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I bet I can do a mean eason or synthese.
kgfan, what sweater is that? cool fit!
Man I'd love to see some more updates of the VTG jackets, especially ones in early stages. Dellath's looks incredible. I'm thinking about getting one, though probably not in the rider style, as I already have a rider jacket.
I love Nil's cardigan, but I can't get away from the trackpant-esque vibe his pants are giving me.
Zara v necks are actually pretty sick, they fit really slim. They'll make you look really big if you lift, haha. (Especially considering they can be had for ~$8 on sale)
That's awesome, never sell that. I can't imagine a better fit really.
They're an old (09? 10?) season side zip ankle boot from MMM, the color is sand tan Sick boots, but too big for me/didn't totally dig the part of the shape, so I sold them. They look great on that guy though imo, I woulda kept 'em if they looked like that on me. (And I even dress similarly to him)
I actually really like Zara tees, I found a rack on sale a few weeks ago, all were like 5 or 6 euros, so I have a bunch. They fit really well, especially considering the price.
I don't know about the watches, but the jesus face is definitely better with bling.
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