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Hi, I got a ss13 popover blue madras delivered at the weekend. This one: It's a beautiful fabric, really really lovely. Got a size small and I take a small/medium in all my EG, but this is an enormous small, really billowy. I almost feel convinced that it is a medium with the wrong size tag. I have another popover from ss11 in a small and it fits so much better. Does anyone know where or...
Hi Prurient, I had seen that, but I am a UK dweller and they don't ship to my locale! Shame, as it is lovely! Thanks
Hi, does anyone know who is stocking the SS13 navy oversized floral lafayette shirt (with green flowers)? Am struggling to find this in a small! Thanks
Thanks for the help Timboplete! Cool
Does anyone know the stockists list for the Miner shirt in blackwatch tartan?
Anyone know where I can get my hands on a WWM Maxima Trail Parka in Kelly Green, size medium???? New or used.
Ivy Cap - Navy Emroidery Ivy Cap - Navy Doby Square Does anyone know of stockists (with stock) of either of the two above? Plus a shameless plug: EG red chambray and various workshirt for sale
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 no, not at all. i was just going to pm you and ask for your size. ill let you if i find them. i suspect they might not have shipped yet. i would think a couple retailers would order that style because it is so different from anything out there. one of the issues is you might run into is, however, is finding the color you want. i think retailers have to order them in order for yuketen to produce them (or have...
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 i want a pair as well. im looking for a retailer that bought them. those are from the s/s 11 so they may have shipped yet. ill let you know if/when i find them. I emailed Yuketen themselves last week but they haven't bothered responding to me I am a US9 so hope we aren't competing on that front?
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