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This actually sounds like a good idea. Might partake.
Id be down. The one with the red overcheck they have on the site looks awesome but I'm concerned about weight and quality. I accidentally put two in the drier and the shrinkage is pretty significant.
So do I and I just went with an XS. Guess we'll see if it ends up on eBay.
That's quite the haul. How'd you size the cardigan?
Navy herringbone donegal Tipo is by far the most versatile jacket I own. Not bad for a $500 B&S grab here.
Just popped my NMWA cherry
SF10 seems to be offline now, too. Shoulda pulled that trigger sooner this morning. Dang
Ugh- I'm running out of reasons not to get another Eidos blazer now. Cant choose between the brown gun club or the grey herringbone... AND between the brown cardigan or the grey. Life iz hard.
I've been lusting those S&C shawls for a while. How do people like theirs? Are they soft? There's been a lot of debate on here about the sizing, but I want something not-so-slouchy and perhaps more fitted. I'm a 38s Eidos... Order an extra small or a small?
Both are nice, but I'd prefer the darker. How much for a jacket in the campore? I was quoted in the 800s for Holland and Sherry, so the Campore must be much more reasonable.
New Posts  All Forums: