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superfuture, the fashion spot, and that's all I know...
Hmm... recent purchases, last 10 or so pages.
Haven't posted here (in this thread) in a while, x-post from SuFu. This is from yesterday, picked up my dad at the airport around midnight so I just got home a while ago. Julius, Attachment, Dior, Converse
I saw it last night, it was a great popcorn flick, but I absolutely hated the acting of the lead girl... the only thing going for her is that she's hot. Plus the movie has every cliche available... Well, I mean Megatron didn't say "I'm your father"... but that's about it. Live Free or Die Hard > Transformers
Quote: Originally Posted by apocalypse later I think people on SuFu/SF are going away from the skinny jean. Personally, I never bought into it. Skinny jeans just look disgusting on males, in my opinion. Definitely, which can be seen in the spiked interest in Diors and April 77s. Uhh... wait, what?
I'm usually only concerned with extremes. I used to date a russian girl who thought (as 90% of russians do) that Putin was a great president, it drove me so mad I had to break-up with her. (Note: I was born in Russia...)
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartorian I have asian hair. Had huge problems with it--very poofy in a wavy-inflating kind of way. Then I met my incredibly skilled-like-Edwards-Scissorhands Japanese hairdresser. I've been going to her for three years now, dropping $45 per haircut (cheap by NYC standards) and happy every single time I leave. She happens to be a Japanese craftsperson who's NOT a fan of wild and crazy, but rather, focuses on shape, texture...
If this happened somewhere in North America, I'm not surprised... people over here don't service their cars what-so-ever and as such when you know something about cars it's pain in the ass buying an old one. Most older automatics in Canada have a completely ruined transmission... If you were to buy an older European car back in Europe it would be far more reliable since most people actually get their cars serviced properly.
BMW is going to be expensive for maintenance, but it won't be nearly as much pain in the ass as VW, Audi, or Mercedes. Still, I would recommend an older asian import—preferrably not Toyota, since that's a boooooring car, unless you don't mind that.
Having played LoTR in beta, I can say that's definitely an amazing MMO with a great plan. I don't really have the time to play, nor do I have a computer to play on (having only MacBook currently), but I really enjoyed the time I spent in beta (3 months)... What I like about the game is that it doesn't rush me, there were times when I would just spend an evening walking around the world and exploring the different locations. Or in-game parties with pipe-weed, fireworks,...
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