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crap faux leather, would not recommend.
sorry for taking awful pics but i'm horrible with a camera and i couldn't get enough sunlight going. these are a gently used pair of generic man canvas oxford i bought from gilt in size 7 (40). small bit of wear on the sole, and color near the heel is little lighter from dust i'm guessing, i'm pretty sure you can clean it w/ a wet rag. selling $75 shipped CONUS side sole shoot me some pm's
rocking beat ass springcourts on lazy summer days
what's the fit on the ndg jeans? hem meas?
Quote: Originally Posted by mymetallicpotato I found one! This is so totally my style. you should totally get it then
Quote: Originally Posted by sexlexcia soon you'll see supreme in macy's, bloomingdales, nordstroms, etc. i can't wait to see the reaction of the hypebeast kids when that happens lol. uhhh... no.
for other inexpensive denim, try the other levi fits: the 514 or 511(skinny) edit- as for inseam, i really cant answer that, why dont u cuff it to certain distance where it feels right? or just post pics of diff lengths ps. anyone able to answer my question?
you can get a washed lamb which gives a bit more casual look to it. more:
anyone know how the pendleton for opening ceremony shirts fit? i'm guessing it's a more modern slim fit because of the collaboration, but i just want confirmation
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