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Synth if that is the ervell green oxide, I actually have that too. I rarely wear it though, need to tailor the body a good bit. Did you tailor yours? Doesn't look as billowy as mine always does. I also love the way margiela blazers are cut. Lel that looks pretty good man, I like it. Is that one of the original toj's? Did they ever do a belted model? Can't remember...
Drew how does the vtg jacket feel while you wear it? I don't have much experience with leather outside of lamb so I'm having trouble imagining. I have a lamb 2010 dr that is admittedly fairly tight, but still so comfortable with a relatively unrestricted range of motion.
Yeah here are the two pictures he posted: [[SPOILER]] does anybody think that color of jacket would look weird on a pretty pale white guy?and on another note, i posted this in waywt yesterday, but ill repost here too. It's my 2010 DR with a few months wear. I just started wearing it more regularly now that summer is gone. It's really cool, it's a lot more matte and less shiny now than when new, which I like. Shoulders got a little tight though hopefully they'll stretch a...
Did many people order the VTG jackets? I'm thinking about a collared moto, looks really good in the fit picture drew posted.
it's not easy putting muscle on man. shit doesn't happen by accident.
walking shot [[SPOILER]] more people need to buy the 2010 DR
I'm actually a pretty similar size to you then. I wear 11.5 in Chucks, and a 44 in CPs too, though the CPs are tight at that size. I owned a pair of Buttero B101 boots that were labeled size 44, and felt okay, but maybe a bit loose. They looked pretty weird though with my apc ps. I think you should go for a labeled 43 maybe, though you run the risk of it being a bit small.
^^ Yeah that was why I sold mine. They didn't feel uncomfortably big, but they just looked really huge on my feet with anykind of slim pants. I wear a size ~11.5 at 6ft1, so it isn't as though I have clown feet either.
god damn
Do these fit tts?
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