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I usually pay $130 for it. Same place today has it regular price for $170. Insane. Lagavulin 16 went up as well- it's now $125.
Sweet Christ. Lagavulin 12 just increased by $40 today at the BC Liquor Store.
Is more info coming out?
Give him a chance. He could surprise us all.At this point, if we're all still alive 10 months into his presidency, give the man the trophy.
But he should
Crooked Donald
But he's won the popular vote! Mandate!
http://www.politico.com/story/2016/12/sarah-palin-donald-trump-carrier-deal-crony-capitalism-232139 Up is down, left is right, cats are live by with dogs. Why am I agreeing with Sarah Palin?
Taiwan. Taiwan.
That doesn't fit the narrative. Sorry.
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