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Looks like your best option is to fly to Naples and go bespoke.
I'd love a jacket but they don't have a copy of one for me on file, so I'll have to settle for some VCB flannels and mid greys.
Moving product. Building a loyal and educated customer base. Silly question.
Ditto. I have a SC that I grabbed off of the B&S and it's the nicest thing I own.
I only have knits from Drakes but I'm not all that impressed with them. The roll at the bottom of the tail has come undone and I feel they're probably too long for my torso. Picked up a few at once on a whim and haven't shopped around for more. The Grenadines I have from Knottery are nice. Better than Chipp.
Thinking about sending in a blazer for replication. Anyone comment on final cost of a jacket? Ballpark or give an example of what they did? I probably won't so this for a while but I'm considering my options.
The model is a monster, but I think the Eidos NMWA Lorenzo is longer, has a lower lapel gorge, a wider lapel, and slighty more open quarters. I could be wrong.
Fantastic idea. I'll look through this week. If my wife hasnt already donated them, I might have some barely worn staple white Brooks Brothers shirts I'm too #dadfat for now.
That's the image file name, so, it's likely.
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