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hi i'm fluery and submit to groupthink recommended clothes toj jacket, random tee, apcs, gats, gross common room @regis: jealous of what you get to wear and that weather. i love the sun.
ah don't worry about the measurements! any bloofy dude can have "big" arms all about the mirror reflection haha
u mad?
synth i like that jacket with the old mmm highs a lot, really cool look. you sized the jacket well, seems like a lot of people do it slightly too tight the who looks good too, I want that sweater!
haha a little maslow? haven't seen any reference to that stuff in ages
As you should be...I have owned both gunmetal and silver, and the silver is crazy cool - takes the jacket to a different level. Makes the gunmetal look almost dirty.Ari, is the jacket new? Wear it around the house for like 10-20 hours zipped up, if it's lamb it will stretch to you. I have significantly wider delts than most guys, and mine almost looked like yours when I first got it, and I was kinda disappointed, but over time it really morphs to your body. I can picture...
eason that's really slick man i like it - good sutff
I'm guessing it's in the hope of encouraging a higher frequency of posts? Maybe. Kinda lame if so, was a cool feature. Just speculation though,
Mikey those are really very nice, I have a similar model (but slightly different, though same general shape) in a darker brown and love them. Durable, look good with a big range of stuff too - I've worn mine with everything from leathers and jeans, to nicer more "formal" stuff. I say get them - the price isn't terrible either. I paid a good bit less, but I'd definitely pay more for a brand new pair like those.
Cheers man! Gotta thank Charly and Drew for helping me get the right fit and making really nice stuff at a price point that doesn't kill me.I would say the lamb is probably softer with this, but I wouldn't say it's lighter, at least not to a noticeable degree for me.
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