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haha fuck that keep that waist narrow brotheri'm probably on the wrong forum to say this but physical aesthetics > clothing aesthetics, alwaysbut both is bestand more advice: always size up and get at most slim fit in the shoulders - it's not worth having it fit in the torso just to be skin tight and unwearable on the upper block, you will enjoy your clothes much more if they are comfortable. leave the all slim look to the skinny guys here.
yo notwithit you look cool as hell man, good stuff like the jacket a lot...if i saw you in the street i'd stop you and tell you what's up haha
Brand new TOJ navy peacoat, size Large. Beautiful coat, sexy leather lined collar and pockets. Really wanted to keep this but I could use the cash. Only worn once - indistinguishable form new. Not only can you no longer order these, but the price is $100 less than you'd pay to TOJ. View fit pics here:
i am willing to pay a premium for "quality" but i don't give a shit whether that quality is b/c it was made in usa or made somewhere else. just happens that made in usa is often associated with higher quality (for a number of reasons)
yeah was that just a joke, the shearling tease? i'd probably be willing to drop up to 1200-1500 on a nicely styled one from toj, it's something i've always wanted. i have this vision in my mind of what it should look like, but can't find a good one from any brand
Teger I've sold you a few things and from what I can gather you're a bit smaller than does it fit you? I'm 6ft1 200lbs usually wear a 42 or 44 in suits, like 52 or L minimum in toj, and then L or XL for random clothes cheers man
i wouldn't worry too much about these falling apart...what the hell do you guys do that your shoes need so much protection? i ran 2 miles in these boots the other day, no problems. far and away most comfortable boot i've worn. gonna try to find a 2nd pair just in case
Those gold mmm sneakers are actually fucking cool...sounds like they'd be tacky (and they probably still are) but they turned out well. would look crazy with some good black denim and like an over-sized tank or a gray sweater or something
sick jacket! you in boston? looks like newbury street maybe?
i assume gloves might suffer from the same margin problems as wallets, but still would be pretty cool I bet!
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