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Haha yeah, I saw that this morning and was confused
emilo that picture is cool, the skyline looks's a waywt with my toj dr with about 3 or 4 months wear. It's an amazing jacket, I have other leathers and this one blows them all away. I wish it was a little bigger and longer though, especially now that I'm trying to get bigger. [[SPOILER]] e: i pronounce it tawj (similar to taj mahal I guess)
toj dr aa henley zara jeans cp boots Jacket isn't actually as cropped as it looks, I was shrugging my shoulders up a little bit.
yo woodyear can u help a brutha out? i got like a shit load of fake $20s and im fixin to go spend them but they don't look real enough! i heard people put them in the microwave to make them look real, but how long should i put them in for?
awesome hair haha
I really like that uncontrol You look cool
new boots!
it's not 2004 anymore op
Haha, he's looks cooler than me though The sneakers are awesome though, just big enough to annoy me while wearing them though. Great with tapered black jeans. You should buy them Anyway, I need a little advice. I'm going out to a nicer place for dinner with a girl and want to look nicer. I just quickly threw some stuff on to hopefully get an opinion. I pretty much always wear jeans so this is a little new for me.I've never really worn pants with a rise this high, I feel...
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