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weightlifting lyfe
EG / Uniqlo / GATI need to find some more relaxed lightwash denim [[SPOILER]]
someone screencap this and post to /r/iamverysmart for extra karma
Dat trigger discipline ಠ_ಠ
Itaewon ?
Black Lamb, silver zips, no quilting. Worn ~4 times, in great condition, no scuffs. Retail is $780, wait times are quite long now. http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=15137 shoulders 16.6" chest (pit-to-pit) 20.0" midsection 18.0" waist 18.5" body length, front 20.4" body length, back 22.3" sleeve length, from shoulder 22.2" sleeve width @ pit 7.0" sleeve width @ elbow 6.2" sleeve width @ cuff 4.9"
Since it's so distracting I blurred his face just for you. Now you can focus on his jacket. [[SPOILER]]
Get a new cc with a year of 0%APR, pay it off before then
I've got two Steven Alan Fenton Suits. Jackets are 36 and 38, pants are 29 and 30. Nice jacket and pants, but sleeves are too long for me and buttons are functional. Jacket for $130, Pants for $60 shipped to US + paypal fees, Full suit $170 and I'll cover fees. Charcoal 36 Shoulder (back) 16" Chest 18.5" Length (back from collar) 28" Sleeve 25" from shoulder, cuff buttons are funtional 38 Shoulder (back) 16.5" Chest 19" Length (back from collar) 28" Sleeve 26" from...
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