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first post in ages here's my toj DR, probably my only expensive piece of clothing haha. i swear this thing only gets better the more it gets worn
literally the only nice clothes i wear are toj, rest of the time it's straight adidas gym wear haha i would definitely buy a shearling too, as long as it's not crazy expensive, damn. anyway, here's my 4 zip toj dr, bought a few months ago to replace my (now too small and sold 2010DR). you guys who haven't owned one have no idea how nice this thing is. everybody loves it.
all i want for christmas is a brown bomber, a brown bomber...
i've had these for almost 2 and half years awesome awesome shoe. was not at all expensive, and they've held up like you wouldn't believe, and believe me, i've kicked the shit out them. i honestly forgot how they looked new hahawould recommend
Only worn a few times, condition is as far as I can tell, perfect. Doesn't fit me anymore and I want a bigger size. Would trade for a size 54. You all know what it looks like, really cool jacket, nice suede etc.
peacoats! going to order one in navy/black details...does this color look good in real life in most people's opinions? or should I stick with black
looking for toj bball in 53/54, and a navy peacoat in medium or large
just desert boots and jcrew just buy cool shit that fits well. if you're fat or really skinny, get in shape, because nothing looks good if you don't.
That bomber looks really, really nice. Beautiful picture too - where at, obiter?
Really cool that a bunch of people ordered T-1s! I had my eye on them for a while, but never pulled the trigger. Can't wait to see pictures.
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