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Ugh- tried some Italian varietals from local vineyards the other day.... I'll stick with the crab juice.
We're in Vancouver, the mecca of absurd cost-of-living, and every time I hear someone who makes more than 100k complain about their income I want to throat-punch them.
Trump just suggested the New Deal! Sweet!
Ugh, someone buy this before I do and my wife leaves me for spending.
Ugh- I've passed up so many Eidos pieces that I regret not getting. It's consistency bringing out stuff that I think is great- and... not costume-y. I think the last time you could build a total wardrobe out of a single brand was "back-in-the-day" Wings + Horns.
Finally opened the 2010 Justin Cab I had sitting around. Goddamn it was good. Restored my faith in cabs.
This was terrible FYI. I'm thinking either I got a bad bottle or it was past it's prime.
It's a tough one, or it was, to find. The Tom Ford was like $1500 USD, and anyone who made a shawl collar cardigan that looked even slightly similar or classic looking wanted like $300+ so I settled on the Club Monaco wool version a few years ago and it's still holding up. Surprisingly good quality.
I've never tried Macallan. I'm probably tainted by the press it gets and how much conspicuous consumers love throwing it around.
Someone here must have the black shawl-collar cardigan from Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace....
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