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Mods: Can we have a new rule implemented that precludes any discussion of Ann Arbor or anything associated with the university located within its boundaries? This shit is getting ridiculous. TIA.(I'm only half joking)
Get ready to have your asses handed to you, courtesy of Coach Saban. Then expect your asses to be handed to you on October 20 as well.
Do you intend to offer a non-iron option?
Please share your recommended measurements for the above elements. Presently, I ask for lapels to be 3.5 inches wide, notch to be 2.5 inches below the shoulder seam, and the top button to be 16.5 inches below the shoulder seam. For reference, I am 5'7 and 145 lbs. with an athletic build (sloped shoulders, etc.) Thanks-
That problem is nothing a pair of scissors can't resolve.
What exactly is the offer?
Pics please.
Heh. Not if he hires competent counsel.
This is precisely why the concept of litigation was created. Fuck this store, and fuck this tailor. Call up an attorney friend and have him get on it asap. In the meantime, spend whatever money you believe is necessary to ensure that you look good on your wedding. You can sue the store later to make yourself whole. Also, please share with us the name of the store and location so that nobody else makes the same mistake.
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