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Ah- well I can count the number of students I have who even have opinions on one hand.
Why? Because a posh school in Vancouver wrongfully fired a teacher? He wasn't protected by the BCTF- which probably would have fought tooth-and-nail against his dismissal. I get it- some people think the union protects lazy and bad teachers, and they might. But that doesn't mean they don't also protect against this kind of bullshit.
http://www.nationalpost.com/m/wp/full-comment/blog.html?b=news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/christie-blatchford-b-c-teacher-fired-for-having-the-wrong-opinion TIL: Unions actually do some good work.
I like this eric guy.
*screams into echo chamber*
unqualified. lol.
I was going to rail on piob for being needlessly pedantic until I saw the name of the thread. Carry on.
dolla dolla bill
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