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^ This, coming from a guy with a 42 inch waist and size 52 jacket.
serious question.
I understand that it is appropriate to wear lace-ups with a suit. However, is it similarly acceptable to wear lace-ups with slacks and a shirt when not wearing a tie or jacket? Or, am I required to wear a loafer? Please advise. Thanks-
Just have the narrow end of the tie shortened for $7 by your local dry cleaner. How hard is that? Or, take scissors to the damn thing.
DeLouice in Bucktown. Nailed it.
I have two Yurman watches. Both are excellent. Obviously, he's not principally known as a master watchmaker, but the style is distinctive and consistent with his jewelry.
Quote: Originally Posted by mdeep1 Any idea on where to get bracelets like these? ??
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos FWIW, this: ...contradicts this... Actually, it appears to be consistent, no?
Looking for black shoes in the $500 range, so not bespoke. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks-
Where does Joseph Abboud fall in this list?
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