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How does the MJ bomber fit?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ry'on Both the mainline and MHL are manufactored mostly in Portugal, but bits are made around the UK depending on fabrics. Huh? I own probably 20-30 mainline pieces and all but(I think) 1 is made in england. And yeah, the MHL stuff is deffo worth the price. It's no different from the mainline in quality, just a less dressy style and with fewer luxe fabrics.
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy unless Margaret Howell is some super awesome brand I've never heard of. It is.
Bicester village always has loads of cheap stuff, quite a bit of purple label too
Hey, I have a Moncler X CDG jacket that I bought direct from dover street market that has the same wash label as the jacket in question here. 'lavato e' et al (tho it does have a certilogo), so I don't think this is necessarily fake.
check out this badarse plaid!!
I have that RLPL Camel vest, it's pretty damn nice
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 It's a vivienne westwood hoodie, I've come to the consensus that Vivienne Westwood takes the piss so much that you can't tell when she's being serious, she makes both very bad and very good clothing, this seems to be an example of the former. well, yah, but part of the whole point of wearing her clothing is to take the piss yourself.
Opinions on this hoody?
short-sleeved shirts. They invariably look terrible on anyone without massive arms
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