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Can you still use suddenlee to buy uniqlo? Can't find the link from their site anymore =\
Haven't checked this thread in a while, but I'm definitely going to get one last leather before the break...would definitely be interested in seeing pictures of that cream white leather.
^ Once they settle down and you hem them I bet they could look pretty cool - 28s might be bordering on tight.
sold - thanks for the interest everybody
Hi guys, For sale is very gently worn Baseball Jacket from ToJ - beautiful calf suede, and really incredibly made. Looks good with everything from sweatpants and a white tee to a white oxford underneath. Sad that I'm letting it go, but it was always too small for me, which made it uncomfortable and I never wore it as much as I would. It is a size 50, and imo it fits slim. Can be worn either very slim, or more loosely, depending on what you like. In my fit pic, you can... have a cool dad. jealous. Let him know I contributed a thumbs up
I have a tan bball jacket, size 50, that I'd like to trade for a size 52, or 51 if you have that. Mines in near perfect condition, perhaps a few smudges but that's it. I might consider selling it if the price was right but it's really an unreal jacket, it's just very tight in the shoulders and arms. This is a really good idea for a thread by the way.
if they have even like 2% elastane in them you can go pretty tight without it being uncomfortable, if that's your thing. looks cool lane, but i liked your hair sans beanie
Does anybody here have a pair of size 32 apc petit standards that are fully worn and stretched? I would be really grateful if you could post the measurements - especially waist, upper thigh, and knee!
That's gorgeous. If only it was bigger!
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