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Awesome, thanks.
I've been buying the khaki colour for years- but as of now I only have a pair of the uptowns in khaki from last year and the olive west points. Need to put another pair of khaki west points in my rotation for work but shelling out $200 for a pair of cotton pants seems a bit outrageous. $70 on the other hand... Also tempted to pick up the germans- I have a pair of the same pant but a 5 pocket version but they're far too small.
I haven't been able to compare them but can anyone comment on the difference between the tan chinos and the khaki ones?
Talisker DE goes down like candy. A bit of smoke, but not like I was expecting.
We have one but it's at the back of some cupboard. Used it a few times when we received it and didn't really notice any signifiant difference... No more than, yeah, swirling it around in your glass a few times. Seems a bit showey.
I have yet to open my DE but I'm very interested in your opinion of the 12.
Sorry, drinking Benriach 15 PX. Great nose.
I'm not a fan of the Glenlivet but that's an incredible price. I'm sure the 15 and 18 are good; especially for company.
Got a bottle of Lava DE; I figured I could try the regular 16 any time but this stuff is selling quickly here. I'll return it if I try the 12 or 16 this week and get blown away. Looking at grabbing a few cheaper bottles. Laphroaig Quarter Cask and the Highland Park Dark origins next time I'm at the BCL
Is the DE worth a $25 premium over the 16?
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