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I have the Walnut colored AE Dalton, I absolutely love them. I get comments on them often, and my shoe shiner was really excited to get to polish them. I haven't compared the grommets yet. Do be careful when purchasing them regarding the size. My 4 other pairs of AE are all 10.5D but these boots were too small and I went to an 11.
Reporting back: do NOT goto Mario on Fredricksburg! I went a few times and he was very arrogant, did bad work (stitches ripped out when i put my feet in the trousers), had a bad attitude, and wasn't even cheap to boot (I'm more than willing to pay extra for good work). This was a lose-lose-lose situation.I took Woodman's recommendation at Kraft Cleaners, A+. Pina doesn't really mess around, he just wants to do the job nicely. Thanks for the rec Woodman.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hackett When I had the same question I called Satel's and asked who they would recommend; they suggested Layo's, just off of 410 between Broadway and Nacogdoches. He's good, but very opinionated if he disagrees with you stylistically. I guess he's used to dealing with schlubbier customers, and I got into it with him over having a single break in the trousers (he thought it was too short) and other things, but his work is as good as...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rolex Luthor Best tailor I've found in San Antonio is Layo's. It's in the area of 410 & Broadway just south of the airport. I take all my stuff there. Jesse does a good job. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Night Owl Where does Polo University Club fit in? I just came across a Polo University Club navy blazer at a thrift store and bought it. It is made in the USA (has the union made label inside the pocket), feels like it has alot of "heavy" good quality inner material in it. It is a narrow fitting pattern I believe. Inside it has a label from Marshall Fields New Traditions.
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