I'm different.
I prefer the mobile version; even run it on muh laptop.
Wow, the NMWA lapel isn't fuckin' around, eh.
a'Bunadh is generally an affordable option, too.
Looks nice but I'm a fan of 4 legged barstools because flat-bottom tend to be a pain to pull out and push back in again. I wonder what the contact area that stool has with the floor is like.
Yeah. They seem good at that.
I don't think masters' programs are what they were 40 years ago... many seem like cash-grabs for universities.
Roden Gray, Neighbourhood
Yeah that actually sounds really great. I'm restricted to teaching "English" or "Social Studies" because that's all the public schools really offer but I've made myself a bit of a job creating and running the Information Technology program, which for high school kids is very, very basic. I have very little experience with the kinds of kids you're describing- the ones who actually want to be in school. I'm sure I'd really enjoy that. I'm kind of tired fighting the...
New Posts  All Forums: