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'twas not my tie!
I am considering adjusting the position of the top button of my 2-button suit jacket by moving it approximately 3/8 inch closer to the edge of the coat (to avoid the appearance of subtle pulling at the waist). This, of course, would be in lieu of actual tailoring. There would still be approximately 3/8 inch of space between the center of the button and the edge after adjustment. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether this will potentially resolve the pulling issue? ...
Tough nearly 30 point loss. Let's let the big boys decide the Title, shall we?
Spoo: How wide is the leg opening in your trouser?
Is this the 257? Looks to be about 6" wide...
I am interested in thoughts on the jacket only. It is part of a suit, but I am wearing it with darker pants in this pic so that you can see the contrast. Is it too long? Thanks-  
Nobody cares.
For the love of god, do not button the bottom button.
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