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Aeglus, that looks cool, what boots? I like that denim Geller shirt a lot nicelynice! me today: I'm thinking boots would make this cooler.
Unc, I've always looked at your style with a bit of distaste....but that is fly as fuck. I literally said fuck out loud when I saw that.
I never thought I'd describe a peacoat as sexy, but damn. That's a really nice fit, Fridge. Love the leather on the underside of the color. This makes me excited to see what winter coats will be offered.
That black pair is actually pretty cool, I would consider buying actually.
I don't think that price is correct. Just a few days ago I sent a pair of shoes to Germany from Boston for $32. The package weighed 4lbs, and I assume your blazer will be even less.
ph goat leather ankle boots. dark grey. anybody have experience with ph or goat leather in general?i've been wanting some kind of dark slim ankle boot for awhile now. [[SPOILER]] also, the heel looks like it would make walking kind of slippery, and i live in a very hilly area. would it be possible to add some kind of sole grip without making the boot look ugly?
Kvc that is seriously cool, love the jacket and jeans. Ivwri also looks amazing, I love the way his outfits kind of flow, especially the on the street picture. Great sweater - I think it would even look good outside the yohji look.
Totally, I actually think it makes the bball jacket look cooler than the skinny beat up jeans deal (which looks good in its own way, of course).
there's is a middle ground, ya know. stick-like thighs suck, just as massive ones do.
snowman and nn looking crazy good
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