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Anyone have the luxire iPhone case? Comment on awesomeness or quality?
Dont wear sunglasses. Unless you're blind. Then wear the sunglasses.
It's prom. Do whatever's cheap and spend the rest on your date, beer, and enjoying yourself. Both the navy suit and the tux sound great and will be lightyears beyond what everyone else.
Because I'm poor. 3 of these.
yeah. if you live that long.
Lots of talisker DE lately. Finishing the last half of ardbeg oogy too
There's spending a lot on clothes, and then there's spending a lot on clothes. SF, and to a larger extent the menswear internet hobby (instagram being the latest and greatest) as a whole, fetishise a lifestyle that the majority following it cannot afford. It's interesting because I come here and follow many to learn about classic menswear but end up inundated with the conspicuous consumption that I was trying to avoid.I suppose it's all perspective.
Apparently "fitting well" isn't enough. Please make my lapel buttonhole red. I'm different.
I prefer the mobile version; even run it on muh laptop.
Wow, the NMWA lapel isn't fuckin' around, eh.
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