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The fact that Sir F has the linguistic sophistication of a 19 year old girl on Facebook should have been the first clue.
I've seen far superior designs, just as simple, elegant, symmetrical and classic, for approximately $80,000 cheaper. Not impressed.
More than you'll ever know...
I expect that you'll instruct me to burn the tie. I'm prepared. Shirt is light blue, btw-
I have a MTM tailor that has a ton of fabric in Super 170s and 180s. I'm a bit concerned about the durability of the fabric, given my review of posters' comments in prior threads. Can someone please advise as to whether there is any correlation between a higher count and the thickness of the fabric? For instance, is it possible to find a durable, year-round fabric in the Super 170s range? Or, should I drop down to a lower price point and go with a lower count?
Let me guess... Cooley Law School?
Quite similar, no?
Kent Wang.
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